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Summer Fiction Issue

The Preview section on July 26 consisted of 44 entries to the Summer

Fiction issue plus calendar listings for a two-week period. There will

be no issue on August 2.

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NJ Film Fest

New Jersey International Film Festival is presented by

the Rutgers Film Co-op/New Jersey Media Arts Center, New Brunswick.

Screenings are Fridays through Sunday in Scott Hall, Room 123, College

Avenue Campus (near the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street).

Thursday screenings are in Loree Hall, Room 024, Douglass College

Campus (near the corner of Nichol Avenue and George Street). All


begin at 7 p.m.; $5 non-members. Information 732-932-8482; Website:


The Velvet Underground & Nico, Andy Warhol’s 1966


featuring Lou Reed, John Cale, and the late Nico, Thursday, July 27.

One Night, Veena Sud’s prize-winning short film about a night

in the life of a present-day apartment dweller. On a double bill with

The Week That Girl Died, a witty 1998 independent by Sean


Friday, July 28. A Biography of Lilith, Lynne Sachs’ modern

retelling of the first woman missing from the biblical creation story.

On a double bill with Stripped and Teased: Tales from Las Vegas

Women , Saturday, July 29.

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At the Movies

Confirm titles with theaters.

The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. The ’60s cartoon

satire becomes a 21st-century cartoon and live action satire. AMC,

Destinta, Loews, Marketfair, Regal.

The Big Kahuna. Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito star.


Big Momma’s House. Martin Lawrence plays an FBI agent

disguised as a grandmother protecting a woman from an escaped convict.

AMC, Loews, Mercer.

Boys and Girls. Arch-rivals since childhood, two college

students, Freddie Prize Jr. and Claire Forlani, succumb to romance.


Chicken Run. Inspired animation fuels this colorful tale

about a flock of English chickens who want to fly the coop. AMC,

Destinta, Loews, Marketfair, Regal.

Dinosaur. The larger-than-life animation from the Disney

studios. AMC.

Disney’s The Kid. Bruce Willis stars as an image


whose 8-year-old self doesn’t like what he has become. AMC,


Loews, Marketfair, Regal.

Gladiator. Russell Crowe stars in this sword-slashing

Roman epic drama about loyalty and passion. AMC, Loews, Mercer,


Gone in 60 Seconds. Car chases and one-liners abound in

this story of a reformed car thief (Nicholas Cage) who’s back in


on a grand scale. AMC, Loews, Mercer.

Keeping the Faith. Edward Norton directs and stars in

this romantic triangle comedy about young men of the cloth with Ben

Stiller and Jen Elfman. Mercer.

Hamlet. Shakespeare’s tragedy set in modern-day Manhattan,

directed by Michael Almedreyda and starring home-boy Ethan Hawke.


Me, Myself, and Irene. Jim Carrey stars in this Farrelly

Brothers (`There’s Something About Mary’) comedy about a Rhode Island

State Trooper and both his personalities. AMC, Destinta, Loews,

Mercer, Montgomery, Regal.

Mission Impossible 2. The TV action series spinoff sequel

directed by John Woo. AMC, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

Passion of Mind. The Mercer Mall theater is promising

one screen dedicated to current art films. Mercer.

The Patriot. Mel Gibson stars in the Revolutionary War

epic that’s been dubbed `Lethal Musket.’ AMC, Destinta, Garden,

Loews, Marketfair, Montgomery, Regal.

The Perfect Storm. The surf-splashed true-life best-seller

becomes big screen fiction. AMC, Destinta, Loews,


Montgomery, Regal.

Scary Movie. A Wayans Brothers’ comedy that spoofs those

summer teen horror flicks. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Marketfair,


Shaft. Samuel L. Jackson plays the righteous nephew of

the iconic 1971 private eye. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Mercer,


Small Time Crooks. Woody Allen wrote, directed, and stars

in a comedy about an ex-bank robber who wants to retire with his wife

(Tracy Ullman) to Florida. Mercer.

Sunshine. Ralph Fiennes stars in this tale of three


of Hungarian Jews facing the fallout of the postwar Communist legacy.

By director Istvan Szabo (Mephisto). AMC, Montgomery,


X-Men. The Marvel Comics saga about a band of dispossessed

mutants with superpowers. AMC, Destinta, Garden, Loews,


Montgomery, Regal.

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AMC Hamilton 24 Theaters, 325 Sloan Avenue, I-295 Exit

65A, 609-890-8307. 24-screen, stadium-seating multiplex. $7 adults;

$5 matinees; $5 twilight.

Destinta, Independence Plaza, 2465 South Broad Street,

Hamilton, 609-888-4500. Stadium-seating 12-screen multiplex. $6.75

adults; $5 matinees.

Garden Theater, 160 Nassau Street, 609-683-7595. $6.50

adults; $4 matinees.

Loews Theaters, Route 1 South, New Brunswick,


Stadium-seating multiplex. $8.50 adults; $5.25 matinees.

MarketFair-UA, Route 1 South, 609-520-8700. $7.50

adults; $4.75 matinees.

Mercer Mall General Cinemas, Route 1, 609-452-2868.

$7.25 adults; $4.75 matinees.

Montgomery Center Theater, Routes 206 and 518,

Rocky Hill, 609-924-7444. $7 adults; $4.25 matinees.

Regal Cinemas Town Center Plaza, 319 Route 130 North,

East Windsor, 609-371-8473. Stadium-seating, 15 screens. $8 adults;

$5 matinees.

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