Dr. Stephen Roman

Steroids and surgery: these are two things that people seeking relief from spine and joint pain usually want to avoid. Steroids conjure up images of unwelcome side effects and surgery represents a highly invasive procedure followed by a long and painful recovery period. But significant advances in regenerative medicine are making these two treatments a thing of the past.

Dr. Stephen Roman has spent the last several years incorporating the latest advancements in Regenerative Medicine to the treatment of disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. “I am proud to announce that I am opening my new office in Hamilton at 1230 Whitehorse Mercerville Road. The Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute (RegeneSpine) is a regenerative medicine practice. We serve patients from around the world and with the opening of our Hamilton site, we now have two convenient offices in the New York Metro Region.”

“Our mission is to help our patients to achieve happy, productive, and pain-free lives. RegeneSpine was founded to combine the latest in minimally invasive spinal and other musculoskeletal treatments with the modern advances in regenerative medicine.”

“Our bodies naturally perform a complex courtship of cellular and chemical activity that promotes healing and repair of damaged tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage. Our goal is to help each patient without surgery, and without reliance on long-term drug use. We use a holistic multimodal approach of natural strategies to set the stage for your body’s natural healing,” says Dr. Roman.

Dr. Roman points out, “We are a highly specialized practice, dedicated to bringing next-generation treatments to patients, treatments that do not rely on older theories of drugs and surgery. One such approach is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. This works through the release of growth factors and substances secreted by the immune system that affect cells. These recruit reparative cells and enhance the healing process. This treatment is used in disorders of the spine, joints, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues.”

“Another innovation is the use of a patient’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells. These are believed to enhance healing by recruiting cells to stimulate tissue repair. This has also been showing promise in the area of avascular necrosis, a condition commonly affecting the hips. We are also moving into the exciting new therapeutic use of adipose tissue. This is your very own fat, which contains a vast number of supportive and reparative cells that help promote a healing environment throughout the body. This treatment is of particular interest in the treatment of arthritis.” At this time, many regenerative procedures such as platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy are not covered by health insurance.

If your goal is to maximize your health, without steroids, drugs, or surgery, contact the RegeneSpine Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute and get back to living.

Regenespine Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute, 1230 Whitehorse Mercerville Road, Hamilton. 888-352-3038. www.regenespine.com

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