Customer Satisfaction

Through Personalized Service

Two-hundred percent customer satisfaction continues to be the goal at Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental. It’s been the standard of care at this dental boutique from the very beginning.

According to President and CEO Dr. Janhavi Rane, DDS, “I didn’t want to be just another dentist in town. So, we started a dental boutique, providing personalized services for each patient at no extra cost. We are the only local dental center practicing this style.”

“Our approach is simple,” she added. “We hire the best dentists, the best staff and the best labs; offer each customer exactly what he or she wants in the most modern facility with ambiance and technology; and perform those services in the most comfortable, pain-free environment during daytime, evening and weekend hours. That guarantees 200 percent satisfaction.”

Dr. Rane, one of the five dentists in this practice, is a long-time resident of Plainsboro. “I’ve found happiness and fulfillment practicing in my hometown,” she said. She has an impressive resume, with a bachelor’s in biology and psychology from Rutgers, and dental training from NYU and Harvard School of Dentistry.

“When we say we do what our customers want, we mean it,” Dr. Rane stated. “In 2004, we hired world-class orthodontist Dr. John Cuozzo, DDS, MS, thanks to patient demand. He’s handled more than 20,000 cases in his 25+ years treating both kids and adults.”

“Our team also includes Dr. Madhavi Kaluskar, DDS. She is known for her excellent surgical skills, and brings a wealth of experience to the practice,” Dr. Rane said. So does Periodontist Dr. Robert Conti, DMD, who specializes in placing implants, the best choice to replace missing teeth today.

Another addition to our team this year is Dr. Arathi Reddy, DMD, who is a fabulous clinician with a background from Tufts and Harvard University. She is also a Plainsboro resident. The office is also proud of Hygienist Nadine Leibowitz, RDH, who has 25 years in the field. “Being 90 percent women, there is a certain gentleness to the practice bringing in lots of children and seniors too.”

Dr. Rane’s latest “claim to fame” is LUMINEERS, the contact lens-thin porcelain veneer facings for teeth. She placed more than 70 LUMINEERS last year alone. “Finally, there’s a painless way to reshape and permanently whiten your smile without removing painful tooth structure. No shots, no painful drilling, and only two visits to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.”

Dr. Rane considers LUMINEERS the greatest advancement in dental history in 4,600 years, as it is the only veneer system clinically proven to last more than 20 years. “They can even be put on ugly, discolored crowns without removing the crowns,” she stated. Dr. Rane is one of the few New Jersey dentists specially certified in placing LUMINEERS. This state-of-the-art dental boutique also offers one-visit root canals, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, Certified BriteSmile Whitening, Invisalign (the invisible braces) and more.

“Currently we’re expanding facilities to meet demand: our second location, Rane’s Dental Aesthetics, is underway in the new Plainsboro Village Center.”

Her belief is clear: “After receiving 200 percent satisfactory service from us, more people in the area want our services. If we cannot provide for this growing demand, we don’t want to be in this profession.”

Luckily for Dr. Rane’s clients, she and her team of 20 are in this profession.

Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental, Plainsboro Shopping Center (Beside Super Fresh and NYSC), 10 Schalks Crossing Road, Plainsboro. 609-275-1777.

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