Concerned with starting or growing your business? Here is some good advice from Lynne Wildenboer, president and founder of Red Wolf Design in Princeton. She says, “Your logo, website, signage and advertising are the first things your prospective client sees.” You need to ask yourself:

What image are you projecting or do you need to project?

When you look at your logo does it seem dated? Is the name confusing or is your tagline no longer a reflection of the products or services you provide?

Are you starting a company?

Are you planning on designing your logo, website, signage, and advertising by yourself or relying on a family member or friend to do it? Be careful, because what seems like a fabulous, cost-effective solution may in fact end up costing you more in time and money in the long run. And it is hard to tell a friend or family member that you don’t like what they created or that they are taking too long. And some entrepreneurs think that they will just design something themselves to get started and eventually have a professional redo it. Most often, “eventually” never comes, and the initial image their firm projects is not professional looking.

Why your logo and website matter.

People judge companies by the image they project. We work with startups all the time, helping them name their companies and products, designing their packaging, creating logos and websites, and developing their marketing strategy. So whether you are a small start-up, or have been in business for years and have a solid reputation, we can help.

Lynne started Red Wolf Design over 30 years ago and has an MBA with a focus on marketing and finance. This means not only does she bring years of creative experience to each client she works with, she also understands ROI and where to best invest your marketing dollars.

Helping our own clients update their brand.

“What we find is that even our existing clients often need to rebrand themselves, by updating their websites and taking time to reexamine their marketing goals and strategy. For example, one of our clients who is a builder and does impeccable work had us create his website years ago. Now, when we look at the site we know that we need to update it based on the economy as well as who his target audience is today, considering their attention span, what they value, their budget levels, and the type of work they would be most interested in,” Lynne explained.

“We also realized that today our client has three distinct target audiences that we need to reach. From this perspective we knew that the navigational tabs needed to be changed, the copy rewritten to focus more on the benefits of using his company, the photos needed to be updated, and even the contact page needed to provide a vehicle for sending him E-mails,” Lynne continued.

Owners can really benefit by working with Red Wolf because once an owner realizes who their real prospects are today; how to better nurture their current clients and re-establish contact with past clients, they get excited about growing their business more strategically. “Working with company owners in this capacity is really rewarding, because since they are generally too busy working, they don’t make the time to step back and brainstorm with a marketing expert who can give them a new perspective on how to make their company more profitable. Exploring new ideas with successful company owners is akin to giving someone a roadmap heading them in a different direction — a direction which makes more sense, based on our economy and changing demographics.

Working with startup companies is even more fun. Owners really appreciate the power of having a professionally designed logo when they see how friends and family react when they see their business cards for the very first time. Clients come back smiling with a new sense of confidence just because people now know that they have started a real business.

Redwolf Design, Princeton. 609-577-5449. See ads, pages 6 and 18.

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