Saint Peter’s Healthcare System recently opened its new location in the Somerset section of Franklin Township, where several practices within the Saint Peter’s Physician Associates network have relocated to a newly constructed medical building at 59 Veronica Avenue. This is the latest phase of its multi-county expansion throughout New Jersey.

“We are excited to continue providing the same level of expert and compassionate care the public has come to expect in a modern facility that emphasizes comfort and convenience for our patients and their families,” said Michael L. Hochberg, MD, president of Saint Peter’s Physician Associates.

“The Saint Peter’s philosophy is you will get better outcomes by having physicians more closely integrated with leadership throughout the health care system,” Dr. Hochberg says. “The physicians drive the clinical processes and clinical care. Leadership’s role is to provide physicians the resources necessary to perform their duties.”

Saint Peter’s Physician Associates, a multidisciplinary medical group, has been in existence about four years. “Saint Peter’s Physician Associates was formed as a way for us to better partner with our community physicians,” Dr. Hochberg says.

There are 18 practices that comprise the group, says Michele Giuliano, senior director, physician practices. They represent all areas of health care, including pediatrics, cardiology, maternal fetal medicine, primary care and breast health. “We are trying to provide the full scope of care within Saint Peter’s, so patients have an easier time navigating their care,” she says.

The practices are set in various locations that Dr. Hochberg says represent a “big-box” model — multiple practices co-located at different sites. “Instead of having to see your primary care physician in location X, and your cardiologist in location Z, we want to bring these services to the patients and remove barriers that can exist — and have existed — in getting access to physicians,” he explains.

The new location at 59 Veronica Avenue houses physicians practicing primary care, general surgery and gynecologic oncology. Other practices take up space elsewhere; a few doors down at 51 Veronica, for instance, you will find the Saint Peter’s Cardio Metabolic Institute. And another new building currently under construction in Monroe, and scheduled to open in mid-2017, will offer orthopedic, gastrointestinal and women’s health (gynecologic oncology, breast surgery and infertility) services.

“These are all couched in our philosophy of having multidisciplinary groups of physicians working together for more convenient, efficient and effective health care delivery,” Dr. Hochberg says.

“It is all designed to create an environment in which we all are working together to help patients,” he says.

Such care coordination throughout health care will be better for all. “Managing specific illnesses this way will impact the patient with better quality of life, and have a beneficial financial impact on the health care system overall,” he says.

Saint Peter’s Physician Associates, 59 Veronica Avenue, Somerset. 732-937-6008.

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