Summer brings fresh choices,

tempting treats with voices

luring me to ponder

of which one I am fonder.

A ripe strawberry tart

would, indeed, steal my heart.

A banana cream pie

is a joy to my eye.

Cherry crumble sublime

hits the spot every time.

Homemade raspberry ice

is also very nice.

The fruit pies I adore

thrill me right to the core.

To a parfait with flair

there is naught to compare.

Mixed berries with whipped cream

is indulgence supreme.

Cheesecakes are a pleasure,

all cookies, I treasure,

and for roasting outdoors

my beloved s’mores.

At a picnic, you’ll see

watermelon’s for me.

Ice cream flavors galore

leave me screaming for more.

For cobbler with peaches,

my hand always reaches.

Glazed doughnuts with jelly

would sure please my belly.

I can’t think of a sweet

not considered a treat.

But it’s time to confess

chocolate mousse is the best.

I’ve been thinking of late,

it’s a cruel twist of fate,

that a moose of a beast

bears the name of my feast.

Barbara Nuzzo lives with her husband Ray in North Brunswick. She’s a founding member of Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey and writes mystery stories that have appeared in US 1, Woman’s World Magazine and other popular venues. Her non-fiction stories and poetry have found their way into several anthologies. She loves to travel and escapes to far off places whenever possible, which fits well with her job as a travel consultant.

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