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Software Development

AGC Sedgwick Inc., 4390 Route 1 North, Princeton 08540. Edward

R. Cotton, chief executive officer. Staff size: 60. Founded 1966.

Phone and fax: 609-452-1660 609-734-8469">>

Database and electronic publishing for publishers and hospitals.

In particular, Hospital Pro Speed Search — software for publishing

and maintaining hospital policies and procedures electronically, ranging

from $8,000 to $25,000.

Advanced Imaging Concepts, 301 North Harrison Street, Building

B, Suite 266, Princeton 08540. Scott E. Berman, sales manager. Staff

size: 10. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 609-921-3629 609-924-3010

Catalog & archive digital imaging and databasing software,

"Image Central," for industrial, scientific, and medical clients.

Advent Imaging Inc., 5 Independence Way, Princeton 08540. Brian

Rippon, chief executive. Staff size: 4. Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 800-503-8918 800-503-8916">>

Imaging software manufacturer providing off-the-shelf imaging

applications or toolkits for the systems integrator. Document imaging

solutions range from $795 to $5000.

AlphaGram, 8 Oxford Street, New Brunswick 08901. Victor C. Yeh,

president. Staff size: 2. Founded 1979.

Phone and fax: 732-545-1520

Chinese language computer systems, formerly I.C.M. Corp.

Archi-Tech Systems Inc., 850 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 206, West

Trenton 08628-8187. Paul Gray, president. Staff size: 14.

Phone and fax: 609-882-2447 609-882-8187">>

CD-ROM applications, database access and compression for

such clients as pharmaceuticals, Federal Aviation Administration,

and Wall Street. Also Aeroknowledge.

Arete, 23 Route 31, Pennington Point, Suite B-26, Pennington

08534. John Spencer, owner. Staff size: 4. Founded 1984.

Phone and fax: 609-737-1212 609-737-7354

Software for the bottling industry.

Asset Software International (ASI), 306 Wall Street, Princeton

08540. Timothy J. Mathews, vice president, sales and distribution.

Staff size: 12. Founded 1987.

Phone and fax: 609-430-0775 609-430-0785">>

Asset Management software with a scalable life cycle solution,

from AssetExplorer for workgroups to enterprise-wide Asset Pro.

Biomatic Consulting Inc, 488 Hobart Road, North Brunswick 08902.

J.G. Mooyman, president. Staff size: 2. Founded 1998.

Phone and fax: 732-297-4106">>

Productivity and quality improvement in compliance with

CGMP, ISO 9000 and year 2000 auditing and consulting.

Brooks-Durham Software Development Inc., 116 Village Boulevard,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540. Malcolm M. Greene, president. Staff size:

15. Founded 1990.

Phone and fax: 732-220-0922 732-220-0785">>

Finance and generic audit software, also large hypertext


Business Evolution Inc., 4365 Route 1, Princeton 08540. P.V.

Kannan, president. Staff size: 15. Founded 1995.

Phone and fax: 609-951-0216 609-951-0882">>

Groupware products including Interact.Pro for private interactive

meetings on a single server.

Cambridge Hydrodynamics Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1000,

Box 1403, Princeton 08543-1403. Reba Orszag, president. Staff size:

15. Founded 1976.

Phone and fax: 609-987-8851 609-921-6388

Computer code developer for such projects as simulation

of combustion of liquid fuel rockets and advanced turbomachinery design.

Care Computer Systems, 125 Village Boulevard, Suite 280, Princeton

08540. Dee Vitello, manager. Staff size: 11. Founded 1972.

Phone and fax: 609-951-9600 609-951-0496

For the nursing home environment.

Clinical Systems Inc., 145 Witherspoon Street, Second Floor,

Princeton 08540. Chandresh Mody, director software development. Staff

size: 8. Founded 1986.

Phone and fax: 609-683-0040 609-683-8266

R&D branch of Garden City-based firm, for the pharmaceutical


Computer Associates, Route 206 and Orchard Road, Box 8, Princeton

08543-0008. David Cook, facilities manager. Staff size: 325. Founded


Phone and fax: 908-874-9000 908-874-9420

Computer software supplier for business, government, research

and educational organizations.

Consult Laboratory Systems, 3131 Princeton Pike, Building 5,

Suite 114, Lawrenceville 08648. Robert L. Moser MD, president. Staff

size: 1.

Phone and fax: 609-895-1076 609-896-2030

Physicians laboratory software.

W.R. Curtice Consulting, 5 Berkshire Drive, Princeton Junction

08550. Walter R. Curtice PhD, consultant. Staff size: 2. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 609-799-1040 609-799-1175">>

CAD software for microwave and RF applications.

DB Tech/Web Sci Technologies, 4214 Route 1 North, Monmouth Junction

08852. R.S. Dare, president. Staff size: 25.

Phone and fax: 732-329-9000 732-329-0066

Formerly DB Tech, consulting to telecommunications clients.

Datacolor International, 5 Princess Road, Lawrenceville 08648.

David Crozier, general manager. Staff size: 125. Founded 1970.

Phone and fax: 609-924-2189 609-895-7472

Color measurement and control solutions for textile, paint,

plastics, inks, and printing industries.

Datamark Technologies, 681 Route 1 South, Technology Center

of New Jersey, North Brunswick 08902. Jack Kaplan, president. Staff

size: 25. Founded 1992.

Phone and fax: 732-873-5322 732-873-2530">>

Development and management of electronic customer loyalty

and frequent shopper programs for retail, hospitality, telecommunications

and consumer products.

Decision Images, 9 Charlton Street, Princeton 08540. Robert

F. Mills, president. Staff size: 4. Founded 1984.

Phone and fax: 609-683-0234 609-683-4068

Computer image processing to enhance visual input from satellites.

Decision Technology Inc., 4390 Route 1, Princeton 08540. Mark

Berkowitz, president. Staff size: 20. Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 609-987-8950 609-987-8955">>

End-user information retrieval software and sales.

Delphi Technology, 100 Canal Pointe Boulevard, Suite 214, Princeton

08540. Michael Fang, director of technology. Staff size: 25. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-987-9600 609-987-0254

Enterprise, client-server information systems for financial

and pharmaceutical organizations.

Detail Technologies, 3490 Route 1, Building 16 B, Princeton

08540. Ron Vangi. Staff size: 2. Founded 1984.

Phone and fax: 609-452-8228 609-987-9120

MPA data entry software, $395.

Distribution One Inc., 65 South Main Street, Building D, Level

1, Pennington 08534. Thomas F. Ward, president. Staff size: 12. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-730-8600 609-730-8686">>

For the wholesale distribution business, Vision, a system

that uses the fourth generation "Progress" language and can

run on Unix and PC servers, also Year 2000 remediation.

FICOMP Systems Inc., 117 Docks Corner Road, Dayton 08810. Gary

Richman, president. Staff size: 25. Founded 1977.

Phone and fax: 732-274-2600 732-274-2601">>


Networking systems integration, including Interpreter 6000

voice recognition software for financial traders.

FICOMP has developed voice recognition solutions that enable

people to interact with computers using conversation speech —

not just in a nice quiet office but in noisy environments such as

a brokerage trading floor.

"We have secured a niche as the foremost company involved in providing

continuous voice recognition (VR) technology to the financial community,"

says Gary Richman, president of the firm founded in 1977. "Traders

are now using our system to talk their orders in rather than using

keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. In this highly emotional environment

of buying and selling, we have provided the first voice recognition

system that works on the chaotic trading room or exchange floor."

Interpreter 6000 sells for $4,000 to $8,000 for each trader’s station

and was developed for Bear Stearns & Co.

FrontLine Technologies Inc., 57 Chicory Lane, Hopewell 08638.

Phone and fax: 609-730-8797 609-730-8556

Client server application development with Visual Basic

and relational databases, a premier partner of Vision Software.

Helmsman Group Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 505, Plainsboro

08536. Kenneth Kay, president. Staff size: 8. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 609-275-9416 609-275-6512">>

Planning software for corporations, for budgeting, forecasting,

and management reporting (business navigation).

Innovative Programming Associates Inc., 303 Wall Street, Princeton

08540-1515. Mort Cohen, chief executive officer. Staff size: 21. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-924-7272 609-924-0875">>

Kandu Inc., 2450 C Kuser Road, Hamilton Square 08690. James

Terry, president. Staff size: 13. Founded 1990.

Phone and fax: 609-587-7973 609-587-9412">>

Software development, public access, kiosk, Internet and

video games.

John A. Keane and Associates Inc., 273 Jefferson Road, Princeton

08540. John A. Keane, president. Staff size: 2. Founded 1966.

Phone and fax: 609-924-7904 609-924-1078">>

Holding company for intellectual property, especially software,

including CIMQuality, for managing an ISO/QS-9000 compliant plant

on a desktop PC and comparing a quality model with a business model.

The Lepus Group, 209 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Bob Raffo

Jr., partner. Staff size: 9. Founded 1990.

Phone and fax: 609-279-0363 609-279-0263">>

Dynamic data warehousing software, integrated hardware and

software solutions, Internet development, value added reseller of

hardware and software.

Bole’ software is a re-engineering tool that integrates

"best of breed" products into an enterprise-wide system. It

dynamically retrieves data from a virtual warehouse of many databases

and compiles it with desktop tools to generate analyses and reports.

Users can manage data without additional technical programming staff.

Information management solutions include administration of such databases

and operating systems as Oracle, Sybase, NT, Novell, and Unix, plus

programming in C, Java, PowerBuilder, Perl, Delphi, and more. The

firm is an authorized Compaq value-added reseller.

LEX2000 Inc., 2 Independence Way, Princeton 08540. Eric Baelen,

vice president. Staff size: 13. Founded 1995.

Phone and fax: 609-734-9692 609-734-9644">>

Financial budgeting, analysis, and consolidation software

and consulting; APL2000 subsidiary developed APL programming language.

Logic Works Inc., 111 Campus Drive, University Square at Princeton,

Princeton 08540. Gregory A. Peters, acting CEO and president, CFO.

Staff size: 190. Founded 1988.

Phone and fax: 609-514-1177 609-514-1175">>

Software to model, manage, and understand corporate information

assets, 226 employees world wide, products licensed to more than 45,000

users in over 6,000 organizations; stock symbol LGWX (U.S. 1, November

1, 1995).

The flagship product ERwin, is a database modeling tool

for client/server, Web, and data warehouse development; ModelMart,

the industry-leading model management system; BPwin, a powerful business

process analysis tool; TESTBytes, a test data generation tool; and

Universal Directory, a warehouse meta data management tool that provides

just-in-time assistance.

MBR Research Inc., 601 Ewing Street, Suite C-22 Princeton Professional

Park, Princeton 08540. Moshe Ben-Reuven, president and chief scientist.

Staff size: 5. Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 609-924-7596 609-924-2470

Technical software development and marketing.

MCI Systemhouse Corp. – International Public Safety Group, 989

Lenox Drive, Building 1, Suite 124, Lawrenceville 08648. Richard E.

Dale, vice president and general manager. Staff size: 85. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-406-7600 609-406-7699

Customized, cost-effective solutions, marketed under the

name of SHL Transerve, for public and private safety agencies.

IPSG does system engineering and integration, site selection

mapping and simulation modeling, radio and microwave system design,

object-oriented computer-aided dispatch, enhanced 911 operational

integration design, radio frequency design and acquisition, industry-leading

message switching systems, criminal justice services, trunked radio

modeling, object-oriented records management systems, telephony services

including enhanced ISDN 911 and automatic call distribution, mobile

data communication systems, global positioning systems, automated

fingerprint identification, digital imaging, event alerting, and communication

center facility construction.

Maintenance DataBase Systems Inc., 112 Wall Street, Second Floor,

Princeton 08540-1522. Ellwood Kauffman, president. Staff size: 4.

Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 609-924-2770 609-497-2953

MMS (Maintenance Management Software) for PC-based fleet

and equipment management systems for such clients as cities and ski


Microsolutions Development Corporation, 666 Plainsboro Road,

Suite 340, Plainsboro 08536. Thomas Carrier, director of information

systems. Staff size: 7. Founded 1994.

Phone and fax: 609-897-9530 609-897-9587">>

Application development and network support for LOTUS Notes,

Domino, Web, and Visual Basic, also CATRAK, call center management


Catrak call management software has real-time data query

capability, automatic contact routing according to customized rule-sets,

real-time reporting alerts, and automatic generation of follow-up


Multi Solutions Inc., 4262 Route 1, Monmouth Junction 08852-1905.

Charles J. Lombardo, chief executive officer. Staff size: 12. Founded


Phone and fax: 732-329-9200 732-329-1386">>

Cooperative processing software and communications tools

for client-server applications, also Multi Soft Inc., traded on OTC

as MULT and MSOF.

Multi Soft designs, develops, and markets cooperative processing

software and communications tools for client-server application development.

Its Windows Communications Library automatically generates complete

Visual Basic and PowerBuilder applications linked to 3270 and 5250

legacy data without additional coding, and is emulator-dependent.

An example of how it updated legacy systems: A retail store

chain revamped its customer service screens to translate cryptic data

into easy-to-see color coded graphs and English language messages.

Multiforce Systems Corp., 101 Wall Street, Princeton 08540.

Thomas M. Bates, president. Staff size: 15. Founded 1981.

Phone and fax: 609-683-4242 609-497-2953

Fleet management.

MultiModal Applied Systems Inc., 125 Village Boulevard, Suite

270, Princeton 08540. Carl Van Dyke, president. Staff size: 20. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-419-9800 609-419-9600">>

For the railroad industry.

NEC Systems Laboratory Open Systems Technology Center, 4 Independence

Way, Third Floor, Princeton 08540. Ken Ogawa, director. Staff size:

25. Founded 1991.

Phone and fax: 609-734-6000 609-734-6001

For UNIX products, based in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

National Information Bureau Ltd., 14 Washington Road, Princeton

Junction 08550. Philip Burgess, chairman. Staff size: 25. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-936-2900 609-936-2859

Credit bureau communications, automated credit evaluation,

call accounting, telecommunications facilities management, and connectivity,

formerly Bell Atlantic Software Systems.

The software allows automatic retrieval and automated credit

decision scoring of consumer and business credit information. NIB

works with the four major credit bureaus, Experian (formerly TRW),

Trans-Union, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet to obtain information for

instant credit decisions.

Its first consumer-oriented service, Right to Know, is accessible

on the Internet and provides a one-stop source for monitoring important

personal records. Consumers can order comprehensive reports on credit

profiles, motor vehicle records, medical status, Social Security records,

education, worker’s compensation, and employment records (

Nettech Systems Inc., 158 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Boris

Fridman, president. Staff size: 20. Founded 1988.

Phone and fax: 609-683-0100 609-683-5019">>

Wireless communications.

OMR Systems, CN 851, Princeton 08542. James L. Mersfelder, president.

Staff size: 158. Founded 1981.

Phone and fax: 609-497-2000 609-683-0115">>

Integrated financial trading software, including European

currency conversions to the Euro.

P-STAT Inc., 230 Hopewell-Lambertville Road, Hopewell 08525-2809.

Shirrell Buhler, president. Staff size: 5. Founded 1979.

Phone and fax: 609-466-9200 609-466-1688">>

Modular software for statistical analysis.

The P-Stat program allows the user to manipulate data in

complex ways by using a simple yet elegant language and costs in the

$500 range for PCs to more than $10,000 for mainframes. Popular with

market research firms because of its "stub and banner" display

reports, it is also used by the FBI for figuring out patterns of serial

arsonists, by the U.S. Geological Survey (for groundwater studies),

and by clinical researchers (such as Genentech and epidemiology/AIDS

tracking department of University of Miami Medical School) who analyze

data collected over long time periods.

Data Entry will run on a PC without extra software. Any

small organization, such as a church, can use it to enter survey information

and manipulate it for statistical analysis and mail merges.

Paradise Software Inc., 7 Centre Drive, Suite 10, Jamesburg

08831. John A. Malleo-Roach, managing partner. Staff size: 7. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-655-0016 609-655-0045">>

Software for Unix and NT marketplace — Simplicity video

conferencing products.

Simplicity kits range from $2,500 for an NT workstation

to $7,000 for a high-end Sun workstation. Allegheny Hospital uses

Simplicity for distance learning, and the Department of the Army buys

the system for military intelligence surveillance. The latest version

runs on Sun, HP, and NT workstations and complies with just-issued


Pennington Systems Inc., 916 Commons Way, Montgomery Commons,

Princeton 08540. Stephen F. Heffner, president. Staff size: 2. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-924-8130 609-924-8135">>

Software translation and migration, analysis, and re-engineering,

including Year 2000 (Y2K), also software development and tools such


XTRAN is a specialized expert system developed for symbolic

manipulation — translation, analysis, re-engineering, standardization,

and code generation — of programming languages, from assembler

through fourth generation languages. XTRAN has an expert system "engine"

so that a new language or language combination needs only the development

of a parser and/or code generator plus a set of rules to apply its

power to a new language manipulation problem.

When the input language is a low-level, unstructured one,

XTRAN invokes built-in improvement and structuring capabilities. For

analysis it is especially appropriate for Year 2000 impact estimations.

Pericom Software Inc., 2271 Route 33, Suite 106, Hamilton Square

08690. Mary Ellen Seick, president. Staff size: 10. Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 609-588-5300 609-588-8906">>

Networking and connectivity and terminal emulation software

for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and JAVA.

Policy Management Systems Corp., Quakerbridge Executive Center,

Suite 202, Lawrenceville 08648. Gregg Matis, site manager. Staff size:


Phone and fax: 609-799-6100 609-716-5650

Insurance software.

Princeton Desktop Systems,Inc., 128 West State Street, Trenton

08608. Gerald J. Clancy, president. Staff size: 4. Founded 1987.

Phone and fax: 609-396-7191 609-396-2754">>

BillTrak (online legislative management system), publisher

of New Jersey Legislative publications, also database applications.

Princeton Financial Systems, 600 College Road East, Suite 2400,

Princeton 08540. Will Mayhall, president/CEO. Staff size: 195. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-987-2400 609-987-9320">>

Client/server based portfolio accounting and management

systems for the institutional investors, also PFS Accounting Services.

Princeton Multimedia Technologies Corp., 145 Witherspoon Street,

Princeton 08542. Rick Weiss, president. Staff size: 5. Founded 1993.

Phone and fax: 609-497-4600 609-497-0660

Development of health and nutrition software, including

packages for research nutritionists.

Princeton Satellite Systems, 33 Witherspoon Street, Princeton

08542. Michael Paluszek, owner. Staff size: 2. Founded 1992.

Phone and fax: 609-279-9605 609-279-9607

Software and consulting design for the aerospace business.

Princeton Simulations, 100 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick 08901.

David H. Wertz PhD, president. Staff size: 4. Founded 1993.

Phone and fax: 732-828-3505 732-545-0120">>

Conformational research program, for industrial and academic

researchers, to be used with molecular graphics program Chem3D (U.S.

1, June 16, 1996).

The program, Conformer, is used in conjunction with CambridgeSoft’s

Chem3D software. It helps chemists determine the 3-D properties of

molecules and incorporate a knowledge of these properties into their

research. It is a conformational search program that identifies the

global minimum and identifies all conformations that contribute significantly

to the experimental properties.

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