Right now the New Jersey Legislature is working on the NJ Secure Choice Savings Program Act, which would help the more than 1.7 million working New Jerseyans who don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work.

Secure Choice makes it easier to save so everyone can live the life they want after they retire. It’s all about choice and control. It makes it easier for people to build their own private retirement savings rather than having to depend on a government program. Under Secure Choice, it’s up to workers to decide if they want to contribute to their accounts. And if they change jobs? Their accounts, and their retirement savings, follow them wherever they go, keeping them in control of their own futures.

Secure Choice provides businesses with a simple, hassle-free retirement savings program benefit they can offer to their employees at little to no cost to themselves. Secure Choice is a professionally managed fund with no cost to the state government or taxpayers.

Research shows individuals are 15 times more likely to save for retirement if they can do so at work. AARP believes Secure Choice is a common sense approach towards everyone’s retirement security.

Jeff Abramo

Interim Manager of Communications & Community Outreach

AARP New Jersey, 101 Rockingham Row, Forrestal Village

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