Given our editor’s determination to soldier on through snow storms of whatever magnitude (see Richard K. Rein’s column, February 10) no one should have been surprised to see U.S. 1 showing up in offices and news boxes last Wednesday, in the face of the 20-inch snow storm,

In fact, the weather reports were again accurate, and a window of calm lasted through Wednesday morning and until about 2:30 in the afternoon. In that time period more than half of U.S. 1’s 19,000 circulation was delivered. Some deliverers, confronted with unexpected child-care issues, had to make arrangements to work Thursday. Others trudged through the snow banks only to find the offices they serve closed for the day.

Either way, all but one route was done by Thursday. We second the opinion noted in the letter below.

Hero Deliverers

My hero is a person I’ve never met but who has made my life more bearable during the two recent snowstorms. Stores were closed, Princeton University canceled classes, cars were buried in snow, but my New York Times and Star Ledger miraculously appeared on the path of my home.

True, I had to go out in knee high boots and retrieve them one day and on another the snow shovelers found the papers buried under a mountain of snow —- but my papers were there.

I called the delivery service, PCF in Princeton Junction, and learned that about 150 people of all ages work for them and that almost everyone was on the job during the storms. Pat in that office told me that the staff is about half women and that they are all ages, from students to seniors.

We should all be thankful to these conscientious men and women we don’t see and don’t know who do their job despite the weather and make our days more enjoyable.

Phyllis Spiegel, Plainsboro

Opera Follow-Up

On Friday, February 5, I attended the performance of “Carmen” at McCarter. It was an exciting operatic evening, especially being able to watch Kirstin Chavez’s intense interpretation of Carmen.

I met Kirstin at the reception after the opera, and on my way home picked up a copy of U.S. 1. Reading Elaine Strauss’s fascinating preview on the opera, it occurred to me that your readers would be interested in reading more about Kirstin’s background and how she has made it up the ladder to reach her present status as a leading proponent of the role of Carmen.

I hope it will be possible for you to allow Elaine Strauss the opportunity to write about Kirstin and her background and character.

Avice R. Wilson, New Brunswick

For more on Chavez check her website:

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