Renowned restaurateur Ricky Chai’s flagship restaurant in Skillman is a year old and has already become one of the area’s favorite spots. Mr. Chai and long time chef, Chai Yoh, have maintained their goal of ensuring that customers get the best of the best Thai food. The various dishes are famous for bringing complex ingredients together to please American tastes.

The rich flavors and fragrances of authentic Thai cuisine are a perfect way to enliven any meeting, corporate event, or home party. The entire menu is available for catering, and the staff at Ricky’s is happy to tailor the menu to the occasion. Guests will be treated to unusual dishes and can try new tastes, perhaps discovering a whole new cuisine that is sure to become a favorite. Many of the items are meant to be spicy, and they can be made to order for every palate, from a single star to five stars for those not faint of heart.

The seating arrangement at the Skillman space is also ideal for private gatherings. Ample space can be arranged in the front to accommodate smaller parties and celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations all become that much more special when the food is beyond ordinary.

The Trenton Times recently profiled the Skillman location and declared that Ricky Chai “has perfected a winning combination of an attractive setting and fairly extensive menu that should satisfy any fan of Thai food.” Indeed, this success has led him to plan another restaurant, scheduled to open this summer across the river from Trenton in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. The menu there may be expanded to add some French-inspired dishes.

Ricky Chai knows what his customers want and takes great pains to ensure that they receive the best. Grateful for the devotion that his customers have shown him at all his venues, he and his staff are keen to maintain their high standard of food and to keep the menu vibrant. Dishes that are old favorites are always available, but that does not inhibit the creativity in the kitchen. Thai cuisine emphasizes fresh ingredients liberated from heavy sauces.

Kick up your event planning several notches by having Ricky’s Thai do what they do best: serving up the freshest and the most exotic dishes that will be talked about long after the party is over.

Ricky’s Thai, Village Shopper, 1378 Route 206, Skillman. 609-285-2955.

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