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Real Estate Notes

Mercer County has a long way to go before it competes in high-end real

estate prices with Manhattan, where $1 million gets you a few hundred

square feet in a pretty decent location. Seven figures in Mercer

generally buys at least four bedrooms and three baths. But the $1

million mark is not quite as special as it was 10 years ago. For a

real stunner, a six bedroom house with multiple fireplaces, an au pair

suite, a media room, outbuildings, and several acres of seclusion, the

price tag is well above $2 million. Following are homes, ranging in

age from just a few years to nearly 200 years, selling within the past

six months.

Top Of PageHopewell Township

10 Benson Lane. $1,950,000. Closing: December 14, 2006. One-year-old

five bedroom, five bath Colonial with a theater room.

6 Brookside Drive. $1,000,000. Closing: October 30, 2006.

Eight-year-old four bedroom, four bath traditional on two acres.

Top Of PageLawrence Township

39 Foxcroft Drive. $1,525,000. Closing: September 15, 2006.

20-year-old French eclectic with six bathrooms & six baths; stamped

concrete terrace, indoor racquetball court with hydraulic basketball


Top Of PagePennington

175 Woosamonsa Road. $2,400,000. Closing: August 25, 2006. Restored

stone miller’s house, 173 years old, with original parts dating from

pre-Revolutionary times; including an historic barn, a potting shed,

and a well house.

2 Woodlawn Lane. $1,133,000. Closing: October 11, 2006. 12-year-old

five bedroom, five bath Colonial with a swimming pool, hot tub, and

four fireplaces.

Top Of PagePrinceton Borough

4 Greenholm Street. $2,100,000. Closing: February 1, 2007. Arts and

Crafts home, 103-years old, with five bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths.

74 Allison Road. $1,695,000. Closing: August 22, 2006. 57-year-old

two-story contemporary home, designed by Princeton University

architecture professor Martin L. Beck, with five bedrooms and 3 1/2


219 Mercer Street. $1,200,000. Closing: November 1, 2006. 34-year-old,

five bedroom, five bath Colonial, subdivided from the original

Marquand estate.

8 Greenholm Street, 1. $1,125,000. Closing: October 25, 2006.

Two-story, three bedroom condominium with a private patio and

walled-in garden in a 100-year old building near Chambers Street and

Palmer Square.

Top Of PagePrinceton Township

23 Running Cedar. $3,340,000. Closing: October 27, 2006. 44-year-old

brick English Victorian with six bedrooms, nine baths, an exercise

room, computer room, playroom, wine cellar, and billiards room.

250 Mercer Street. $2,900,000. Closing: August 31, 2006. Classic Greek

Revival home, "Peep O Day," built in 1850; eight bedrooms, four baths,

a receiving room with a 10-foot ceiling, Corinthian hand carved fluted

columns, and seven fireplaces.

37 Pheasant Hill Road. $2,650,000. Closing: September 29, 2006.

41-year-old five bedroom, five bath Colonial Cape with an exercise

room and spa.

627 Princeton Kingston Road. $2,600,000. Closing: September 21, 2006.

New five bedroom, five bath Colonial on 1 3/4 acres with a

2,000-square-foot finished basement.

151 Highland Terrace. $2,600,000. Closing: September 11, 2006. Four

story 8-year-old six bedroom, five bath Colonial in the Preserve.

591 Lake Drive. $2,400,000. Closing: October 3, 2006. Lake front

50-year-old five bedroom, three bathroom ranch; dock on Lake Carnegie;

attached apartment with a separate entrance.

23 Coniston Court. $2,150,000. Closing: October 3, 2006. Six-year-old

traditional five bedroom, five bath home in Pond View; exercise room,

au pair room, media room, and swimming pool.

96 Battle Road. $1,800,000. Closing: February 15, 2007. 79-year-old

brick eclectic Colonial by Francis Comstock with four bedrooms and 3

1/2 baths.

108 Hunt Drive. $1,737,500. Closing: November 22, 2006. 43-year-old

Colonial on two acres with five bedroom and five baths.

348 Ridgeview Road. $1,725,000. Closing: November 16, 2006. New five

bedroom, five bath Colonial.

1873 Stuart Road West. $1,600,000. Closing: January 26, 2007.

32-year-old Colonial on two acres; four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths.

96 Greenhouse Drive. $1,410,000. Closing: September 11, 2006.

58-year-old Colonial Cape bordering the gardens of Drumthwacket; three

bedrooms, four baths, and a separate stone building with barn wood

floors, bookcases, and a half bath.

42 Ettl Circle. $1,395,000. Closing: January 31, 2007. 10-year-old,

five-bedroom, four bath Colonial.

49 Longview Drive. $1,350,000. Closing: November 21, 2006.

Three-year-old, three story home with a large office with a private


9 Windermere Way. $1,305,000. Closing: September 15, 2006.

99-year-old, two-story Pond View Manor townhouse; four bedrooms, four


525 Mercer Road. $1,295,000. Closing: August 16, 2006. 45-year-old

Cape Cod with four bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, and five fireplaces;

adjacent to Drumthwacket gardener’s cottage.

524 Christopher Drive. $1,292,450. Closing: December 11, 2006.

Nine-year-old Colonial with a conservatory, a sun room, and a princess


650 Cherry Hill Road. $1,260,000. Closing: December 28, 2006.

Six-year-old, five bedroom, four bath Colonial on a one-acre wooded

lot adjacent to 23 acres of preserved woods.

145 Philip Drive. $1,142,250. Closing: February 12, 2007. 40-year-old,

four bedroom, three bath Colonial.

224 Bayard Lane. $1,100,000. Closing: November 3, 2006. 31-year-old

four bedroom, four bath ranch near the Mountain Lakes Preserve.

49 Lovers Lane. $1,099,000. Closing: January 16, 2007. 56-year-old,

four bedroom, three bath contemporary home with a two-acre garden

bordering Drumthwacket.

1081 Kingston Road. $1,025,000. Closing: August 29, 2006. 36-year-old,

three bedroom, three bath contemporary home with views of Lake


Top Of PageWest Windsor

10 Dey Farm Road. $1,100,000. Closing: October 16, 2006. 19-year-old

Colonial on three acres backing up to open space.

2 Britt Court. $1,060,000. Closing: August 31, 2006. 17-year-old five

bedroom, four bath Colonial with a sun room, disco dance floor, and

mountain climbing room.

15 Sleepy Hollow Lane. $1,050,000. Closing: January 25, 2007.

14-year-old five bedroom, four bath brick Colonial on 1 1/4 acres.

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