The song Auld Lang Syne is traditionally accompanied by people joining hands in friendship as they look forward to the New Year ahead and pledging that whatever changes life may bring that old friends will not be forgotten. This song is usually sung right after the countdown to midnight ringing in the New Year amidst all the kissing and hugging and resolutions for the year to come.

As you read this, are you asking yourself, why didn’t I have someone to ring in the New Year and kiss at midnight? If you don’t seem to have an answer to that question than now is the time to make a New Year’s Resolution to yourself. Stop waiting for love to come to you, go after it with a vengeance! You are not alone and that is where New Jersey Singles can help! Matchmaker and Director of New Jersey Singles-Lawrenceville, Jill Grossman states, “Around the holidays and the New Year is our busiest time. Everyone is making plans and new resolutions for the upcoming year. For singles the resolutions usually involve meeting someone special and that is where myself and New Jersey Singles can help!”

New Jersey Singles work like old fashioned matchmakers which means they meet and screen all of their members. You do have to qualify for this “members only” service. All of the matching is done by hand, so it is people matching people not a random point and click like online sites. They also don’t throw you into a room of single people and say pick one, they personally work closely with you to help you accomplish your individual relationship goals.

Finding compatible singles is among the hardest part of dating. It can be a frustrating, disappointing and time consuming process. Kick off the New Year by taking love out of the hands of fate or your computer screen and into the hands of trusted professionals, like Ms. Grossman. She can introduce you to successful, like minded singles who share the same passion of finding love.

2016 IS HERE!. Don’t let another year go by and settle for being single. Be proactive! Put yourself in a circle of singles who are serious, stable and looking for a life partner. Kick off the New Year with a new experience and call New Jersey Singles today at 1-888-417-0020 to arrange your consultation or fill out an application on today.

New Jersey Singles: Where professionals turn to professionals for love!

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