Business valuation has been said to be more art than science, and valuing a startup is probably more of a crapshoot than an art.

Even though your aunt Nellie gave you $50,000 for a 1 percent interest in your new venture, it is probably not worth $5 million. But how much is it worth?

The New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network will host a workshop on business valuations on Wednesday, December 13, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Tigerlabs in Princeton. Tickets are $15. For more information, visit

The panel of business valuations experts includes a private investor who has invested in more than 80 early stage ventures, an entrepreneur who funded his business with crowdfunding and an appearance on Shark Tank; an experienced financial executive who took his company public; and the founder of an angel investment fund.

John Ason, private investor. Ason calls himself an “early seed stage angel” who invests in five to ten startup companies a year.

Philip Petracca, CEO of Fizzics. Petracca runs a business that generates more than $3 million in revenue — and started with a Kickstarter campaign and a successful appearance on Shark Tank.

Bert Marchio, chief accounting officer, Edge Therapeutics. Marchio oversaw the Edge Therapeutics IPO in 2015, and before joining Edge was an operating partner with a healthcare-focused investment firm and held financial officer positions with two private equity-sponsored companies.

Jonathan Hakakian, co-founder, SoundBoard Angel Fund, early stage investors. Hakakian has directed the due diligence process in SoundBoard’s growing portfolio.

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