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Sergio Heker’s Security Solutions

Security is a pretty hot market, a global concern,"

says Sergio Heker, president of NextGen Internet at Enterprise


Center. Every medium to large company has some kind of managed


service, but Heker says that for the most part they are just


services. "They tell you when someone has broken in. But you want

someone to do something about it. We call the company to say someone

tried to break in, this is how we stopped it, and here is the


It’s a complicated subject, and Heker has scheduled several executive

briefing sessions. On Thursday, January 24, from 9 to 10:45 a.m.,

the session is free by reservation: call Colin Schreiber at

609-419-0531, extension 106, by Thursday, January 17. Additional


will be Wednesdays and Thursdays, February 20 and 21, or March 13

and 14. Larissa Mentzer of the FBI will speak about law


and forensics, and Tom Mitchell of Intrusion Inc. will cover

intrusion detection — visibility and control.

Heker established the firm as Global Enterprise Services in 1991,

sold his United States networking operation to Colorado-based World

Net Associates Inc., and renamed his firm NextGen Internet. In Mexico,

Heker is building and using his own networks. In the United States

he offers turnkey and professional Internet services — hosting,

web and database applications, training on Bay Networks, and support

of private networks.

NextGen differentiates itself from competitors by concentrating on

comprehensive security for clients in a geographical territory, North

America to South America and Singapore. Heker’s infrastructure is

in Plainsboro but his employees are scattered over the globe —

70 employees under contract plus the availability of 70 certified

CheckPoint engineers.

NextGen has 300 corporate clients, primarily large corporations and

multinationals in Mexico, Singapore, and eight countries in Latin

America. NextGen’s ExtraNext system helps these clients interact with

the Enterprise Drive global operations center and access reports about

intrusions, firewalls, routers, and servers.

NextGen recently contracted with Texas-based Intrusion Inc. to provide

clients with turnkey, fully-managed security services for enterprise

networks. Intrusion is providing its SecureNet Pro network intrusion

detection system plus its purpose-built security appliances for


products by Check Point Software Technologies.

"Companies need to know what is going on, to stop the intruders,

to get forensic data, and go to the authorities," says Heker.

His system plugs into the network, gathers information, and matches

it to the information in the database, which changes on a weekly


"It is not just listening, not just monitoring," says Heker.

"It will block the signature of an intruder."

Says Heker: "When we show the client what is going on, there is

no case that the clients are not surprised. It is like opening a


into their network."

— Barbara Fox

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Cutting-edge ‘Net

A promise of the Internet is jazzy communications —

not just black ink on a white background, but movement, color, and

sound. Lots of each. An upcoming meeting of the Princeton Media


Association provides a look at just how these enlivening elements

make the Internet a riveting medium.

In an E-mail message on behalf of the association, communications

officer Dennis Nobile writes that "innovation often results

from the alchemy between technology, commerce, and creativity. So

it is with the Web, which has rapidly become the platform for a


interactive form of communication, combining cutting-edge animation

and graphic design with high-quality sound effects and music."

On Thursday, January 24, at 6:30 p.m. these generation-forward


technologies are on display at a meeting of the Princeton Media


Association, at the Sarnoff Corporation. Speakers include Nick

Coogan, partner in Bullseye Art ( of New York

City. The company has worked on web animations and cartoon series

with Aerosmith, Phish, Hob, Icebox, and Rosie O’Donnell, too.

Also speaking is Alex Vandervere, principal of eCity Interactive

of Philadelphia, and David Lu, a designer with Gravity Shift,

the Nassau Street company formerly called RAC Productions. Cost: $15.

Call 609-716-173

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