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These listings, summarizing articles published in 2003, were

prepared for the January 28, 2004 issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All

rights reserved.

Progress Listings: News from 2003

Not a week goes by that we don’t get a frantic call from

a jobhunter, a charity, or a sales person asking for the inside scoop

on “what are the hot companies in Princeton.” The answer we’d like to

give is, “Are you reading the paper? We write about these companies

every week.” The more polite and helpful answer is “Pick up a free

copy of our Progress Edition or find it on the web (search by date at

The Progress Edition is our annual summary of what we printed the

previous year, organized by industry. From it you can learn which

companies are potentially good prospects for job hunting, under the

theory that if a company expanded last year, it might need more people

this year.

This issue also provides a micro-slice of Princeton’s business

population, because it tells just which industries attracted our

attention. Information technology led the way with articles about 87

companies, followed by finance (73), communications (61), and a

combination of pharmaceutical and biotech (61). Those four areas are a

pretty good representation of what’s important in the greater

Princeton business community.

The second tier included other research and development areas,

management consulting of all types, manufacturing (including

warehouses), and schools or school services and each of those

categories had from 25 to 30 articles.

Each listing has the mailing address, phone, fax, a contact name, and

a description of the business, and some give the staff size and home

page. Read this on the Internet and you can click through to the

companies’ websites. Each company is listed under a category, such as

“New in Town” or “Expansions.”

Because of space considerations, the Progress Edition does not include

the companies that downsized, left town, or went out of business.

Considering those numbers, a conclusion that could be drawn from the

last year’s U.S. 1 news coverage is that, while an economic recovery

seems to be occurring, it is not an overnight turnaround.

In 2002 we reported on 600 companies, this year on more than 700.

companies. In 2003 there were 209 companies reporting good news in

the expansion, start-up, and new in town categories compared to 220

last year. And this year 81 companies left the Princeton area or went

out of business, compared to 50 last year.

Here are the numbers: 40 companies opened up a branch here for the

first time last year, and 50 people started a company. More than 100

companies (105 by our count) expanded, and 49 changed their addresses

but kept about the same amount of space. We reported on 43 companies

that got new important contracts, and 23 changed their top executives.

As always, change was the biggest constant.

Barbara Fox

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Cover Stories, 1100 Cornwall Road, Princeton Park

Corporate Center Suite 190, Monmouth Junction 08852. Raj Lakhanpal MD

FACEP, president. Staff size: 20. 732-422-4110; fax, 732-422-4112. Information services on the Internet,

software related to health and medicine on the Internet. Reported

in U.S. 1, August 6.

Technology Resource Corporation, 29 Emmons Drive, Suite E-10,

Princeton 08540. Greg Lazzaro, partner. 609-720-1885; fax,

609-720-1701. Home page: These computer and

audio visual procurement specialists started up their own firm when

the company they were working for, a subsidiary of Interpool, suddenly

closed. Reported in U.S. 1, September 17.

Feature Story

Digital Brand Expressions LLC, 4499 Route 27,

Kingston 08528. Veronica “Niki” Fielding, president. Staff size: 4.

609-688-8558; fax, 609-688-1499. Home page: Advanced website optimization and

usability services. Reported in U.S. 1, August 6.

Eating Fresh Publications, 16 Seminary Avenue, Hopewell 08525.

Wendy Rickard, publisher. Staff size: 3. 609-466-1700; fax,

609-466-8892. Home page: Cookbooks and

guides promoting small-scale local agriculture. Reported in U.S. 1,

April 9.

Patriot Media and Communications, 378 South Branch Road, Suite

104-107, Hillsborough 08844. Jim Holanda, president. 908-371-9700;

fax, 908-371-2179. Cable company, formerly RCN, moving to 100 Randolph

Road in Somerset in June. Reported in U.S. 1, March 19.

New in Town

Strateg-e, 379 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Building

2, Suite 5, Cranbury 08512. Freddi Silverman. 609-443-3500; fax,

609-443-4554. Home page: Public relations,

marketing, graphic design, business development, media consulting.

Reported in U.S. 1, May 21.

Yellow Book USA, 30 Vreeland Avenue, Building 30, Suite 5,

Skillman 08558. Ken Pizzico, manager. Staff size: 20. 609-613-5300;

fax, 609-613-5310. Home page: Business

advertising, covering Mercer, Somerset, and Hunterdon Counties.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 8.


Cherry Valley Studio, 121 York Drive, Princeton

08540. Li Wang. 609-688-9520. Home page: DVD entertainment services videotapes,

film, and slides transferred to DVD for photo albums, kids art,

weddings, and other special occasions. Reported in U.S. 1, December


Designs on DVD, 224 Cleveland Lane, Princeton 08540. Jim and

Tracy Leahy, owners. Staff size: 2. 732-438-8500; fax, 732-274-1846. VHS transfer to DVD and DVD production for

consumer and commercial market. Reported in U.S. 1, December 3.

Digital Photo Restoration, Box 2217, East Millstone 08875. Aruna

Mettler. 732-873-2772; fax, 732-873-4949. Photo restorations.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 5.

Ellsworth Kaye, 36 Pierson Avenue, Princeton 08540. D’Anne

Hotchkiss. 609-987-1013. Public relations. Reported in U.S. 1, June


Marketing 101, 743 Alexander Road, Suite 6, Princeton 08540.

David Hisbrook. 609-203-5727; fax, 609-520-1300. Marketing for small

businesses and start-ups. Reported in U.S. 1, April 16.

The Topspin Group, 214 Commons Way, Princeton 08540. Robert V.

Ryan, managing partner. Staff size: 10. 609-252-9515; fax,

609-252-9294. Full service marketing and

promotion agency. Reported in U.S. 1, March 26.


ADK Graphics, 2525 Route 130 South, Box 692,

Cranbury 08512. Drew Griffiths, production manager. Staff size: 5.

609-655-9132; fax, 609-395-5526. Home page: Full service commercial printer.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 3.

Africa World Press Inc., 541 West Ingham Avenue, Trenton 08638.

Kassahun Checole, publisher/president. Staff size: 12. 609-695-3200;

fax, 609-695-6466. Home page: Publisher

and distributor of books specializing in African and African American

issues, also Red Sea Press distribution company and publisher of

books in East Africa. Reported in U.S. 1, February 12.

FLOORgraphics Inc., 5 Vaughn Drive, Suite 200, Princeton 08540.

Richard Rebh, CEO. Staff size: 28. 609-514-0404; fax, 609-514-0204.

Home page: In-store advertising and

promotion through national network of 13,000 in-store locations, with

over 80 employees nationally. Reported in U.S. 1, July 2.

Opinion Research Corporation, 600 College Road, Fourth Floor,

Box 183, Princeton 08542. John Short, CEO and president. Staff size:

85. 908-281-5100; fax, 908-281-5103. Home page: Global measurement-based marketing

services firm with fact-based market intelligence, with 200 people in

the United States. Reported in U.S. 1, August 6.

Princeton Communications Group Inc., 112 Titus Mill Road,

Pennington 08534. Lawrence H. Krampf, chief executive officer. Staff

size: 33. 609-818-9800; fax, 609-818-9213. Home page: Advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion,

creative/design/editorial, public relations, and web services.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 10.

Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center, 133 Wall Street,

Princeton 08540. Terri Rossman, director. Staff size: 10.

609-924-7080; fax, 609-924-6563. Home page:

Consultation, evaluation, and treatment of communication disorders and

language-based learning disorders, year-round and summer programs for

toddlers through adults. Reported in U.S. 1, October 29.

Rosetta Marketing Strategies Group, 502 Carnegie Center, Suite

100, Princeton 08540. Christopher B. Kuenne, president. Staff size:

25. 609-750-0347; fax, 609-580-4044. Marketing consulting and

marketing strategy development based on high resolution segmentation.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 26.

Crosstown Moves

Creative Direct Princeton Partners, 100 Village

Boulevard, Suite 200, Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. Larry Trink,

president. 609-452-8500; fax, 609-452-7212. Home page: Direct mail, E-mail, advertising,

lead generation, customer relationship marketing independent agency

operating as direct marketing arm of Princeton Partners. Reported

in U.S. 1, April 9.

Lewis Kassel Photography, 35 East Broad Street, Hopewell 08525.

Staff size: 2. 609-466-0267; fax, 609-466-0328. Home page: Event and portrait photography with a candid

photojournalistic bent. Reported in U.S. 1, September 24.

Mazur Public Relations Inc., 2067 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square

Road, Box 2425, Trenton 08607. Michael Mazur, publicist. Staff size:

3. 609-890-4550; fax, 609-890-4556. Home page:

National and international media exposure for music, entertainment,

business, events, festivals, and culinary/food clients. Reported in

U.S. 1, November 19.

Richards and Speedy Studio, 53 Railroad Drive, Hopewell 08525.

Richard Speedy. Staff size: 4. 609-466-9669; fax, 609-333-0359.

Home page:, Commercial corporate

photography. Reported in U.S. 1, July 23.

Studio E Imaging, 243 North Union Street, Suite C 4,

Lambertville 08530. Dan Engongoro, owner. Staff size: 1. 609-773-0404;

fax, 609-773-0458. Home page: Commercial

studio shooting still life, product, food, people, both film and

digital, specialty in light painting. Reported in U.S. 1, February


White Hound Advertising, 234 Nassau Street, Princeton 08542.

Adam Ash, president. 609-921-0222; fax, 609-921-0292. Reported in

U.S. 1, September 17.

Young Medical Communications Group Inc., 109 South Main Street,

Cranbury 08512. George R. Young, president. Staff size: 4.

609-371-5085; fax, 609-371-5086. Publisher of journals for nurse

practitioners. Reported in U.S. 1, April 9.

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Cover Stories

Faridy Veisz Fraytak PC, 1515 Lower Ferry Road, Box

7371, Trenton 08628. John Veisz, president. Staff size: 52.

609-883-7101; fax, 609-883-2694. Planning and

design of public sector facilities, designer of the Conference Center

at Mercer. Reported in U.S. 1, January 8.

Michael Graves & Associates Inc., 341 Nassau Street, Princeton

08540. Karen Nichols AIA, managing principal. Staff size: 90.

609-924-6409; fax, 609-924-1795. Target

carries Graves’ designs for additions and garden pavilions.

Reported in U.S. 1, April 23.

New in Town

MaidPro, 501 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro 08536.

Janis Ketchmark. 609-243-0006; fax, 609-243-0008. Home page: Cleaning franchise. Reported in U.S. 1, October



ikon.5 architects, 864 Mapleton Road, Offices at

Mapleton Mills, Princeton 08540. Alan Chimacoff. Staff size: 5.

609-919-0099; fax, 609-919-0088. Home page: Former Hillier architects are designing

for colleges and universities. Reported in U.S. 1, October 29.

Crosstown Moves

A. Nelessen Associates, 49 Millstone River Road,

Belle Mead 08502. Anton C. Nelessen, president. Staff size: 4.

908-431-0104; fax, 908-431-0114. Home page:

Professional planning and urban design for communities and developers.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 12.


Mr. Handyman, 61 Princeton Hightstown Road, CDNJ

Plaza, Princeton Junction 08550. 609-799-2346. Reported in U.S. 1,

July 23.

Stein Construction, 61 Princeton Hightstown Road, CDNJ Plaza,

Princeton Junction 08550. Scott Stein, owner. Staff size: 8.

609-799-7977; fax, 609-799-7743. Home page: Construction management and general

contracting. Reported in U.S. 1, July 23.

Contracts Awarded

Cody Eckert & Associates PA, 191 Clarksville Road,

Princeton Junction 08550. Cody Eckert, principal. Staff size: 8.

609-716-8500; fax, 609-716-8686. Designer of East Windsor Senior

Center. Reported in U.S. 1, September 17.

SPR+J Associates, 549 Route 130, East Windsor 08520. Richard

Schroeder, principal, AIA. Staff size: 8. 609-443-4031; fax,

609-443-5277. Designer of 8A Corporate Center. Reported in U.S. 1,

April 23.

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Cover Stories

ALK Technologies, 1000 Herrontown Road, Princeton

08540. Ted Annis, senior marketing manager. Staff size: 50.

609-252-8197; fax, 609-252-8166. Home page:,

Developer of GPS navigation, route guidance, and mobile E-commerce

solutions to assist road travelers, part of ALK Technologies.

Reported in U.S. 1, December 3.

Niche USA LLC, Box 147, Princeton 08542. Wei-hsing Wang, owner.

Staff size: 4. 609-688-9364; fax, 609-688-3470. Home page: Educational software for using the web in an safe

way. Reported in U.S. 1, January 15.

Feature Stories

BAMnet Corporation, 2673a Whitehorse Hamilton

Square Road, Hamilton 08690. David L. Sobin, CEO. Staff size: 6.

609-631-8356; fax, 609-631-8457. Home page:

Internet access for rural America and travelers with per-minute fee,

using 800 number accessible in continental United States, part of

Internet roundup, U.S. 1, August 6.

Connotate Technologies, 303 George Street, New Brunswick 08901.

Christian Giarretta, operations director. Staff size: 10.

732-296-8844; fax, 732-296-0330. Home page:

Software for datamining Internet applications tagging content items

with delivery scheduled to a wireless device. Part of Internet

roundup, U.S. 1, August 6.

Viocare Technologies Inc./Princeton Multimedia Technologies, 145

Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08542. Rick Weiss, president. Staff

size: 6. 609-497-4600; fax, 609-497-0660. Home page: Health and nutrition software, including packages

for research nutritionists, U.S. 1, August 6.

New in Town

Corigin Inc., 100 Overlook Center, Second Floor,

Princeton 08540. Eladio Alvarez, president, N.A. operations. Staff

size: 4. 609-375-2440; fax, 609-375-2740. Home page: Mainframe access software products open system

retrieval solution, based in Israel. Reported in U.S. 1, October


Dynamic Strategies Inc., 110 Melrich Road, Cranbury 08512. Joe

Infante, managing partner. Staff size: 36. 888-777-9733; fax,

609-655-1708. Networking, security,

help desk services, and tech support, working on-site at Rhodia.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 27.

Interactions LLC, 4 Princess Road, Building 200, Suite 205,

Lawrenceville 08648. Michael Cloran, CEO. Staff size: 4. 609-658-8020;

fax, 609-637-9762. Software tools for

customer contact center industry. Reported in U.S. 1, August 13.

NewAge Systems Inc., 5 Vaughn Drive, Suite 310, Princeton 08540.

Limy John, president and CEO. Staff size: 11. 609-919-9800; fax,

609-919-9830. IT solutions and systems.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 5.

22nd Century Technologies Inc., 186 Princeton-Hightstown Road,

Building 3A, Princeton Junction 08550. Kulpreet Singh, technical

recruiter. 609-799-1030; fax, 609-799-1031. Home page: IT staffing. Reported in U.S. 1, August



Areyan Technologies LLC, Box 411, Plainsboro 08536.

Arsen Areyan, partner. Staff size: 2. 609-799-7997; fax, 609-799-4576.

Home page: Telephone-based support

services, help desk for software and hardware problems for home and

business users. Reported in U.S. 1, April 30.

Digital Providers, 29 Airpark Road, Princeton 08540. Steve

Klenert, account manager. Staff size: 3. 646-486-9829; fax,

609-921-6204. Home page: Broadband

Internet service, full or fractional T-1 lines, DSL, short-term high

speed Internet, burstable or fixed-pipe bandwidth. Reported in U.S.

1, August 6.

Emcom Systems, 2450 Kuser Road, Suite E, Hamilton Square 08690.

Ron Keppel, owner. Staff size: 1. 609-584-7817; fax, 609-584-7723.

Technology integration in the communication area. Reported in U.S.

1, February 26.

ICM IT Consulting and Training, 55 Marion East, Princeton 08540.

I-Chen Mei. 609-252-1703; fax, 609-252-1703. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1, June 18.

Postdocme Corporation, 29 Emmons Drive, Suite F 40, Princeton

08540. Hussain Sheriff, director. Staff size: 3. 609-689-3664; fax,

609-520-0535. Home page: Custom web

development for small business, web-based marketing. Reported in

U.S. 1, February 26.

Princeton Payment Solutions, 501 Forrestal Road, Suite 324,

Princeton 08540. Kevin McGuire, general manager. 609-919-0700; fax,

609-720-1188. Home page: Value-added

reseller of Trintech electronic commerce software. Reported in U.S.

1, June 25.

Quakerbridge Computer Center, 4044 Quakerbridge Road,

Lawrenceville 08619. Bob DiMaggio, manager. 609-588-4442; fax,

609-588-4446. Home page: IBM compatibles.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 5.

Simple Solve Inc., 600 Alexander Road, Princeton 08540. Antony

Xavier, president. Staff size: 3. 609-452-2323; fax, 609-452-2314.

Home page: Fixed asset system software

called Simplex. Reported in U.S. 1, August 13.

Strasz Computer Consulting Inc., 316 Commons Way, Montgomery

Commons, Princeton 08540. Frank Strasz, president. Staff size: 15.

609-252-1711; fax, 609-252-1751. Custom computer software development

for the financial, telecommunications, and computer-based testing

industries. Reported in U.S. 1, February 26.

WSI Internet Consulting and Education, 28 Drewe Court,

Lawrenceville 08648. S.R. Mani Maran. 609-890-4242; fax, 609-890-4377.

Home page: Internet solutions,

particularly for retail. Reported in U.S. 1, November 12. (Also

see another WSI franchise under Management Consulting).


ABC Computers, Princeton-Hightstown Road,

Southfield Shopping Center, West Windsor. Evan Rector. 609-799-8525;

fax, 609-799-8523. Computer sales and

service. Reported in U.S. 1, October 8.

Aereon Solutions, 116 Village Boulevard, Suite 201, Princeton

Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. Nigel Gardner. Staff size: 10.

609-524-4030; fax, 609-524-4031. Home page: Wireless devices and optimization of

service processes. Reported in U.S. 1, February 12.

Amtech Business Systems, 2667 Nottingham Way, Mercerville 08619.

Maria Valente, president. Staff size: 5. 609-689-9919; fax,

609-689-9929. Home page: Networking, service,

computer repair, also with an office in Manhattan. Reported in U.S.

1, February 12.

Blue Star Infotech America Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite

1116, Plainsboro 08536. Sanjeev Sethi. 609-799-5454; fax,

212-412-9009. Home page: Software consultancy and

design and development services headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 26.

Corbeau Technologies, 1009 Lenox Drive, Building Four, Suite

107, Lawrenceville 08648. Tyler McWhorter. 609-896-1500; fax,

609-896-1525. Home page: Customized

applications and architecture for businesses, focusing on the travel

and financial industries. Reported in U.S. 1, September 3., 145 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08542. Derek

Smith, president. 609-921-1188. Home page:

Technology consulting for emerging organizations, free monthly

electronic newsletter on business use of technology. Reported in

U.S. 1, April 30.

Gear 3 Technologies LLC, 470 Wall Street, Research Park,

Princeton 08540. Bill Mavracic. Staff size: 6. 609-252-1155; fax,

609-252-9660. Home page: High speed Internet

Service Provider, technical services, web hosting. Reported in U.S.

1, July 23.

ICG Inc., 100 Canal Pointe Boulevard, Suite 216, Box 3599,

Princeton 08543. Kevin E. Leininger, president. Staff size: 25.

609-806-5000; fax, 609-806-5001. Home page:

Information security threat management solutions. Reported in U.S.

1, November 19.

Interlace Corporation, 5 Independence Way, Suite 300, Princeton

08540. Yaron Inbar, president. 609-520-0022; fax, 609-520-0044.

Home page: Rapid automation of electronic

business transactions through open-technology applications and

platforms. Reported in U.S. 1, May 7.

Mextras Associates, 2450 Kuser Road, Hamilton Square 08690.

Richard Mextras. 609-818-9143; fax, 609-584-7723. Real-time financial

news distribution and embedded systems. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 26.

Optima Global Solutions Inc., 3705 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 202,

Hamilton 08619. Mahesh Yadav. Staff size: 2. 609-586-8811; fax,

609-586-8825, IT staffing, also onsite, offsite, and offshore software

development and maintenance services. Reported in U.S. 1, June


Patni Computer Systems Ltd./Data Conversion Inc., 4390 Route 1,

Suite 220, Princeton 08540. Prasanna Satpathy, regional director.

Staff size: 10. 609-580-0011; fax, 609-580-0017.

Software consulting, services, off-shore development, E-commerce,

support and maintenance of applications, engineering data conversion,

CAD, CAM, CAE services. Reported in U.S. 1, February 26.

Restricted Stock Systems Inc., 412 Wall Street, Princeton 08540.

Greg Besner, CEO. Staff size: 19. 609-430-7400; fax, 609-430-7500.

Home page: Software applications that automate

restricted stock equity transactions, licensed to financial services

organizations and public organizations. Reported in U.S. 1, October


SimX Corporation, 510 Route 130, Suite 15, East Windsor 08520.

Vladimir Bernstein, software engineer. Staff size: 10. 609-371-8495;

fax, 609-371-5324. Software developing and

consulting, with tools for speedier and easier programming.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 24.

Spire Systems Inc., 112 Commons Way, Princeton 08540. Jason Lee

Harding, accounts manager. Staff size: 2. 609-252-9165; fax,

609-252-9121. Home page: Project management,

E-commerce services, data base planning, system administrators, and

network architects, based in Burlingame, California. Reported in

U.S. 1, February 26.

SysFour Solutions LLC, 3086 Route 27, Suite 11, Kendall Park

08824. Mike Zalepa, president. Staff size: 10. 732-940-8770; fax,

732-940-8780. Home page: Consulting

firm providing information technology services, focusing on

telecommunications. Reported in U.S. 1, February 26.

Contracts Awarded

Chatham Township Data Corp. (CTDATA), 148 Wyndmoor

Drive, Box 1057, East Windsor 08520. Dave Aiello, president. Staff

size: 3. 609-918-9650; fax, 609-918-9681. Home page: Internet applications web publishing and

E-commerce systems for corporations and nonprofits, also UNIX, Linux,

and Windows integration. Reported in U.S. 1, November 26.

Fidelia Technology Inc., 300 Alexander Park, Suite 205,

Princeton 08543. Vikas Aggarwal, CTO and founder. 609-452-2225; fax,

609-452-2662. Home page: NetVigil software for

locating and identifying problems on data networks and Internet sites.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 26.

Maptext, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1025, Plainsboro 08536.

Herbert Freeman, president. Staff size: 10. 609-716-7552; fax,

609-716-7553. Software for cartographic

labeling. Reported in U.S. 1, October 22.

Mikros Systems Corp., 707 Alexander Road, Building 2, Suite 208,

Box 7189, Princeton 08543. Trish Kapp, secretary treasurer. Staff

size: 5. 609-987-1513; fax, 609-987-8114. Computer research and

development. Reported in U.S. 1, August 27.

Princeton eCom Corporation, 650 College Road East, Princeton

08540. Craig Kirsch, CEO. Staff size: 178. 609-606-3000; fax,

609-606-3297. Remote banking, processing

electronic payments for bank clients. Reported in U.S. 1, September


Voxware Inc., 168 Franklin Corner Road, Suite 3, Lawrenceville

08648. Staff size: 6. 609-514-4100; fax, 609-514-4101. Home page: Provider of integrated voice-based solutions for

distribution and logistics operations. Reported in U.S. 1, May


Crosstown Moves

RWD Technologies, 214 Carnegie Center, Suite 106,

Princeton 08540. Peter Watson, director of center of pharmaceutical

excellence. Staff size: 15. 609-734-0600; fax, 609-419-3780. Home

page: Software support for manufacturing and

industrial applications, client/server applications on major platforms

and desktop applications, performance improvement in complex technical

environments. Reported in U.S. 1, September 3.

Broadbeam Corp. (former Nettech Systems), 2540 Route 130, Suite

116, Cranbury 08512. Janet L. Boudris, CEO. Staff size: 43.

609-655-3737; fax, 609-655-1282. Home page:

Middleware software development, particularly wireless communications,

with offices in Boston, Dallas, and London. Reported in U.S. 1,

January 8.

Business Management International Inc. (BMI), 1350 Broadway, New

York 10018. Staff size: 20. 212-643-9530; fax, 609-655-5882. E-commerce/business computer consultants and

solution provider, eight offices. Reported in U.S. 1, July 16.

Keane Care Computer Systems, 36 Washington Road, Princeton

Junction 08550. Staff size: 3. 609-750-5260; fax, 609-750-5287. Sales,

installation, and training for proprietary software for nursing homes,

moved to larger Keane installation. Reported in U.S. 1, April 9.

OM Solutions, 415 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Radhey Gupta,

owner. Staff size: 5. 609-683-0060; fax, 609-683-0071. Home page: Computer hardware and software sales and

service, virus protection and removal, data recovery, repairs, web

design/hosting, networking, training. Reported in U.S. 1, September


Regal Computer Systems Inc., 145 Witherspoon Street, Princeton

08542. Ashwin Reddy, business manager. Staff size: 3. 609-921-7676;

fax, 609-921-8166. Home page: Software

consulting. Reported in U.S. 1, March 5.

Sistematica, 80 Henderson Road, Box 5235, Kendall Park 08824.

Debbie Aguiar-Velez, president. Staff size: 6. 732-398-1000; fax,

732-422-4676. Home page: Bilingual computer

training, computer sales & service, a division of Sistemas Inc..

Reported in U.S. 1, February 26.

3rd Floor Communications LLC, Box 1375, Hightstown 08520. Art

Wilton, CEO. Staff size: 5. 609-716-9444; fax, 609-716-9442. Home

page: Data communications services for small to

mid-size businesses. Reported in U.S. 1, August 20.

Zeno Marketing Communications, 7 Whitney Place, Princeton

Junction 08550. Nosh Nalavala, president. Staff size: 6. 609-716-1296;

fax, 609-716-1297. Home page: Specializing in

travel marketing. Reported in U.S. 1, September 3.

Stock News

Dataram Corp., 186 Princeton-Hightstown Road,

Windsor Business Park, Building 2-A, Box 7528, Princeton 08543. Robert

V. Tarantino, president and CEO. Staff size: 62. 609-799-0071; fax,

609-936-1369. Home page: Global headquarters,

developer, manufacturer, and marketer of computer memory and storage

products, 140 employees overall. Reported in U.S. 1, April 30.

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New in Town

So-Deep Inc., 1572 Route 130, North Brunswick

08902. 732-422-4141. Surveys for underground utilities. Reported in

U.S. 1, October 8.

TDK Systems Group Inc., 2277 Route 33, Suite 410, Hamilton

Square 08690. Karen S. Dieterly, president and CEO. Staff size: 6.

609-890-0700; fax, 609-890-7766.,

Systems engineering and integration for buildings, security consulting

including smart card readers, project management. Reported in U.S.

1, February 5.

Contracts Awarded

Taylor, Wiseman & Taylor, 2007 Eastpark Boulevard,

Eastpark at Exit 8A, Cranbury 08512. Gary Vecchio PE, regional

manager. Staff size: 25. 609-655-9525; fax, 609-655-4656. Home

page: Civil engineering and surveying, global

positioning contract for the state. 856-235-7200. Reported in U.S.

1, June 25.

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WindsorTech Inc., 70 Lake Drive, Hightstown 08520.

Marc Sherman, CEO. 609-426-4666; fax, 609-426-4543. Home page: Electronics equipment recycling and

remarketing, also data security. Reported in U.S. 1, September



Quantum Management Group Inc., 2365 A Route 33,

Robbinsville 08691. Gail Helfrick, principal. Staff size: 4.

609-259-4091; fax, 609-259-4092. Home page:

Project management for environmental liabilities acquisitions,

divestitures, decontamination, contract management, ISRA, Superfund,

and petroleum retail facilities. Reported in U.S. 1, March 12.

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Food Service


Global Reliance Inc., 12 Roszel Road, Suite A-202,

Princeton 08540. Sanjiv Kakar, director. Staff size: 3. 609-520-9779;

fax, 815-327-1411. Home page:

Distributors of frozen and canned mushrooms, gourmet potatoes, and

exotic ethnic vegetables for the Indian market in the U.S., Canada,

and Europe. Reported in U.S. 1, October 15.


Cover Story

Tabby’s Place, 1100 Route 202, Ringoes 08551.

Jonathan Rosenberg, president. Staff size: 6. 908-237-5300; fax,

908-237-5311. A private cat shelter.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 8.

New in Town

Verto Institute, 303B College Road East, Princeton

08540. Evan Vosburgh, vice president. Staff size: 5. 609-419-9000,

Research on neuro-endocrine cancer. Reported in U.S. 1, August


Crosstown Moves

Princeton Area Community Foundation, 15 Princess

Road, Suite A, Lawrence 08648. Nancy W. Kieling, executive director.

Staff size: 5. 609-219-1800; fax, 609-219-1850.

Promotion of philanthropy, charitable giving expertise, grants to

local nonprofit organizations and schools. Reported in U.S. 1,

October 15.

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Cover Story

Battelle Ventures LP, 303 Carnegie Center, Suite

200, Princeton 08540. Mort Collins, partner. Staff size: 6.

609-921-8896; fax, 609-921-8703. Home page: Venture capitalist firm with $150 million

to commercialize technologies from the U.S. Department of Energy

National Laboratories. Reported in U.S. 1, November 12.

ExpertPlan, 50 Millstone Road, Windsor Corporate Park 400, Suite

100, Cranbury 08512. Tim O’Brien, CEO. Staff size: 20. 609-918-2500;

fax, 609-918-1328. Web-based application

service provider for Internet-based retirement planning services.

Reported in U.S. 1, December 10.

Fidelity Investments, 3518 Route 1 North, Princeton 08540.

Robert Taylor, branch manager. Staff size: 11. 609-716-8156; fax,

609-716-1821. Home page: New branch.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 10.

Grand Bank, 4287 Route 1 South, Monmouth Junction 08852. Richard

C. Rosa, branch manager. Staff size: 10. 609-514-3900; fax,

609-514-9330, formerly Grand Bank NA. Reported in U.S. 1, December


Interpool, 211 College Road East, Princeton 08540. Martin

Tuchman, chairman and CEO. Staff size: 100. 609-452-8900; fax,

609-452-8211. Home page: Chassis pool

management, chassis & container leasing systems. Part of Helping Hands

feature in U.S. 1, December 17.

TIAA-CREF, 155 Village Boulevard, Princeton Forrestal Village,

Suite A, Princeton 08540. Peter Ippolito, assistant vice president.

Staff size: 10. 609-243-6000; fax, 609-720-1327. New regional office for national financial

services organization, including pensions for education and research

employees. Reported in U.S. 1, December 10.

New in Town

Drury Capital Inc., 47 Hulfish Street, Suite 340,

Princeton 08542. 609-252-1230; fax, 609-252-1240. Home page: Asset management firm. Reported in U.S. 1,

September 17.

Intrepid Capital Management, 22231 Heather Drive, West Windsor

08550. Joseph Rumley, regional marketing director. 609-936-1306; fax,

609-936-1307. Home page: Portfolio

management, wholesale and retail, for pension plans and high net worth

individuals, headquartered in Jacksonville. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 12.

Savoy Associates, 4 AAA Drive, Suite 205, Hamilton 08691. Joe

Torella, vice president, sales and marketing. 609-584-8112; fax,

609-584-8142. Home Reported in

U.S. 1, August 20.

United Teletech Federal Credit Union, 2201 Route 1 South, North

Brunswick 08902. Peggy Walters, branch manager. 732-530-8100; fax,

732-530-2027. Reported in U.S. 1, April



Marcus Hinz Management Company, 2312 Mercerville

Road, Suite 206, Hamilton 08619. Marcus J. Hinz MBA, financial

services executive. 609-631-9102; fax, 609-631-9979. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1, December 3.

Pro:act Financial Services, 18 North Main Street, Pennington

08534. Scott R. Carpenter. 609-730-1100; fax, 609-730-1415. Home

page: focusing on professional athletes,

actors, and entertainers. Reported in U.S. 1, February 12.

Crosstown Moves

AXA Advisors LLC, 214 Carnegie Center, Suite 110,

Princeton 08540. Michael A. Cano, vice president. Staff size: 25.

609-514-4712; fax, 609-514-4739. Home page: Wealth protection, asset

management, financial and estate planning to individuals and business

through customized strategies based on client goals. Reported in

U.S. 1, April 9.

The Hermes Group LLP, 1 Palmer Square, Suite 330, Princeton

08540. Mark I. Massad, senior partner. Staff size: 15. 609-924-7200;

fax, 609-924-7250. Home page: certified

public accountants, formerly Kelly Massad. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 12.


Alternative Financial Concepts Inc., 16 Wall

Street, Second Floor, Princeton 08540. Frank Cunder, president. Staff

size: 1. 609-683-0781; fax, 609-683-0782. Actuarial and pension

consulting design, installation, administration, and termination of

pension and profit sharing plans. Reported in U.S. 1, March 12.

Arlington Capital Mortgage Corporation, 33 Witherspoon Street,

Princeton 08542. Stephen S. Thompson, regional manager. Staff size:

17. 609-921-3131; fax, 609-921-8558. Home page: Residential and commercial mortgages.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 13.

Ballezzi & Associates PC, 2223 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville

08648. Enrico J. Ballezzi CPA/CFP, president. Staff size: 6.

609-392-1900; fax, 609-392-1974. Home page:

Accounting and financial planning, also web-based outsource

accounting, adding a new office. Reported in U.S. 1, March 5.

Care Capital LLC, 47 Hulfish Street, Suite 310, Princeton 08540.

Jan Leschly, chairman/CEO. Staff size: 8. 609-683-8300; fax,

609-683-5787. Home page: Life-sciences

investment fund. Reported in U.S. 1, February 12.

Coface North America, 50 Millstone Road, Windsor Corporate Park,

Building 100, Suite 360, East Windsor 08520. Mike Ferrante, president.

Staff size: 60. 609-469-0400; fax, 609-490-1581. Home page: Global provider of insurance products and

services. Reported in U.S. 1, September 24.

Credit Union of New Jersey, 7 Dunmore Avenue, Ewing 08618.

Andrew L. Jaeger, president/CEO. Staff size: 32. 609-538-4061; fax,

609-538-4057. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1,

August 13.

J.H. Cohn LLP, 997 Lenox Drive, Building Three, Suite 102,

Lawrenceville 08648. Michael S. Goodman, partner-in-charge. Staff

size: 36. 609-896-1221; fax, 609-896-1288. Practice oriented toward

closely held, family owned businesses. Reported in U.S. 1, April


Lear & Pannepacker CPAs, 791 Alexander Road, Princeton 08540.

Eric Robert Lear, managing partner. Staff size: 10. 609-683-0233; fax,

609-683-7960, certified public accountants. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 19.

Levenson & Associates LLC, 1230 Parkway Avenue, Parkway

Corporate Center, Suite 301, Ewing 08628. Hal Levenson, president.

Staff size: 11. 609-882-4171; fax, 609-883-4090. Business & management

advisory services, tax planning & preparation, financial & estate

planning, computer system implementation, forensic & litigation

support. Reported in U.S. 1, August 20.

Tony Li & Associates CPAs PC, 194 Tamarack Circle, Skillman

08558. Tony Li CPA MBA. 609-252-1878; fax, 609-252-1877. Home page: Focus on small to medium-sized businesses.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 19.

M&T Mortgage Corporation, 230 Nassau Street, 2nd Floor,

Princeton 08542. Keith Barclay, sales manager. Staff size: 4.

609-688-1662; fax, 609-688-1664. Residential mortgage company,

specialty in construction loans and rehab loans, also refinancing.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 8.

Marshall & Swift/Boekh or Valuation Data Warehouse (VDW), 505

Lawrence Square Boulevard South, MS/B Plaza, Lawrenceville 08648. Lori

K. Emmett, vice president teleservices. 609-689-9366; fax,

609-689-6700. Home page: Call center,

contacting insureds on behalf of their insurance companies; and

inspection services for the insurance industry. Reported in U.S. 1,

March 12.

Ben Shylit CPA, 4105 Route 1 South, Suite 16, Monmouth Junction

08852. Staff size: 5. 732-329-8880; fax, 732-329-6852, Audit of

personal taxes, business taxes, financial planning and estate

planning. Reported in U.S. 1, March 12.

StatementOne, 1009 Lenox Drive, Suite 103, Lawrenceville 08648.

Gregory Pacholski, CEO. Staff size: 40. 609-620-5800; fax,

609-620-5801. Home page: Web-based

platform for delivering consolidated financial statements and

performance reporting to financial advisors and their clients.

Reported in U.S. 1, November 26.

Web 401K, 300 Alexander Park, Suite 203, Princeton 08540. Dan

Klein, president/CEO. Staff size: 12. 609-275-2909; fax, 609-275-8887.

Home page: Administration of pension funds.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 12.

WithumSmith+Brown, 5 Vaughn Drive, Princeton 08540. Leonard H.

Smith CPA, shareholder in charge. Staff size: 45. 609-520-1188; fax,

609-520-9882. Headquarters of firm with 180

accounting, audit, tax, technology and consulting professionals in

seven offices. Reported in U.S. 1, November 26.

Yardville National Bancorp, 4556 South Broad Street, Box 8487,

Trenton 08650. Patrick M. Ryan, president and CEO. Staff size: 150.

609-581-2809; fax, 609-584-5984. Home page: 21

branches in Yardville, Hamilton, Mercerville, Ewing, East Windsor,

Bordentown, Lawrence, Pennington, Trenton, West Trenton, and Bucks

County. Reported in U.S. 1, September 10.

Management Moves

Bollinger Inc., 437 Wall Street, Princeton 08540.

Barbara M. Spalding, senior vice president. Staff size: 7.

888-452-2200; fax, 609-497-1274. Home Page: A full service independent insurance

agency property/casualty insurance and employee benefits coverage;

custom design employee benefits web sites; insurance programs for

emergency services organizations, amateur sports, and golf and country

clubs. Reported in U.S. 1, February 12.

Contracts Awarded

NJTC Venture Fund, 1001 Briggs Road, Suite 280,

Mount Laurel 08054. Jim Gunton, general partner. 856-273-6800; fax.

Home page: Early stage venture fund focusing on

technology investments in the New Jersey region, including EpiGenesis.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 10.

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