We don’t know about your operation, but the fact that the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this year is enough to make us lobby for another one of those cookie cutter Monday holidays — this one called Independence Day.

What do you do? Make everyone work Tuesday and Thursday and tell them to knock themselves out on Wednesday (just don’t start too early or party too late)? Or do you give people an optional day off on Monday or Friday so they at least get a three-day weekend out of it? Or do you go wild, and give everyone an extra two days off, combine it with the 4th, and let them enjoy a five-day weekend? But if you do that, which two days do you give — Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday?

Here at the non-monthly division of Community News Service (the office at 12 Roszel Road where we publish the weekly U.S. 1 and the biweekly West Windsor-Plainsboro News) we don’t have much of a choice. The WW-P News will come out as usual on Friday, July 6. U.S. 1 will be published a day early, Tuesday, July 3.

That means that the paper will go to the printer on the afternoon of Monday, July 2. Those of you who like to wait until the last minute to send in changes to classified or display ads, and those of you who still have news of an upcoming event to report, please take note: Next week is basically too late for next week. If you have a change to make, or something to add, please do so by the end of the day Friday, June 29.

Speaking of event listings, an astute publicist for a non-profit group noticed the news item regarding the merger of U.S. 1 Publishing Co. with Community News Service and wondered if this would enable her to send just one news release regarding upcoming events planned by her organization.

Yes. If you have an event you would like listed in U.S. 1, send it to our longstanding E-mail address: events@princetoninfo.com. When we enter it into our database we will tag the form for inclusion in any of our eight monthly papers that seem relevant.

If you want to make sure it is also printed in a specific monthly, please mention that in your cover letter or subject line. The monthlies arrive in homes around the first of the month, and the events deadline is generally the 15th of the prior month. For the record, the communities served are Hamilton (Post), Ewing (Observer), Trenton (Downtowner), Lawrence (Gazette), Robbinsville (Advance), Hopewell (Express), Bordentown (Current), and Princeton (Echo).

Correction: Last week’s cover story on Primus Green Energy incorrectly implied that the company’s technology was based on work done by Moshe Ben-Reuven at Princeton University. That is incorrect. While Ben-Reuven earned a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from Princeton in 1980, he says his work on biomass gasification and gasoline synthesis has no connection with the university.

Ben-Reuven served as Primus’s co-CEO and chief technology officer until his resignation in January of this year.

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