Princeton Power Systems, a developer of patented electric power conversion technology based on Washington Road, is poised to land a deal with West Windsor that would create a 500-kilowatt solar field on roughly two acres of the township-owned open cornfields behind the Princeton Junction fire station at the municipal complex.

The project would be used by PSE&G as an alternate source of power, thus generating not just power, but potentially an income for the township itself. There would be no cost for the town to host the solar panels (the company would build the field), and the township would receive an annual lease payment from PSE&G totaling between $15,000 and $22,500, according to Princeton Power CEO Marshall Cohen.

The township would not be able to use the solar panels as a primary source of energy, but it would serve as a back-up energy source and void the need for back-up generators for the buildings in the municipal complex, Cohen said. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $4.6 million.

The lease would be in place for 20 years.

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