Princeton alumni make their annual pilgrimage back to campus this Thursday through Sunday, May 26 to 29, for the university’s reunions weekend. The main events are the P-Rade through the campus on Saturday, May 28, at 2 p.m., and the Princeton University Orchestra concert and fireworks display Saturday evening.

In addition to the festivities will be a number of Alumni-Faculty forums, panels consisting of alumni and moderated by university faculty and staff. Timely topics and notable names include:

Friday, May 27: “Healthcare: Taking the National Temperature,” 9 a.m., Richardson Auditorium. Panelists include T.R. Reid, Class of 1966, a reporter, author, and documentary filmmaker. His 2009 book, “The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care,” was a New York Times bestseller.

“The Future of the University Experience,” 9 a.m., Whig Hall Senate Chamber. Panelists include Mitch Daniels, Class of 1971, the president of Purdue University and past governor of Indiana; and Jared Polis, Class of 1996, U.S. representative from Colorado.

“Campaign Finance Reform: Following the Money,” 10:30 a.m., McCosh Hall 50. Panelists include Katarina vanden Heuvel, Class of 1981, editor and publisher of The Nation.

“Entrepreneurs — Are They Wired Differently?,” 10:30 a.m., McDonnell Hall A02, moderated by Ed Zschau, Class of 1961, senior research specialist at the university’s Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education.

“In Whom Can We Trust? Role of the Journalist Today,” 2:30 p.m., McCosh Hall 10. Panelists include Princeton resident Lanny Jones, Class of 1966, author, and former managing editor of People and Money magazines.

“New Tech Trends to Watch,” 2:30 p.m., Richardson Auditorium. Mung Chiang, professor of electrical engineering and director of the Keller Center, moderates. Panelists include Eric Schmidt, Class of 1976, executive chairman of Alphabet (Google’s parent company); and Brad Smith, Class of 1981, president and chief legal officer of Microsoft.

Saturday, May 28: “Biotechnology: What Is the Latest and Where Are We Going?,” 9 a.m., Maeder Hall Auditorium, Andlinger Center. University president emerita and molecular biology professor Shirley Tilghman moderates. Panelists include Donna Armetano, graduate class of 1986, senior scientific director of Genzyme; Bob Hugin, Class of 1976, executive chairman of Celgene; and Dan Elkes, Class of 1991, director of the pipeline at Genentech.

“Out of the Box: What’s New in Alternative Energy,” 10:30 a.m., Maeder Hall Auditorium, Andlinger Center. Panelists include David Crane, Class of 1981, former president and CEO of NRG Energy; and Eric Limpaecher, Class of 2001, now of MIT Lincoln Laboratory and former chief technology officer of Princeton Power Systems.

“Through the Glass Ceiling: Women’s Perspectives As Leaders in Finance,” 10:30 a.m., Princeton Neuroscience Institute A32. Wendell Wood Collins, director of corporate relations at the Bendheim Center for Finance, moderates. Panelists include Mary Anne Citrino, Class of 1981, senior advisor at the Blackstone Group; and Alexandra Lebenthal, Class of 1986, co-CEO of Lebenthal Holdings.

Additionally, the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network holds its 19th annual Startup Conference & Competition on Friday, May 27, starting at 9:15 a.m. in the Friend Center. The keynote speaker will be Gordon Ritter, Class of 1986, of Emergence Capital Partners. His topic: “From Serial Entrepreneur to VC: Riding the Cycles of Silicon Valley for 25 Years.” A panel discussion follows on Princeton Entrepreneurship on Campus.

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