Sourland Mountain Spirits, New Jerseyʼs Farm Distillery, is all about nature. Drawing from an aquifer at the base of the Sourland range, our spirits are made using the purest water, filtered through micro-fractures in the geologic formations of the Sourland mountains.

The land is protected by the largest contiguous forest in central New Jersey. The forest is especially important as a breeding area for migratory songbirds, particularly those who nest only in largely wooded areas. We are committed to being environmental stewards by our partnerships with the Sourland Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, and Wild Bird Research Group. Part of our sustainability mission and pledge towards the environment is that 40 percent of our energy comes from solar panels, and our spent grains go to feeding livestock at local farms.

The secluded Sourlands are wonderfully rich in history, having served as a refuge for George Washington and, later, for escaped slaves. Today the natural beauty of the mountains draws countless hikers and bicyclists from throughout the state. The Sourlands also offer splendid opportunities for horseback riding, fishing, picnicking, hunting, cross-country skiing, photography, bird watching … or just a lovely, restful place to getaway.

The Sourland Conservancy ( works to protect the Sourland Mountain regionʼs ecology through stewardship of natural resources and advocacy through effective citizen action. It promotes the use of environmental best management practices and builds awareness of cultural heritage through education and effective communications. The Conservancy also advocates for the preservation of the historic and ecological qualities of the Sourland Mountain region

The Nature Conservancy is taking on the planetʼs biggest, most important challenges by focusing on priorities that science shows are the most urgent and where their innovation and expertise can be game-changers.

We at Sourland Mountain Spirits are working in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy of New Jersey ( and Wild Bird Research Group ( on a joint fundraiser to promote owl research. Come visit and learn more about the work being done for the owls at the Hootenanny on Saturday, November 2, at Sourland Mountain Spirits Distillery from 2 to 4:30 p.m. There will be interactive educational stations, nature photographs for sale by Sean Graesser and Tyler Christensen, prizes, hooch, and more. Tickets are available at­view=Tickets­&id=­12846

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