The submissions are in, and now is the time for reading, reading, and reading some more. We refer, of course, to submissions for U.S. 1’s annual Summer Fiction issue, scheduled for publication on Wednesday, July 24. This year four readers are reviewing the short stories and poems, trying to determine which ones work and which ones do not, and ­— also important — which ones can be grouped with others to create some thematic elements to tie the issue together.

So this is the time to read but it is not the time to inquire as to whether your submission has been accepted or not. We will not know that for sure until the final throes of production for the July 24 issue. In the meantime, we will do our best to squeeze as many works as we can into the issue.

And it’s also time to mark your calendars: The Summer Fiction reception will be Thursday, August 22, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Tre Piani restaurant in Forrstal Village.

#b#To the Editor: Help Brazil’s Children#/b#

Two million children are sexually exploited and trafficked annually.

We are very blessed to live in these United States and especially in the Princeton area. We all obsess over our children’s safety; it has become a true American value. In other countries children are not as fortunate.

Imagine an adult, perhaps even a stepfather, has raped a nine-year-old child. The child becomes pregnant with twins and the hospital medical team recommends an abortion due to the high risk of both the babies’ and their 9 year old “mother” dying. The child’s mother agrees to allow the abortion under those special circumstances. Following the abortion, this devote Catholic mother and her child, along with the entire medical team performing the procedure, are totally excommunicated by the Archbishop of the Catholic Church of their state for “violating God’s laws”.

This is a true story. The Catholic Archbishop from the Catholic-believing coastal city of Recife, Brazil, encouraged the Vatican to excommunicate a young girl after being repeatedly raped and impregnated with twins by her stepfather. Because the mother and doctors chose to have the girl undergo an abortion, the Church excommunicated the mother and the doctors who performed the procedure as well.

Our Princeton-based, nonprofit film company, Capriole Productions, seeks to make the world aware by telling the story of this young girl and others like her. Sexual enslavement and human trafficking is not just a crime; it is an indefensible crime against society’s helpless and hopeless innocent little children. Help us end human trafficking of children.

City of Hope: A Children’s Story: This documentary will uncover the plight of Brazil’s 500,000 to 2 million children exploited and trafficked throughout Brazil and into other countries around the world. It will expose the murky underbelly of archaic and inadequate statutes and explore the ease of globally transporting children. Children’s stories are captured as they survive a deadly and unforgiving environment. Thailand has the largest trafficking of children of any country in the world; however, Brazil is now in second place. Unlike Thailand, Brazil is number one in trafficking children throughout Switzerland, the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Canada. Reports state that there are 500,000 Brazilian children exploited in sex trafficking within the country, and federal police report higher rates of child prostitution in the Northeast. Some believe the number is closer to 2 million.

Please visit our campaign and help us to help these millions of children.

Please visit us at our website:

Kimberly Switzgabler

John Scheifele

Executive Producers/Filmmakers

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