Up ahead, on the sidewalk

I catch a glimpse of a shiny, glittery red object

as I near it, I see it’s a red candy wrapper

aluminum overlaid with red cellophane

with a print of a red strawberry

Next to the wrapper

a red robin looks up at me

her beak stuffed with nest building crafts

a few twigs, some thrush, a dried worm

and one glittery string of Christmas tinsel

packed to the hilt, yet she is eyeing the wrapper

Artist to artist, I understand her dilemma

gathering more than we need, but still wanting

She flies off, and I continue my walk

but know for fact, that on the way back

the wrapper will no longer be there

Waring, an art teacher at the Westerhoff School, also conducts art workshops at the Princeton Arts Council. In the past three years she has been compiling a book of poetry inspired by her classes with Jean Hollander in Princeton.

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