A year ago, Dr. Nirmala Chetty, an internal medicine physician in West Windsor, faced the proverbial difficulty in finding the balance between her stressful hospitalist career and being a mother of three young kids. She founded Slayback Health, a telemedicine company, as a way to both follow her passion to help people as well as to make sure she doesn’t miss any milestone of her new born daughter, Sakshi.

Through her new found company, Slayback, she now treats patients as far as Montana using technology. Previously when a patient walked into Bullhook Community Health Center, in Havre, Montana they were cared for by the nurse practitioners working in the clinic. However, those patients now have the option of being cared for by Dr. Nirmala Chetty using telemedicine.

Through telemedicine she is now able to help patients who live in the most remote areas of the country and have no real access to quality care. Dr. Chetty believes that telemedicine will play a huge role in solving the growing physician shortage across the U.S.

Slayback Health is introducing its Tele-Nutrition program for the first time in New Jersey starting this month. Through this program Elizabeth Babcock, Slayback’s registered dietitian (RD), is able to help clients in achieving their health goals, be it weight loss or controlling blood pressure or lowering A1c levels, through a customized nutrition program. Staying true to its mission of connecting people and connecting care, Elizabeth lives in St. Louis, Missouri, but will be helping nutrition therapy patients in New Jersey through the telemedicine portal.

As a Type 1 Diabetic herself and having used an insulin pump for the past six years, Elizabeth understands the difficulty that clients face in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Her own chronic condition inspired her to be a dietitian and help others by sharing her personal experience and professional knowledge. Elizabeth graduated from the coordinated program in Dietetics at Texas Christian University. Previously she worked as the community dietitian and nutrition program manager for Northwest Independent school district in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Tele-Nutrition program is not just for people who would like to lose weight but also for those who would like to increase their energy level by eating right or who would like to start eating better but feel crunched for time and ideas. Nutrition therapy also helps patients with chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and stroke.

In addition to being able to consult with Elizabeth at the convenience of their homes during evenings and weekends, clients can also consult with Dr. Nirmala Chetty to monitor the results of the nutrition program. Go to www.slayback-health.com to book an appointment with Elizabeth and learn more about the services Slayback provides.

Slayback Health, 1-855-312-SLAY (7529). info@slayback-health.com. www.slayback-health.com. See ad, page 28.

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