Smoke’n Dudes BBQ Company is not just any barbecue restaurant. It’s the place to go for barbecue, at least in this area. Sure, there are a lot of barbecue joints out there, many chain restaurants too, but they’re just not the same. Just ask the people of Bucks County who have voted them Best of Bucks County four years in a row since they opened their restaurant in Bensalem, PA in 2008; or come check out their numerous awards, including the 2003 Pennsylvania State Barbecue Champions, or ask their frequent diners or catering clients.

So why is Smoke’n Dudes so different from the rest? Simple. Their food is made from scratch using homemade recipes, their prices are affordable, and their service can’t be beat! Smoke’n Dudes started out small around 10 years ago with their trademark log cabin restaurant, competing in BBQ contests, and catering picnics and backyard barbecues. With their custom sauces, rubs, recipes, and distinct flavor, their local family business is about to crossover to a nationwide business.

Smoke’n Dudes is also one of the few non-chain restaurants, barbecue or not, that can handle thousands of people at one event when it comes to catering. They may have started out doing small backyard barbecues, now, the ‘Backyard Barbecue’ is a menu option on their catering menu.

According to owner Tom Christine "We still do catering parties for fifty people and up, we also do weddings, picnics, and other events, but we’re getting more and more into corporate catering." And big businesses are starting to see what’s so special about Smoke’n Dudes; with clients like Ikea,, Home Depot, Lowes, T-Mobile, and The United States Navy, just to name a few.

With clients like those, they have to be ready to handle a crowd. That’s why Smoke’n Dudes claims to be the best at what they do. They can handle any crowd and in an extremely fast amount of time. Tom’s son Bill Christine spoke of a catered event they did last weekend, " We had to serve fifteen hundred people. We had four buffet lines set up and two servers at each line, we served all fifteen hundred in about 1 hour." For more information on any of the numerous catering options Smoke’n Dudes has available, please visit their website at, or call the toll free number at 1-866-901-3833.

Smoke’n Dudes BBQ Catering.

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