Genex Consulting has unveiled the new website for James Lozier’s company, but the quality assurance process for moving Dental Decks online took longer than either Lozier or Genex expected. It involved building a custom system for the flashcards, so they look exactly like the paper versions.

All the information on the cards had to be converted to Word files, entered into a database, and reconfigured to exactly match the originals. “The cards need to appear exactly the way they appear in the paper version,” says Anula Courtis, pictured above, founder of Genex Consulting, “and there needs to be a high standard for user experience. It was a fun project, very different.”

Courtis has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Fairleigh Dickinson and an MBA from NYU. Her first full-time job was as a McKinsey consultant. “I switched to IT and never looked back,” says Courtis. In 2000 she started the company on a part-time basis, focusing on government clients. One government client was Bergen County. Her firm took giant engineering drawings, put them in electronic format, and turned them into a database for the county.

Along the way Karen Ramlall joined the firm. Their careers had crossed when, as students, they had worked on a special project for Donovan Data Systems. Ramlall, 35, the daughter of an accountant and a hospital administrator, graduated from Rutgers. Courtis is of Polish and Greek descent, and Ramlall has Indian and West Indian heritage.

Courtis went full-time in 2004, adding private companies and institutions to her client list. Among the firm’s capabilities are database design, systems analysis, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, project management, disaster recovery, and supply chain and E-learning solutions.

The following year Genex added offshore divisions in Romania and India (she had established her Romanian contacts when she was working at McKinsey) and began to do offshore development and managed quality assurance centers. The offshore outposts “give us more hours in the day,” says Courtis.

Her latest project involves a three-dimensional map of the human body. Backed by a team of doctors, Genex has just spun out this product as a separate company, Levelex Animation ( “If you had sciatica, the doctor could show you, on this map, how your nerve is being pinched,” says Courtis. “It would be phenomenal for both marketing and patient education.”

— Barbara Fox

Genex Consulting LLC, 212 Carnegie Center, Suite 206, Princeton 08540; 609-919-632. Anula Courtis, CEO.

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