by Alexander Obe

If you’re one of the millions of Americans regularly exercising, there comes a time when your traditional fitness routine simply won’t cut it. You keep a routine to avoid becoming a health statistic with your doctor, you do your best to keep those pesky 5 to 10 pounds off your waistline, and you recognize that exercising is simply the “right thing to do.” But what do you do when you simply can’t log another mile on the “dreadmill” or when you can’t muster the strength to curl one more rep with those appropriately named dumbbells staring back at you from the rack? You need something more … something different.

The path of fitness is an ever evolving journey that should be fun, exciting and personal. It should inspire, challenge and, most importantly, leave you excited for your next workout. There should be some element of anticipation that leaves you wondering “What am I going to do today?” If you’ve become clairvoyant over the course of your fitness journey, developing the uncanny ability to predict every move your trainer is going to pick for you, it’s time for a new adventure. If your own workouts are as predictable as your favorite movie, it’s absolutely time to say, “Enough is enough.”

Now, let there be no mistake, freeing yourself from an old fitness routine doesn’t land you in a field of tulips and lilies, where everything feels great with your results doubling your efforts. As you may have suspected, exercise can be and should be at times: downright difficult. The best routines can even elicit a verbal case of “exercise induced Tourette’s” from the tamest of exercisers that would make Lisa Lampanelli blush. Joking aside, it is in these challenging, discomforting moments of exercise that gratification takes root. Deep down, we know the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration that emerges from overcoming what was as an impossible challenge just minutes ago.

Ask yourself: when was the last time you felt truly inspired in with your exercise program or that you were excited about going to the gym? If it’s been a while, then maybe it’s time to switch it up. Try something completely different from what you’re accustomed to doing. Put the dumbbells, barbells and electronics away and take an “old school” approach: bring back body weight training. Offering tremendous variety, efficiency and versatility, body weight training can unlock new heights in your fitness accomplishments. In keeping with the times, body weight training is completely “organic” and is “holistic” in the way it engages your full body. Be it yoga, spinning, or TRX training, body weight training offers challenge and excitement. Plus, your body is the machine, so it’s always the perfect fit.

Programs like those offered by RevXstudios ( offer integrated spinning and TRX programs that will challenge you and have you looking forward to your next workout. Ever-changing routines at RevX guarantee that your workouts will never be run of the mill, allowing you to keep those psychic abilities for more important things like predicting the next big sale!

RevXStudios, 2346 Route 33, Robbinsville. 609-297-7389.

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