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As we enter the spring of 2014 the economists tell us all the economic statistics indicate the commercial real estate market is improving, albeit rather slowly. The healthcare industry in general continues to grow with the need for more nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals as Americans strive to achieve a quality, healthy life style.

Healthcare is one industry that has stayed strong throughout the downturn in the economy, Ridolfi says. “We have been experiencing good activity with individuals and companies seeking locations for medical offices, medical emergency facilities, physical therapy, personal trainers, mental health counseling, massage therapy, behavioral health, and wellness centers, etc.”

Also with the advent of the electronic age now in place, the retail sector is also experiencing improved growth throughout the region as consumers continue to purchase new automobiles, electronic devices, i.e., telephones, flat screen televisions, computers, recorders, and other related electronic devices.

Bank interest rates continue to be at very competitive levels throughout the region as banks compete to make loans to entrepreneurs seeking financing to maintenance and/or expand their business operations.

All these factors indicate that 2014 may be a rather competitive but positive year for the business community in general barring any unforeseen downturn in the national or global economies.

Ridolfi believes that the best investment today is still real estate. The 1031 exchange, in particular, is an excellent way to shelter capital gains when buying or selling commercial real estate properties, he adds. Mercer County’s proximity to major metropolitan areas also makes it an excellent place to invest. “For people in the major metropolitan areas of New York, North Jersey and Philadelphia, Mercer County’s prices look great by comparison,” he says. “That fuels our economy, creates a tax base, and boosts jobs. It’s good news for our area.”

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