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Shuttle America

Trenton-Mercer Airport’s Shuttle America just got a

little more convenient — following the "bid for a fare"

model set by, the airline is now offering "Name

Your Price" feature on its new website,

Now business travelers can dip below the standard fare, which is already

as low as $59 to Boston. The Name Your Price feature is ideal for

business travelers who have a degree of flexibility in their schedule,

says Mark Cestari, Shuttle America’s spokesperson. "The

low range is typically a $21 for a 14-day advance purchase fare,"

he says. "Say you’re four days out from travel, and the walk-up

price is $149, you might bid $89."

Shuttle America is receiving roughly 100 bids a day from travelers

and accepting roughly 45 percent of those offers. The airline, which

opened in 1999, just added a flight to Greensboro, North Carolina,

but the Boston to Trenton commute remains the most popular.

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