The quality benefits of building a home in a controlled indoor environment are appreciated by all, but the real benefit of modular home construction is the time savings realized by utilizing the modular builder as a single source for the design, approval, financing and construction of a home. This significantly reduces the entire process from 18 months to less than 9 months.

Traditionally, the architect designs the home and then prepares the construction plans. You then select builders who bid on the architectural plans. That is when you learn the true cost of the design relative to your original budget. After contract negotiation and permit approvals, construction begins on your stick built home, depending upon the weather. Total project time is 16 – 20 months.

What are the benefits of an RBA modular home?

Design: we custom design the home with you for the look you want. With over 10 years of Planning Board experience, we can review local zoning regulations to avoid variances. You can utilize our design capability or we can work with your architect.

Costs: Estimated costs are determined early during initial design at no cost to you, prior to the expense of construction plans. Once approved, a four month construction period reduces your interest cost during construction. With early determination of construction costs, you can select the finishes that are within your original budget.

Quality: Factory construction and inspections assure that quality standards are met. Our homes meet and exceed state building codes with 20% greater wood content for added structural stability. A first floor ceiling assembly that is not connected to the second floor framing reduces noise transmission between floors.

Time: Design and cost can be determined in two months. We determine the contract price prior to construction documents, eliminating the potential need for re-design to meet your budget. The enclosed home is built in one month without weather interruptions, with on-site completion of finishes and utility connections during the following three months.

Energy and Environmental: Computer programmed construction greatly reduces waste which is recycled to reduce landfill dumping. We include standard 2” x 6” framing, allowing us to utilize thicker R 21 insulation. Energy Star construction specifications are available at 5% higher cost. Factory enclosed construction eliminates wet conditions and mold.

Sample cost: A complete home with all costs, except land, septic, and well, ranges from $130 to $190 per square foot depending on your selection of finishes. A 2,500 SF home with good features at $160 SF would cost $400,000.

Modular construction provides a better built home of your design at less cost in a shorter time. With single source responsibility, your involvement and risk are minimized. See us first before you begin design to determine if an RBA Modular home is right for you.

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