So often, lung cancer is diagnosed when an individual begins to demonstrate serious symptoms of the disease. And unfortunately, those symptoms often mean the cancer has progressed to a dangerous stage.

“Symptoms often don’t appear early and many people receive a diagnosis in the later stages when survivor rates are low,” says Tonya Davis, assistant vice president of cancer services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ) Hamilton. “Fortunately, new research shows that low radiation CT scans are highly effective at detecting lung cancer when it is most treatable.”

In an effort to provide the community with the best possible care at the earliest possible stage, RWJ Hamilton has developed a comprehensive lung cancer program to support its patients in every phase of care.

• Drop the habit with smoking cessation. The American Lung Association can guide you with support to stop smoking through their Freedom From Smoking program and Quitters Circle online initiatives. Learn more by calling the Lung Help Line at 1-800-LUNGUSA.

• Get ahead of cancer by having a lung cancer screening. If you’re at risk, a low-dose CT lung scan can offer you peace of mind, or give you early warning that something is wrong. For a free consultation on lung screenings by RWJ call 609-584-6400.

• Take the steps to get a comprehensive diagnosis and appropriate treatment right here in your own backyard. RWJ Hamilton’s lung cancer coordinator is available to guide patients every step of the way.

• Minimally invasive endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) allows physicians to obtain tissue or fluid samples from the lungs and surrounding lymph nodes without conventional surgery. From the samples collected, physicians can diagnose and stage cancer, detect infection, and identify other diseases that can affect the lungs.

Through a partnership with Deborah Heart & Lung Center, RWJ Hamilton is proud to have partnered with Walter Boris, DO, board certified thoracic cardiovascular surgeon. Dr. Boris sees patients at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Hamilton and performs surgical procedures at RWJ Hamilton’s surgical suite. His unique expertise in thoracic procedures has contributed to Deborah’s excellent quality ratings and rankings both nationally and in New Jersey.

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