Zoltan Kiss, the 76-year-old Princeton pioneer in photovoltaic research, is adding 30,000 square feet at Ludlow Drive in Ewing. Last year he had three companies in 50,000 square feet there. One company, Terra Solar, has left. Majority owned by China Solar-Energy Holdings Ltd., it has been moved by its investors to China, but is being replaced by a new firm, Amelio Solar/American Helio.

A former Sarnoff/RCA researcher, Kiss helped develop amorphous silicon as a commercially practical source of solar energy at a time when crystalline silicon was exorbitantly expensive (U.S. 1, September 6, 2006).

Currently on Ludlow Drive is Nanergy, an electronic products firm that is selling solar lanterns, called Always Light, to third world countries. The lanterns are made in China and shipped here so that Nanergy can add the photo voltaic panels it has made. Sometimes both the lanterns and the panels are shipped to the final destination. "With a large order in Nigeria, it is taking off pretty nicely, and we are also doing water pumping systems," says Kish. "We have a couple thousand panels ready."

The second company on Ludlow Drive is Renewable Energy Sources Inc., and it focuses on such R&D activities as hydrogen storage in nano materials, beta voltaics, and combining fluorescence and photovoltaics.

The third company, Amelio, will take over some of RESI’s functions, says Kish, who is one of the founders. Replacing Terra Solar, it will manufacture solar modules and install power projects. Amelio is currently based in an office in Delaware and will begin its manufacturing activities on Ludlow Drive when its president and CEO, Don Osborn, arrives. Osborn had been head of photovoltaic work at California-based Spectrum Energy, and that firm merged into Amelio. Says Kish: "By April we will be in full operation here in New Jersey – the industry is going absolutely crazy."

"Photovoltaics is the ultimate solution to replace fossil fuels," Kiss has said. "In my industrial and entrepreneurial experience, nothing has been comparable to photovoltaics. I think, finally, the timing is right for voltaics."

Nanergy Inc., 200 Ludlow Drive, Suite C, Ewing 08638; 609-434-0900; fax, 609-434-0602. Zoltan Kiss, founder. www.nanenergyinc.com.

RESI Renewable Energy Solutions Inc., 200 Ludlow Drive, Suite C, Ewing 08638; 609-434-0600; fax, 609-434-0602. www.resi-usa.com.

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