(Princeton, 7-6-11)

In our near empty coffee shop

some summer Friday,

she must have seen

my cloth tote


printed on its side,

noticed the table’s lack of laptop,

heard my furious scribbling

in pocket-mangled memo pad.

Sitting two tables apart,

we exchanged glances

ever few flips of each other’s pages

over coffee sip excuses.

Eventually, she, being too

gorgeous to be reading alone

at a table for 2

in nigh-empty coffee house,

grew tired our game,

started packing

into her cloth tote,

with PROSE sewn in both sides,

the novel she was reading,

loose leaf notebook,

black ballpoint pen.

She was still packing

while I flipped 3 more pages.

Then a crumpling leaf,

like bedside alarm,

sounded atop her table.

Then she, tote, book,

spiral, glances…


Left behind: crumpled ball –

white leaf with blue lines

bearing black prisoners.

Not the used napkin.

Not the empty glass.

Just a crumpled ball

of small angled elbows

that kept nudging my peripheral curiosity

every 3 pages

for the rest of the evening.

Feindt (also known as Ink) is a Central New Jersey author who appears irregularly and without warning in various spots throughout the NY/NJ/PA area and even more sporadically in literary journals and magazines throughout the world. More of his work is available online at www.inksblot.com. Ink’s latest book, “Miserable with Fire,” is available via amazon.com.

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