The recent launch of the Learning Our ABCs Campaign by the Princeton Merchants Association (PMA), Sustainable Princeton, the municipality, and local merchants is a perfect example of what can be done when we come together in a positive way to address environmental issues in Princeton.

The campaign encourages cashiers to Ask First if customers need a bag for their purchases. Through materials and outreach, we will encourage customers to BYOBag as often as possible. Lastly, we have placed plastic bag recycle bins at well traveled spots around town including McCaffrey’s, the Whole Earth Center, the Senior Resource Center, and the two municipal buildings. We plan to place at least four more bins in town in the near future.

Sustainable Princeton believes that positive change happens through collaboration. We also believe that when it comes to waste, sending less to the landfill and creating less overall is the best way to preserve our land, air, and water.

Our organizational goals are to reduce waste and energy in Princeton by working with residents, businesses, schools, and the municipality. We are so pleased that the PMA has embraced these goals through this campaign.

Many people don’t know that Sustainable Princeton is an independent nonprofit.

We receive the majority of our funding through grants and individual donations. Thanks to this outside funding, we have launched a number of very successful community-wide energy and waste reduction programs, such as the EnergySmart Homes and Building Campaigns, Build a Bin, the zero waste Great Ideas Break-fast series, and now, among others, the ABCs campaign with PMA.

With the continued help of forward-thinking organizations such as PMA and a host of committed volunteers and donors, we look forward to continue to work together to reduce, reuse, recycle, conserve and continue to create new ways to solve important environmental issues in Princeton.

Diane M. Landis

Executive Director,

Sustainable Princeton

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