W ow! Time flies when one is having a good time! It is difficult to believe

that it has been 10 years since we opened Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental in the Plainsboro Plaza Shopping Center and 5 years since we opened Rane’s Dental Aesthetics our Orthodontic and Periodontic office in the New Plainsboro Village Center.

What is also amazing for me personally is to reflect on what is now 12 years in dental practice. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone in the Rane’s Dental family which includes our staff, patients, families, friends and well wishers for all you do.

I still get excited when I hear stories of how we are changing lives be it our one visit root canals or our image changing Lumineers. One of the most rewarding feelings is that we are able to provide all dental services in one location so our patients do not have to go all over town and deal with different offices and different protocols. You know us and you know what to expect. We still strive for 200% satisfaction!!

One of the most valuable services we are able to offer is the oral cancer exam with the Velscope light. If we could save even one life and we have actually saved a couple with this detection technique then we have definitely done our jobs thoroughly and are proud of that. I ardently request each of you to have this exam done at least once every year; it’s inexpensive and does not hurt at all. That said we are very open to any new technology that could make our patients’ dental experience less painful and more satisfying and continue to invest in that.

As we look forward to serving you many more years we promise to grow positively without losing that personal touch that’s so important in any healthcare and service industry. I thought it would be nice to print some of our many patient testimonials at a time like this to celebrate our glorious 10 years!


Ok, I’ll admit it I don’t like going to the dentist. However, after between 5-10 years (probably closer to 10) my wife said she heard that Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental had a good reputation so I decided to try them. Am I glad I did. Making an appointment was easy. When I got there everything was easy and went well. The hygienist was great and brought in Dr. Sukumar. He reviewed my x-rays and came up with a sensible plan for all the work that needed to be done. So far what I have liked best is the way I have been treated and the professionalism of all the people in the office. So far, I couldn’t be more pleased.


Plainsboro, June 16, 2012

Your office, technicians and doctors have been so kind and caring. I haven’t had dental care in a very long time. no one has judged me or made me feel uncomfortable. you are the best. thank you, Dolores.


Hamilton Square, May 30, 2012

The staff was very helpful and made my dental procedures as comfortable as possible. I was informed well about what the dental procedures entailed.


Plainsboro, March 31, 2012

Dr. Rane is a truly good dentist. She knows her work very well. Me and my two kids are her patients for last two years. Her office is very clean and staff is polite . I recently went for some crown work and from beginning to an end of my visit was very smooth. She is very experienced in her work and gets the job done right in first time. Overall good experiece and excellent service.


NJ, March 7, 2012

Exceptional Service. Dr. Rane and Pamela always provide exceptional service. I can’t recall when I have ever had such caring, professionals interact with me in a manner that does not compromise the treatment but that provides a level of service that is personalized. Your practice is outstanding. Every member of your team exemplifies the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism, from both persons taking payments and scheduling to both you and Pam. I can’t thank you all enough. With all good wishes,


Princeton, March 2, 2012

Relaxed atmosphere and emphasis on comfort. Rane’s is extremely professional. They make sure patient comfort comes first. Dr. Lee is exceptional. I barely even felt anything on my root canal. I had a problem where I couldn’t come at my scheduled time one day and they squeezed me in three hours earlier! great service.


Plainsboro, February 28, 2012

I had an excellent experience I loved how the staff and dentist treated my 6 year daughter as a parent overall greatly satisfied.


Plainsboro, February 27, 2012

Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental (Main Office) Plainsboro Shopping Center, 10 Schalks Crossing Road, Plainsboro. 609-275 1777. www.ranesdental.com

Rane’s Dental Aesthetics (A Dental Specialty Extension for Orthodontics and Periodontics) New Plainsboro Village, 11 Schalks Crossing Road, Plainsboro. 609-750-1666.

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