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Stock News: i-Stat and Palatin

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i-STAT Corporation (STAT), 104 Windsor Center Drive,

East Windsor 08520. William P. Moffitt, president and CEO. 609-443-9300;

fax, 609-443-9310. Home page: www.i-stat.com.

The April issue of Worth magazine features the annual favorite stock

report from Peter Lynch and friends. Lynch, the Fidelity Investments

mutual fund guru, annually asks seven of his investment-minded friends

to pick their favorite stocks. Among the 14 picks this year is I-Stat,

the developer of blood diagnostic products at Windsor Center Drive.

Lynch’s Boston buddy Mike DiCarlo, who runs a fund called DFS Integrity

Partners, made i-Stat his 12-month pick. The stock was at $12.25 when

he made his selection on January 31, and was at $17 March 27. The

company has developed a handheld blood analyzer that can perform up

to 16 common blood tests in minutes. That’s a big improvement over

sending blood to a lab and then waiting for results, reports DiCarlo.

"Best of all this is a razor-and-razor-blades story. The company

not only provides the handheld analyzer, it also sells the replaceable

cartridges for the device at roughly $3.50 apiece. A medium-sized

hospital uses about 15,000 cartridges a year."

Summarizes DiCarlo: "With almost no coverage on Wall Street and

huge markets left to explore in the U.S. and abroad, plus a solid

balance sheet, i-Stat is poised" for some excellent growth.

Palatin Technologies Inc. (PTN), 103 Carnegie Center,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540. Edward Quilty, president, CEO and chairman.

609-520-1911; fax, 609-452-0880. Home page: www.palatin.com.

The results of a clinical study on the company’s chief potential products

were published in this month’s issue of Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Working with the results of Phase 2 clinical trials, investigators

found that LeuTech, a monoclonal antibody for imaging infection sites,

was safe and effective in diagnosing "hard to diagnose" cases

of appendicitis (U.S. 1, March 22). Of the 500,000 patients with appendicitis

in the United States, half are considered to be hard to diagnose.

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Expansions: Interlink

Interlink Biotechnologies LLC, 215 Commons Way,

Montgomery Commons, Princeton 08540. Ramon L. Garcia, president. 609-252-0446;

fax, 609-252-9416. Home page: www.interlinkbiotech.com.

After four years at this address, this biotech company has expanded

to 2,000 feet. It is working on joint ventures in Italy and Argentina,

and it has a 15-person lab in Auburn, California.

InterLink has expertise in genetics and breeding, molecular biology,

cell biology and tissue culture, physiology and biochemistry, microbiology

and crop science and agronomy. In gene discovery it is working on

natural products. In agriculture biotech it is working on food and


Last month it announced it will establish a company in Argentina to

do technology assessment, transfer, licensing, consulting, and discovery

of lead molecules and genes for the agricultural, food, and feed industries.

InterLink Sur Biotecnologias will be directed by Nestor A. Darwich

of Darwich Asociados. An early project will be to help Argentinian

companies comply with requirement for products containing genetically

modified (GMO) ingredients or the certification of GMO free products.

A similar company is being formed in Lodi, near Milan, Italy, directed

by Mario Lo Pinto, to certify GMO-free products for European companies.

Kemin Industries, based in Des Moines, Iowa, made a "substantial"

cash contribution to Interlink last year. InterLink Associates also

has alliances with Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis, Indiana, and

is working with a Canadian company to examine forestry species in

Chile and other Latin American countries.

The Pacesetter Group Inc., 176-178 Tamarack Circle,

Princeton 08542. Michael J. Hierl, president. 609-683-5225; fax, 609-683-5775.

Home page: www.pacesettergroup.com.

The Pacesetter Group has doubled its space and expanded in the adjoining

building at 180 Tamarack Circle. It has a total of 4,500 square feet,

up from 1,500 square feet just three years ago.

"In the last two years the Pacesetter Group has more than doubled

the number of consultants on our staff," says Michael Hierl, founder

and president. "While adding new capabilities, we are maintaining

the focus on our core mission — that is, helping clients to improve

their business performance and manage complex organizational change


The group’s clients, Fortune 500 and medium-sized companies in the

mid-Atlantic region, include most of the leading pharmaceutical and

consumer healthcare companies as well as firms in technology, telecommunications,

and financial services field. The group is holding a series of executive

forums so that senior functional managers can learn from experts and

exchange ideas with peers. The first, held on March 1, was for those

doing quality and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical and

consumer healthcare industries. A similar forum for financial executives

will be held this summer.

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Crosstown Moves: Epanel

Epanel Inc., 55 Route 31 South, Pennington 08534.

Peter Hexter, partner. 609-730-3922; fax, 609-466-0773.

With his partner, Helen Brown, Peter Hexter owns Epanel, a maker of

luxury towel warmers that is doing quite well as the baby boom generation

matures. Last month Hexter moved the administrative offices of Epanel

across Route 31 to Pennington Business Park.

He owns this park, which was the site of his former company, Lenape

Pottery, which manufactured porcelain bath accessories.

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Markowitz, Gravelle & Schwimmer, 3131 Princeton

Pike, Lawrenceville 08648. Joseph Markowitz, managing partner. 609-896-2660;

fax, 609-896-3184.

The law firm of Markowitz & Zindler did not merely change its name,

as was printed on March 15; it dissolved. Joseph and Joshua Markowitz

(father and son), Christine Gravelle and Linda Schwimmer have formed

Markowitz, Gravelle & Schwimmer, and Howard Teichman is counsel. It

focuses on bankruptcy, commercial, personal injury, product liability,

real estate, criminal, matrimonial, and general business

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Bookmarks, 27 Route 206 & Amwell Road, Nelson’s

Corner, Belle Mead 08502. Steven Holovach, manager. 908-904-4718.

The Nelson’s Corner location of the discount bookstore has closed,

but two stores remain open — at Pennington Shopping Center and

at Montgomery Shopping Center.

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Freeman J. Dyson, 76, was awarded the Templeton Prize

for Progress in Religion, valued at about $948,000. Established in

1972 by the creator of the Templeton mutual funds (who objected to

the fact that no Nobel Prize is awarded for insights to religion and

spirituality), this prize is always valued at more than the value

of the Nobel Prize for a particular year.

Dyson, who has also received a Nobel Prize, shared with two other

physicists, is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study

and is currently writing scientific books for a general audience (U.S.

1, January 26).

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Florence Miller Gaspari, 65, on March 16. She was an interior

designer and real estate broker in North Brunswick.

Virginia Johnson, 53, on March 17. She worked for IBM

in Dayton and FMC on Route 1 North.

Jacqueline Fiasco, 34, on March 25. She was a library

assistant at the Lawrence headquarters branch of the Mercer County


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