The coffee pots are brewing at Princeton radio station WPRB where two long-time broadcasters are ready to test both their stamina and the air waves.

First up: Jon Solomon’s 26th edition of the Holiday Radio Show. The 25-hour marathon begins on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24, at 5 p.m. and ends Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25, at 6 p.m.

This year he says that listeners should expect “an influx of never-before-played pieces and original stories/songs recorded specifically for the program, plus all your past favorites.”

Solomon’s Christmas marathon started by chance in 1988 when Solomon, 15 at the time, was asked to substitute for the regular DJ. That year he worked 13 hours. The next year, he worked 24, and thus began a tradition. (See U.S. 1, December 18, 2013.)

Two days later, Marvin Rosen, host of the ASCAP award-winning Classical Discoveries program, also tests his limits when he begins his 25-hour festival of music written in the 21st century by composers around the world.

The event starts on Saturday, December 27, at 2 p.m. and concludes Sunday, December 28, at 3 3 p.m.

The marathon follows the format of Rosen’s Classical Discoveries program and, according to press materials, “celebrates and showcases little-known music of all periods with an emphasis on the Baroque period and earlier, as well as on the 20th and 21st centuries. The show’s primary aim is to allow listening audiences to discover (hence the title Classical Discoveries) the vast amount of music that is being created today from all over the world.”

The 18-year-old program was the 2005 recipient of ASCAP Deems Taylor Radio Broadcast award.

Rosen says that the “marathon will include some premiere broadcasts and works by composers who submitted compositions specifically for this program. In addition, there will be short interviews with several local composers whose music will be aired during the event.”

WPRB is a nonprofit radio station housed in Princeton University. The independently financed and student-managed station reaches listeners in central New Jersey, South Philadelphia, eastern Pennsylvania, Wilmington Delaware, and parts of the Jersey Shore. It can be heard on the radio at 103.3. FM or on live internet stream at

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