Second thoughts on various items in the news:

Griggs Farm. Nearly two months after the tragic fire at the Griggs Farm moderate and low-income housing community on December 27, more than 30 displaced residents are making the transition from emergency housing to temporary housing. “Temporary” in this case could mean close to a year, since the reconstruction of the Griggs Farm building is expected to take at least 10 months.

Princeton Community Housing executive director Edward Truscelli notes that only some of these tenants had renters’ insurance. Moreover, housing is scarce in the Princeton community, in which most of them would like to stay to maintain school, employment, and other community ties. “Finding affordable local residences is extremely challenging,” Truscelli writes. “While PCH provides affordable homes to over 1,000 residents in Princeton, these homes are filled and wait lists are 12 to 24 months. Other affordable housing options are also very limited. PCH will continue to work with households, as needed, to help identify longer-term temporary housing options and temporary housing financial assistance.”

PCH continues to seek donors and community organizations who may be willing to provide temporary housing rental assistance on behalf of the households that do not have renters’ insurance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) resources, or other resources to bridge the gap between the rent at Griggs Farm and the rent at temporary housing.

To make a tax-deductible gift to PCH’s Griggs Farm Fire Relief Fund, mail or bring your check, made payable to Princeton Community Housing and noted for “Griggs Farm Fire Relief,” to Princeton Community Housing, One Monument Hall (Lower Level), Princeton 08540. Or give online via credit card at Donors can also give gift cards to PCH, which PCH will distribute to residents.

Princeton University Press. U.S. 1’s February 7 cover story on Christie Henry, the new director of the Press, quoted a former Press editor, Edward Tenner, on the inner workings of academic publishing. On that same date the Princeton Alumni Weekly published a letter from Sandy Thatcher, Princeton Class of 1965, another former Press editor, offering more insight on its institutional growth. Herbert Bailey Jr., “as the Press’s first science editor, built the foundations for the Press’s success as a science publisher, and he was responsible for bringing the Einstein Papers project to the Press. But much credit is also due my classmate Ed Tenner ’65, who worked with such prestigious authors as Nobelist Richard Feynman.”

Letter from Barbados. A reader took Richard K. Rein’s report in the February 7 issue with a grain of salt, or possibly sand. She would prefer Florida, departing from Trenton Mercer airport. Rein doesn’t envy Florida, but admits that a direct flight from Mercer instead of JFK would be paradise, indeed.

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