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Published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on May 3, 2000. All rights


Shabby Journalism?

I was naturally interested to see "The Art of


and "Spring Restaurant Guide" and "Seward Johnson . .

." on the cover of the April 29 issue. I turned to page 18


an article on Johnson’s new restaurant and found instead 10 pages

of an "advertising feature." I searched the remainder of the

paper not believing that your front page would mislead readers into

believing that the restaurant information was not paid for (I assume

that is what "advertising feature" means).

If, indeed, this was all paid for then I think it is most shabby

journalism and makes me quite disappointed in your paper’s ethics. I

do hope

I am wrong.

Roberta Churchill

The editor replies: As a former restaurateur (the highly

regarded Roberta’s in the Princeton Shopping Center) and a former

contributor to U.S. 1 Newspaper, Roberta Churchill has an


interest in restaurant reporting. If we could do that cover over we

would make two changes: We would tell readers that an advertising

feature began on page 18; and we would identify Seward Johnson’s new

restaurant at the Grounds for Sculpture as Rat’s, and tell readers

that its description actually began on page 26.

The payment issue is interesting: Rat’s paid only for an advertisement

in this section, and had no control over the photography or its


And we had no intention of running any dining photographs on our cover

until we saw the finished work of photographer Craig Terry. The


development of the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township has

been an item of ongoing editorial (not paid) interest by U.S. 1. We

do not regret printing those photographs on our cover — especially

since that placement allowed them to be printed in color.

We do regret not printing more about Rat’s the restaurant. Churchill’s

letter was complemented by a dozen phone calls requesting more


about this picturesque dining establishment. Interested readers can

check our website ( or call or fax us and we will

fax back a copy of Nicole Plett’s review of the restaurant (written

without any commercial consideration) printed in January.

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Your Home Direct

THE LAUNCH OF YOUR Home ( has been an overwhelming

success with more than 215 homes listed, valued at more than $50


in our first five weeks of operation. Twenty-five of these homes are

already under contract with offers pending on another nine. We have

had well over 2 million hits to our website to date and the phones

get busier every day as homeowners respond to our 2 percent realtor


While we know that we had a great response to the article U.S. 1


ran on, we have learned that — due to technical


— several callers were unable to reach us at our Carnegie Center

phone number that appeared in the article. We would like to apologize

for any frustration or inconvenience this may have caused and assure

your readers that our telephones are now fully operational. To learn

more about our programs for home sellers and buyers, call either


or 877-Call YHD (877-225-5943), or visit our website,

Glen Cohen

Founder and president (

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Flying Turboprops

I READ WITH INTEREST your article about the controversy about


airport, its possible expansion, and efforts to lure Southwest


there (U.S. 1, April 19). While your story touched on Shuttle America,

briefly and superficially, our success story there would probably

be of major interest to your readers:

1. We have grown from just two daily flights to fifteen.

2. Our fares are typically 40-50 percent below those offered by


airlines and we have save Trenton/Princeton area flyers over $8


in the past year.

3. Our six "propeller" planes are actually state-of-the-art

Dash-8-300 turboprops configured in all leather, four-across seating.

Mark Cestari


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Inside Scoop

THANK YOU for your support for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer

County by providing information about the Free Cone Day at Ben &


Despite the inclement weather, the event raised over $2,000, and


the day over 2,000 cones were scooped.

Kim Cody

Big Brothers Big Sisters

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