What lies beyond bed and bath?

Is that Victoria’s secret?

Are we all really toys?

Why are there no swings in Nassau Park,

no ferris wheel at Market Fair,

no place to putt at Windsor Green?

Isn’t it dangerous for a big box store

to announce itself as a target?

And am I to believe that

the best buy is right nearby?

Since when do olives

grow in gardens?

What rites are aided

by a drug store?

Is shopping a rite or a right?

And why can’t I get milk and bread

at Staples?

What kind of offspring would

Burger King and Dairy Queen produce?

If Stop & Shop merged with A & P

would the new chain be called Stop & P?

Along Route 1 the questions grow;

the more I drive, the less I know.

Diamond drives Route 1 — because “you can’t live in Princeton and not drive it.” In 2004 he retired as Jewish chaplain at Princeton University and as executive director of the Center for Jewish Life. He earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Indiana University in 1978 and has a rabbinical degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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