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Six Years Later, HTI Sells Itself

Hydrocarbon Technologies, an employee-owned firm, has

a gutsy bunch of employees. In 1995 it was in danger of being


and they bought themselves out. In a deal that closed August 29, HTI

sold itself for $15 million to a publicly owned company, Headwaters

Incorporated, based in Draper, Utah (Nasdaq: HDWR).

The 50-some employees, again facing red ink, agreed to a contract

that includes $1.5 million in cash, assumption of an equal amount

of HTI debt, and 605,000 shares of Headwaters common stock, plus


options. If HTI achieves certain goals, the deal could be worth up

to $1.5 million more in cash and 605,000 shares.

HTI will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Headwaters, a leader in


and deploying alternative fuel and related technologies, particularly

converting fossil fuels such as coal and heavy oils to alternative

energy products. Established in 1943, HTI specializes in process and

catalyst research and development, process licensing, custom


pilot plant design and construction and specialty organic sample


(U.S. 1, "Refueling R&D," June 19, 1998).

Headwaters — which is working with coal and heavy oil conversion

in China and globally — bought the firm for its nano-catalysis

technology, which can reduce metal consumption in some petrochemical

processing. The catalysis market worldwide is worth more than $10

billion and nano-catalysis is billed as the best advancement in this

field in 20 years. The HTI operation is expected to remain at its

present location just outside of Trenton in Lawrence Township.

In a statement, Headwaters CEO Kirk A. Benson said that "HTI’s

technologies and accomplishments align well with Headwaters’ skill

at commercial deployment of alternative fuel technology and will


the development and commercialization of alternative fuels,


fuels, and related technologies well into the future."

Hydrocarbon Technologies Inc., 1501 New York


Lawrenceville 08648. A.G. Comolli, president. 609-394-3102; fax,


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Better Futures For Trenton Kids?

Three years ago Robert Wood Johnson Foundation began

to sponsor a major effort dedicated to improving the lives of children

and opened an office at Canal Pointe for an organization called


Futures New Jersey. Just where in New Jersey should the foundation

concentrate its efforts? That was the question.

Last week the answer came: Trenton’s children are the fortunate


of a $20 million pilot program that could be replicated throughout

the state and nation. To RWJ’s largess will be added $3.3 million

in federal funding, funneled through the City of Trenton.

The Children’s Futures office has moved to Thomas Edison State


where the director, Rush Russell, is senior fellow at the Watson


The initial director, Velvet G. Miller, is now president of Horizon

Mercy, the managed health care program with offices at Phillips


in Ewing.

The RWJ Foundation will partner with hospitals, agencies, churches,

community groups, and parents, as well as with the City of Trenton.

By December a call for proposals — describing how these


can apply for funds — will be available. Areas of focus: improve

birth outcomes and access to health care, promote effective parenting

skills and practices, enhance the quality of child care, and


leadership capacity in child health issues. Both secular and religious

groups may apply, says Lewis G. Sandy, executive vice president of

the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and those who can measure results

will get first preference.

What has been learned about healthy child development differs


from what Trenton’s children experience, the foundation discovered.

And though the state is making significant contributions for children

ages 3 to 6 under the Abbott court decision, relatively little


has been made to the first three years of a child’s life. RWJ


monies can be spent on children from Trenton families of all income

levels, not just those meeting poverty guidelines.

In particular, the program anticipates it will help mothers get


care, get treatment for substance-abusing pregnant women and mothers,

increase the number of children getting immunizations, give more


access to health insurance, and better prepare children for preschool

and kindergarten.

"The fact that this foundation is willing to make a long-term

investment and put its money behind ideas that we believe in


the real meaning of commitment and partnership," says Douglas

Palmer, mayor of Trenton.

Children’s Futures, Watson Institute for Public

Policy, Thomas Edison State College, Trenton. Rush Russell, director.


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Atlantic Federal Credit Union, 29 Emmons Drive,

Suite A-30, Princeton 08540. Mary Frances Occhetti, branch manager.

609-452-2232; fax, 609-452-2667. Home page:

The credit union doubled its space with an August move from 212


with this move the company expects to provide more convenient parking

than was available at the Carnegie Center, and it will also have a

MAC machine.

To bank at a credit union, you need to be an employee of a member

company, and membership here is free to any company of any size.


years ago, as a result of litigation, credit unions successfully


their nonprofit status. Members include Cytogen, Princeton GammaTech,

Carnegie Center Associates, Verizon Wireless, Diocese of Metuchen,

Hyatt Regency, and Doral Forrestal.

This 65-year-old nonprofit membership organization is based in


Atlantic Federal offers share savings, loans, term share certificates,

direct deposits, MAC cards, and no-fee checking. "It’s an employee

benefit, and because credit unions are nonprofit, we can offer high

rates on savings, lower rates on loans, and fewer fees overall,"

says Maryann Small.

Academic Edge, 724 Route 33, Hamilton Square


Duffy, managing partner. 609-587-6456; fax, 609-587-4209.

Just in time for school’s opening, a teacher resource shop has


Margaret Duffy moved her store from Ames Plaza on Quakerbridge Road

and has a new phone number but the same fax. She offers teacher


books, learning games, puzzles, books, and other education materials

for children.

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Leaving Town

American Luminous Associates LLC, 379


Road, Princeton Windsor Office Park, Cranbury 08512. C. C. Wang,


This technical services office has closed and no information is


from the telephone company about another location. It provided


in material science for lighting and displays.

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Name Changes

Pequod Communications, 743 Alexander Road, Unit

15, Princeton 08540. Andre Liu, owner. 609-951-0300; fax,


Home page:

Pequod Communications, 6 Nassau Street, Princeton

08542. 609-921-9105; fax, 609-921-7293.

Pequod Printing has changed its name to Pequod Communications to


what the company terms "a top-to-bottom approach in creating and

producing efficient communication/marketing solutions."

In 1988 James Robertson, Andre Liu, Benjamin Liu, and four other


University sophomores opened Pequod as a copy shop and alternative

textbook bookstore at 6 Nassau Street. Two years later, the copy


proving more profitable than the textbook business, they established

Pequod as an outsource reprographics firm, naming it after the boat

that hunted down the whale Moby Dick.

"From our origins as an academic-client based copy center, we

are now a corporate service center, customer-service oriented, and

we emphasize relationships. We try to become the business partner

and/or consultant for our clients’ print needs," says Andre Liu.

Two of the original owners remain: Robertson is in charge of the


mail facilities, and Liu directs marketing programs. Steven Evans

heads the creative services department, and Charles Lazarow is



Now the firm has 30 employees in three locations, including a retail

space in New Brunswick and the headquarters on Alexander Road —

rarely visited by clients. Most jobs are handled by E-mail in the

initial stages with finished copies supplied by van. "Except for

our direct mail and fulfillment work, we deliver virtually all jobs

directly to our clients," says Liu.

Trainfans Inc., 83 Princeton Avenue, Hopewell


Steven Haase, principal. 609-466-0880; fax, 609-466-8114. Home


Steven Haase has changed the name of his company from

to Trainfans Inc. He is trying to attract $2 million in venture


money, and since website sales are responsible for only a small


of overall revenues, he wants to shed any reference to a



The company has products and services for train and railroad


— audios, DVDs, videos, books, collector items, model trains,

sportswear, and calendars. Its most recent video production, filmed

on August 24, documented the mothballing of New Jersey Transit’s


Conference Committee Cars. The 47-year-old cars operated on the Newark

City Subway.

Interlink Healthcare Communications, 989 Lenox

Drive, Suite 300, Lawrenceville 08648. Larry J. Iaquinto,


609-406-9600; fax, 609-406-9046.

Integrated Communications Corp. (ICC) of 989 Lenox Drive announced

on August 9 that it is changing its name to Interlink Healthcare


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Management Move

Anthony J. Apicelli Jr. LLC, 2121 Route 33,


Square Commons, Trenton 08690. Anthony J. Apicelli Jr., partner.


fax, 609-588-5590.

Michael L. Bitterman, Attorney at Law, 2123 Route

33, Lexington Square Commons, Trenton 08690. 609-584-7100; fax,


Anthony Apicelli and Michael Bitterman split the law practice of


Bitterman & Apicelli. Apicelli, who does real estate and trust law,

moved one door down and has a new phone and fax. Bitterman is staying

in this location and focuses on litigation — discrimination


labor law, plaintiff injuries, commercial law. A graduate of Fairleigh

Dickinson in 1963, he went to Seton Hall law school and was a state

deputy attorney general before opening his own firm in 1971.

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Crosstown Move

Weinberg Management Corp., 217 Nassau Street,


08542. Jan R. Weinberg, owner. 609-924-8535; fax, 609-924-2675.

The commercial real estate firm moved from 199 Nassau to 217 Nassau.

Phone and fax are the same. Also here: Princeton Heritage Real Estate,

a residential firm.

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Fleet Bank Operations Center, 335 Ridge Road, Box

1008, Dayton 08810-1008. 732-438-7692.

As a result of Summit’s merger with Fleet, the operations center will

close this month. Formerly occupied by Unisys, the 94,000 foot


sits on 20 acres and accommodates 400 employees.

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Sally McFarlane, 64, on August 25. She was a manager with

Newgrange Outreach Center.

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