U.S 1 news has been traveling fast and traveling far with one article hitting the heartlands and another going international.

The first story is Ross Amico’s portrait of Westminster Choir College Community Chorus conductor Alicia Brozovich (U.S. 1, November 20). As expected it attracted attention here at home in our Central New Jersey community of musicians.

Unexpected was the request from the managing editor of the Times-Sentinel Newspapers in Kansas for the request to reprint the article so the citizens of Brozovich’s hometown, Conway Springs, could read a about a native daughter’s success. Coincidentally, the mayor of Conway Springs — population 1,200 — is Brozovich’s sister.

The editor reached out to say, “I’m sure our readers will love to see it and read about a hometown kid doing well.” We’re sure too and worked out the arrangement. The editor also had a regional connection: he had lived in Trenton for six months as a young child.

The other was Dan Aubrey’s story on the Irish journalist Anthony Murphy’s visit to Princeton to discuss his recent discoveries at the ancient Irish site Newgrange (U.S. 1, November 20). First Murphy’s father, the former editor of an Irish newspaper, contacted us to ask where he could read the article online. (The answer: online, at www.princetoninfo.com, or by subscribing to our weekly e-mail newsletter, distributed every Wednesday, by visiting tinyurl.com/us1newsletter.

Then after the article appeared last Wednesday it reappeared on “Mystical Ireland,” the international website that Anthony Murphy maintains to share his findings. He founded the website in 2000 and reaches readers around the world. Visit www.mythicalireland.com.

Both show that it is more than bad news that travels fast.

Here at U.S. 1 we’re thankful that the community-focused stories we publish every week are reaching well beyond their intended audiences. And this Thursday and Friday we’ll take a break from the daily grind to consider the many other things we’re thankful for as we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

While our offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 28 and 29, our e-mail inboxes will be open for business.

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Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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