LifeVest is a startup company, now located in Philadelphia, that has been touted as “disrupting” corporate wellness programs by offering a unique way to reward employees for being healthy. Workers who are enrolled in LifeVest are given “stock” in their own health. When health metrics such as blood pressure rise, their stock falls, and their healthier colleagues reap the benefits. When you get healthier, your stock goes up, and your co-workers have to pay.

This is the kind of company that seems like it should have arisen in Silicon Valley or New York City, but it actually spent its formative days in 2013 at Tigerlabs, a startup incubator on Nassau Street. Tigerlabs, which combines a co-working space with a micro venture capital fund, was founded by venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs. LifeVest was one of the companies that participated in its six-month accelerator program.

LifeVest founder Jon Cooper and Bert Navarette, managing partner of Tigerlabs, will describe exactly how Tigerlabs works and how startup companies can benefit from it in a presentation Thursday, April 8 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Princeton Marriott. Tickets are $50. For more information, visit

Tigerlabs is also home to a special program that invests in digital healthcare technology companies such as like LifeVest. Other Tigerlabs ventures include Curate Health, fitSense, simplifit, the Dentboard, Clue, nimbusGuru, Ralli, and others.

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