Radiology Affiliates Imaging provides patients with a wide range of diagnostic and screening tests in a convenient and comfortable setting, and its equipment uses less radiation than conventional machines.

Radiology Affiliates Imaging is one of the few imaging centers to have equipment with built-in radiation protection, which is particularly important for children.

"Radiation exposure is an ‘insult’ to your body that stays with you; it’s cumulative," said Eric Bosworth, M.D. "Since cancers develop over time, there is more long-term risk when children are exposed. We take extra care to minimize exposure to children."

Radiology Affiliates Imaging’s reduced radiation CT scanners deliver 68 percent less radiation, and its x-ray and mammography equipment reduce exposure by at least 33 percent.

Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership of the Year Award for bringing low-dose technology to its patients.

In addition to producing lower doses overall, the CT scanner is able to modulate the radiation for different parts of the body, further reducing emitted radiation.

"For example, the lungs don’t absorb as much radiation, so they don’t need as much for a good scan, where as the belly requires more," Dr. Bosworth explained. "We also take additional precautions with chest CTs in women by using a special pad to absorb some of the dose so the breasts don’t get as much radiation. Yet the image quality is great."

All Radiology Affiliates Imaging’s x-ray equipment is digital, and not only includes radiation protection but also requires less radiation overall because digital equipment is more sensitive. Digital x-ray images are acquired quickly and read quickly, requiring fewer repeat visits.

"This also helps us offer patients results while they wait, especially those in for mammograms, and pediatric patients," Dr. Bosworth added. "If a patient is particularly nervous about a procedure and wants to wait for results, we’ll accommodate that, too. We have a voice dictation system which means results can go out in as little as 15 minutes."

The experts at Radiology Affiliates Imaging see what’s going on in the news and are in tune with patients’ concerns about radiation.

Dr. Bosworth notes that radiation cannot be completely eliminated. We are all constantly bombarded by radiation from the sun, particularly on airline flights. So reducing additional radiation from diagnostic tests is important to him and his colleagues.

"We are doing all we can from every angle to reduce the impact on our patients," he said.

A wide range of specialty radiologists working with the most current technologies in a patient-centered, comfortable setting makes Radiology Affiliates Imaging a truly unique experience for patients and their families. Learn more about the office nearest you by visiting them on the Web at

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