As Sensors Unlimited plans a long-awaited move from its Route 1 headquarters to a 90,000 square foot space at 330 Carter Road in Hopewell, one of the company’s future neighbors is protesting the township’s decision that the company’s operations there are a permitted use.

The company, which manufactures hi-tech infrared products, including cameras and detectors, received approval in September from the township, but has not yet made the move.

Sensors, which is a division of Goodrich ISR Systems, is currently located at 3490 Route 1. Officials at both Sensors and Goodrich did not respond to requests for information by U.S. 1 as to the timing of the move.

The Carter Road facility is a four-story 216,000-square-foot building originally developed in 1961 as a world class research and development facility by Western Electric. It subsequently became the home to AT&T. In 2005, the building was completely renovated after AT&T left. Current tenants in the building include WorldWater & Solar Technologies.

Meanwhile, at least one Hopewell resident is protesting the township’s decision that the new Sensors operation at the facility is permitted under township’s zoning. Carter Road resident Fred Weber alleges that the company is going to use the site for manufacturing rather than research and development.

Sensors received approval in August from the zoning board that the use it intended for the facility is permissible in that zone. It then was required to go to the planning board for site-specific approvals.

Weber claims that during the planning board testimony, Sensors was more candid, describing more manufacturing activity than they admitted to the zoning board. “I think if they had given the zoning board a modicum of the facts that they gave the planning board, it would be doubtful that they would have gotten the interpretation that they did,” said Weber in a complaint submitted to the township.

Hopewell officials respond that if Sensors’ operations at the site are found to be different than the company testified to the zoning board, the approval can be voided.

Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corp. (GR), 3490 Route 1, Building 12, Princeton 08540; 609-520-0610; fax, 609-520-1663.

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