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Corrections or additions?

These listings were prepared for the January 25, 2006 issue of U.S. 1

Newspaper. They refer to articles in the "Search Our Archive" section

at Search by year, month, and issue. Most of

the articles are in Life in the Fast Lane, but some are in Survival

Guide. A correction in staff size for Business Crossing was made on

January 1, 2007.

Because the list is organized by business type, you can use it as a

microcosm of the activity in the central New Jersey business

community. Draw from it when you write a business plan, or when you

make career decisions. If a firm expanded or moved here last year,

that might be the right place to apply for a job.

Most of these listings will appear in the U.S. 1 Business Directory

for 2006-2007. Should you find an inaccuracy please let us know,


Progress Edition: the 2005 report

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Computer-Related Businesses

New in Town

Akshay Software International Inc., 103 Carnegie

Center, Suite 208, Princeton 08540. C.V. Anant, president. Staff

size: 25. 609-750-1995; fax, 609-750-8595. Global

firm with banking solutions (SWIFT implementation, anti-money

laundering, treasury management), IT

technology and consulting, back-office accounting and business process

outside. Reported in U.S. 1, June 1.

GB Tech Inc., 55 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Suite

109, Princeton Junction 08550. Ramesh Mallepalli, president and CEO.

609-750-9001; fax, 609-750-9003. IT consulting,

recruiting, systems integration, offshore outsourcing. Reported in

U.S. 1, November 30.

Infinite Computer Solutions Inc., 3371 Brunswick

Pike, Suite 116, Lawrenceville 08648. Raghu Rajagopal, senior

manager – business development. 609-716-8600; fax,

609-716-8160. Datawarehousing,

middleware development, and web-enablement of legacy applications to

the telecom, finance, and healthcare industries. Reported in U.S.

1, November 2.

Integrated Global Systems, 3371 Route 1, Lawrence

Commons, Suite 203, Lawrenceville 08648. Kondal Anumula, technical

recruiter. Staff size: 10. 609-662-0156; fax, 609-624-4171. Home

page: Consulting. Reported in U.S. 1,

October 26.

Iron Mountain, 26 South Middlesex Avenue, Center

Point at 8A, Jamesburg 08831. Staff size: 10. 732-651-2800; fax,

732-651-2855. storage solutions,

800-FASTFILE. Reported in U.S. 1, May 4.

Spyrus, 11 Deer Park Drive, Suite 121, Monmouth

Junction 08852. Staff size: 1. 732-329-6006; fax, 732-329-6211. Field office for public key and encryption security

products — software and hardware. Reported in U.S. 1, November


The Digital Group, 155 Village Boulevard, Suite B,

Princeton 08540. Ritu Jaikrishnan, president.609-524-2462; fax,

609-987-8893. Information technology.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 2.


Datalisk Technologies LLC, 65 Berkshire Court,

Hillsborough 08844. Gary Parks. 866-861-2897; fax, 908-359-7333. Reported in U.S. 1, June 8.

Hermes Technology, 339 Princeton-Hightstown Road,

Cranbury 08512. Shrilata Ganna, president. Staff size: 8.

609-632-0075; fax, 609-543-1120.

Software consulting, with offshore development office in Hyderabad.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 23.

Intuitif Solutions, 2117 Route 33, Lexington Square

Commons, Hamilton Square 08690. Claudia Fields. Staff size: 7.

609-689-9300; fax, 609-689-4600.

Technology consulting firm with a focus

on life sciences. Reported in U.S. 1, February 23.

Primafore Inc., 3371 Route 1 South, Lawrence Commons,

Lawrenceville 08648. Monish Jain, president. Staff size: 3.

609-598-4658; fax, 609-716-7331.

also in Gujarat. Reported in U.S. 1, August 24.

Redeye Inc., 5835 South Broad Street, Hamilton

08620. Ed Wenzel. Staff size: 1. 732-475-2717; fax, 732-475-2716. networking, security, disaster

recover, servers, desktops, workstations, custom software, Microsoft

Small Business Specialist. Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.


Accurate Softwares International Inc., 196

Princeton-Hightstown Road, Building 1, Suite 11, West Windsor 08550.

Ravinder PS Saini, president. Staff size: 5. 609-750-7100; fax,


Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.

Bramha Infotech, 3371 Route 1, Lawrence Commons,

Suite 117, Lawrenceville 08648. Nicky Kedia. Staff size: 12.

609-275-6200; fax, 609-275-6230. Part of

Software Art Corporation.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 28.

Business Crossing LLC, 3490 Route 1, 15B, Princeton

08543. Keith Shroff, owner. Staff size: 15. 609-452-5199; fax,

609-452-5198. Technology

solutions for businesses — web design, E-commerce, database and

software development. Reported in U.S. 1, November 2.

Clique Communications, 205 Rockingham Row,

Princeton 08540. Simon Tidnam, marketing director.

609-466-1444; fax, 609-466-9724.

Video tools for marketing and communications, due to move to 202

Rockingham Row. Reported in U.S. 1, February 2.

Computer Renaissance, 2235 Route 1 South, Commerce

Center, North Brunswick 08902. Len Fullwood, owner. Staff size: 5.

732-821-5800; fax. Retail

store with computer service. Reported in U.S. 1, August 10.

eZe Systems Inc., 4390 Route 1 North, Suite 290,

Princeton 08540. K.R. Shibu, vice president. Staff size: 7.

609-720-9100; fax, 501-639-7311.

consulting for application development, maintenance, and support.

Reported in U.S. 1, February 16.

Information Automation Corp. (IAC), 68 South Main

Street, First Floor, Cranbury 08512. Antoine Elghossain. Staff

size: 8. 609-409-0550; fax, 609-409-7440. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.

Infragistics Inc., 50 Millstone Road, Building 200,

Windsor Corporate Park, Suite 150, East Windsor 08520. Dean Guida,

president & CEO. Staff size: 70. 609-448-2000; fax, 609-448-2017. Computer software developer and

seller.NET, ActiveX & JavaBeans components, consulting, formerly

ProtoView Development, also training. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Interactions LLC, 4 Princess Road, Building 200,

Suite 207, Lawrenceville 08648. Michael Cloran, CEO. Staff size: 4.

609-658-8020; fax, 609-637-9762. Home page: Software tools for customer contact center

industry. Reported in U.S. 1, March 2.

Internet Venture Group LLC, 295 Princeton-Hightstown

Road, Suite 11-236, West Windsor 08550. Greg Harris, president.

Staff size: 6. 888-256-0982; fax, 888-925-7366. Home page: Safe and secure E-mail for children. Reported

in U.S. 1, March 16.

Lorven Technologies Inc., 55 Princeton-Hightstown

Road, Suite 108, Princeton Junction 08550. Bala Shan, president &

CEO. 609-918-9607; fax, 609-918-9608. Home page: Software IT consulting. Reported in U.S. 1,

December 14.

Masterex Technologies Inc., 379 Princeton-Hightstown

Road, Building 1, Cranbury 08512. Radjeev Chadha, founder, CEO.

Staff size: 6. 609-371-3712; fax, 206-203-4270. Home page: Technology consulting services. Reported

in U.S. 1, February 23.

MCS Global Incorporated, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite

525, Plainsboro 08536. Sashidhar Yendamuri, director sales. Staff

size: 4. 609-936-0909; fax, 609-936-0930. Home page: Systems consultants for pharmaceutical,

healthcare, banking, and other financial companies, an advanced

business partner with IBM. Reported in U.S. 1, March 2.

Mercadien Technologies, 3625 Quakerbridge Road, Box

7648, Princeton 08543. Blaise Salvatore, president. Staff size: 19.

609-689-2345; fax, 609-689-9720.

Strategic planning, implementation, network support,

business process automation, software research & development.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 7.

Pennington Computer School / Computers & Kids Camp,

23 Railroad Place, Pennington 08534. Eva L. Kaplan, director.

Staff size: 2. 609-730-0746; fax. Home page: Individual computer training for the

complete beginner to the advanced professional, NT Administration and

A+ certification courses, professional development credits for

educators, on-site installations and training, summer camp at

Forrestal Village. Reported in U.S. 1, August 10., 100 Canal Pointe Boulevard,

Suite 204, Princeton 08540. Ranjan Wijesinghe. Staff

size: 10. 609-720-0300; fax, 609-720-0505. Home page: Retail E-commerce, also Internet consulting and

hosting with WindsorNet. Reported in U.S. 1, March 2.

Tangible Value LLC, 400 Wall Street, Princeton

08540. Ed Soesman. Staff size: 15. 609-497-0693; fax, 609-497-1266. Software for financial

services. Reported in U.S. 1, September 28.

Crosstown Moves

Computer Vision Technology Inc., 448 Whitehead Road,

Building 3, Hamilton 08619. Rich Garton, president. Staff size: 6.

609-584-8484; fax, 609-584-1902.

Computer repair and sales, monitors, computers, printers, notebooks

and projectors. Reported in U.S. 1, June 29.

Decitech Services, 34 Gervin Road, Lawrenceville

08648. Johann F. Lee, president. 609-273-5306; fax,

609-613-5184. IT services,

networking, point of sales systems, practice management systems for

medical offices, also remote backup service. Reported in U.S. 1,

March 2.

Quantiva Inc., 650 College Road East, Suite 1100,

Princeton 08540. Al Fink, president and CEO. Staff size: 15.

609-514-9540; fax, 609-514-8505.

Performance management systems for Internet businesses — wide area

network management services. Reported in U.S. 1, February 2.

Management Moves

Compliance & Ethics Learning Solutions DBA Midi Inc.,

100 Thanet Circle, Suite 301, Princeton 08540. Elizabeth

Tomaszewicz, president & CEO. Staff size: 48. 609-924-4817; fax,

609-924-9207. Internet-based

compliance training, off the shelf and custom interactive multimedia

applications, including compliance and human resources training

programs, "Eye on Integrity" with 31 titles available for online

delivery, Reported in U.S. 1, March 30.

Princeton eCom Corporation, 650 College Road East,

Princeton 08540. Ronald W. Averett, CEO. Staff size: 145.

609-606-3000; fax, 609-606-3297. Remote

banking, processing electronic

payments for bank clients, 800-PAY-BILL. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Contracts Awarded

Broadbeam Corp. (former Nettech Systems), 2540 Route

130, Suite 116, Cranbury 08512. Janet L. Boudris, CEO. Staff size:

43. 609-655-3737; fax, 609-655-1282. Home page: Middleware software development, particularly

wireless communications, with offices in Boston, Dallas, and London.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 31.

Computer Associates, Route 206 and Orchard Road,

Box 8, Princeton 08543. Thomas Appel, facilities manager. Staff size:

275. 908-874-9000; fax, 908-874-9420.

Computer software supplier for business, government, research and

educational organizations, and E-business, based on Long Island.

Reported in U.S. 1, May 4.

iXP Corp., 989 Lenox Drive, Building 1, Suite 124,

Lawrenceville 08648. Richard E. Dale, CEO. Staff size: 70.

609-406-7600; fax, 609-406-7699.

International public safety group, customized, cost-effective

solutions for public and private safety agencies, formerly MCI

Systemhouse and EDS. Reported in U.S. 1, June 1.

Maptext Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1025,

Plainsboro 08536. Herbert Freeman, president. Staff size: 10.

609-716-7552; fax, 609-716-7553.

Software for cartographic labeling. Reported in U.S. 1, July


Mikros Systems Corp., 707 Alexander Road, Building 2,

Suite 208, Box 7189, Princeton 08543. Trish Kapp, secretary treasurer.

Staff size: 5. 609-987-1513; fax, 609-987-8114. Home page: Computer research and development. Reported in

U.S. 1, May 11.

Solutionnet International Inc., 731 Alexander Road,

Suite 210, Princeton 08540. Prabhuram Ramanathan, vice president.

Staff size: 5. 609-452-2292; fax, 609-452-2293. Home page: Computer software and product services,

especially in Internet banking. Reported in U.S. 1, March 30.

Viocare Technologies Inc./Princeton Multimedia

Technologies, 145 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08542. Rick

Weiss, president. Staff size: 5. 609-497-4600; fax, 609-497-0660. Development of health and nutrition

software, including packages for research nutritionists. Reported

in U.S. 1, December 7.

Visionet Systems Inc., 3 Cedar Brook Drive, Cedar

Brook Corporate Center, Cranbury 08512. Aezaz Hussain, CEO. Staff

size: 30. 609-452-0700; fax, 609-655-5232. Home page: IT consulting for the apparel and mortgage

industries. Reported in U.S. 1, October 12.

Voxware Inc., 168 Franklin Corner Road, Suite 3,

Lawrenceville 08648. Tom Drury, CEO. Staff size: 6. 609-514-4100; fax,

609-514-4101. Provider of integrated

voice-based solutions for distribution and logistics operations.

Reported in U.S. 1, April 13.

Name Changes

Fast PC Support, 127 Hampshire Drive, Box 411,

Plainsboro 08536. Allison Charles, partner. Staff size: 2.

609-799-7997; fax, 609-799-4576. Home page: Telephone-based support services, help desk

for software and hardware problems for home and business users.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

MSCIBarra, 210 Carnegie Center, Cranbury 08512.

Staff size: 10. 609-936-4600; fax, 609-860-8034.

Software engineering office for risk management services firm, part of

Morgan Stanley. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

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Communications Firms

New in Town

Comag Marketing Group, 155 Village Boulevard, Suite

300, Princeton 08540. Richard Lawton, senior vice president. Staff

size: 50. 212-649-4233; fax, 212-262-1239. Home page: 250 West 55th Street, New York 10019. Reported

in U.S. 1, June 15.

Customer Strategy Consulting Inc., 195 Nassau Street,

Suite 12, Princeton 08540. David Kalmar, president and CEO. Staff

size: 4. 609-688-6888; fax, 609-688-6848. Home page: Strategic marketing research consulting.

Reported in U.S. 1, December 21.

PS Design, 2617 Main Street, Lawrenceville 08648.

Pierre Sardain. 609-540-4128;

Reported in U.S. 1, October



Bilingual Personal Resources, 2665 Route 206,

Lawrenceville 08648. Georgette Shamyer, owner. Staff size: 2.

609-620-9000; fax, 609-620-9100. Bilingual (Spanish

and English) correspondence, office administrative support, and

translation services. Reported in U.S. 1, June 8.

Burkewood Communications Corp., 5 Mapleton Road,

Suite 301, Princeton 08540. Burke Wood, managing director. Staff

size: 5. 609-520-0090; fax, 609-924-9076. Home page: Visual production, also Deep Post (post

production and editing) and Alphabet Road (programming for children

ages 1 to 4). Reported in U.S. 1, May 4.

Cineray, 65 Rollingmeade, Princeton 08540.

William Ray. 609-947-5622; fax, 609-924-3550. Documentaries.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 17.

Mullin Marketing Management Inc., 170 Tamarack

Circle, Skillman 08558. Susan Mullin, president. Staff size: 3.

609-252-9953; fax, 609-252-9954.

Reported in U.S. 1, June 1.

Stinar Communications LLC, 20 Le Parc Drive,

Princeton Junction 08550. Tom Stinar. Staff size: 2. 609-275-4497;

fax, 609-275-4497. Web

enhancement and graphic design — custom graphics, scripts, and visual

presentations. Reported in U.S. 1, May 4.


All the World’s a Stage, 20 Nassau Street, Suite 209,

Princeton 08542. Julia Poulos, principal. Staff size: 1.

609-683-8824; fax, 609-279-1778.

On-site workshops, seminars, and

executive coaching in presentation and communication skills,

management skills, prevention of sexual harassment. Reported in

U.S. 1, June 29.

Design Research LLC, 84 Franklin Corner Road, Box

6086, Lawrenceville 08648. Rick Babick, president. Staff size: 6.

609-896-1108; fax, 609-896-3016.

Testing of designs and product concepts in the consumer durable goods

sector — tabletop, giftware, collectibles and luggage and leather

goods, also on-line survey capabilities as well as qualitative and

multivariate quantitative research services. Reported in U.S. 1,

May 4.

Miller Branding, 2155 Brunswick Pike,

Lawrenceville 08648. John Miller, owner. Staff size: 8. 609-989-9600;

fax, 609-989-9611.

Advertising and branding agency. Reported in U.S. 1, March 2.

Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center, 19 Wall

Street, Princeton 08540. Terri Rossman, executive director. Staff

size: 10. 609-924-7080; fax, 609-924-6563. Home page: Consultation, evaluation, and treatment of

communication disorders and language-based learning disorders,

year-round and summer programs for toddlers through adults.

Reported in U.S. 1, June 8.

Red Wolf Design Group, 220 Alexander Road,

Princeton 08540. Lynne Wildenboer, owner. Staff size: 6. 609-683-9316;

fax, 609-683-1804. Marketing

materials based on strategic positioning and innovative design —

corporate identity, logo design, ads, brochures, direct mail, sales

promotion, web design, also professional copywriting services.

Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.

Management Moves

Journal Register Co., 50 West State Street, 12th

Floor, Trenton 08608. Robert M. Jelenic, chairman, president and

CEO. Staff size: 30. 609-396-2200; fax, 609-396-2292. Home page: Newspaper publishing, owner of the

Trentonian, New Haven Register, and 25 other daily and 338 non-daily

publications. Reported in U.S. 1, June 22.

Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP, 619 Alexander Road,

Box 1350, Princeton 08540. Louis F. Mercatanti, CEO. Staff size: 60.

609-419-0300; fax, 609-419-0143. 50

radio stations in six states, including WHWH-AM, WPST-FM, and WNJO-FM.

Reported in U.S. 1, January 26.

Sign-A-Rama, 3100 Quakerbridge Road, Hamilton

08619. Mark Jarvis, president. Staff size: 4. 609-584-6881; fax,

609-584-6883. Sign making, from

banners to real estate signs, window and door lettering, logos and

symbols, neon, magnetic, architectural signs — installation, removal,

repairs. Reported in U.S. 1, June 1.

Contracts Awarded

Creative Marketing Alliance Inc. (CMA), 191

Clarksville Road, Box 727, Princeton Junction 08550. Jeffrey E.

Barnhart, president and CEO. Staff size: 35. 609-799-6000; fax,

609-799-7032. Full service

advertising, marketing, public relations, association management, and

event planning. Reported in U.S. 1, June 15.

Intellisphere, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 308,

Plainsboro 08536. Michael Hennessy, CEO. Staff size: 31. 609-716-7777;

fax, 609-716-4747. Publishers of

MD Net Guide, Oncology Net Guide, Family Medicine Net Guide.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 14.

Princeton Partners Inc./Devcom, 100 Village

Boulevard, Suite 200, Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. Thomas M.

Sullivan, CEO and owner. Staff size: 36. 609-452-8500; fax,

609-452-7212. Advertising,

interactive public relations, direct marketing, database marketing,

and sales promotion. Reported in U.S. 1, February 23.

Crosstown Moves

Appleseed, 1304 White Pine Circle, Lawrenceville

08648. Krisztina Samu. Staff size: 2. 609-771-4354; fax,

609-771-8680. Graphic design

and foreign language typesetting. Reported in U.S. 1, February


Name Changes

GFK Market Measures/NOP World Consumer Sector, 1060

State Road, Box 158, Princeton 08542. Brad Fay, group senior vice

president. Staff size: 140. 609-683-6100; fax, 609-683-6211. Home

page: Market research and consulting firm —

design, data collection, and statistical analysis, formerly Response

Analysis, Roper Starch, and NOP World Consumer SectorReported

in U.S. 1, September 28.

HG MultiMedia Inc., 29 Airpark Road, Princeton

08540. Ken Greenberg, media director. Staff size: 5. 609-921-6200;

fax, 609-921-6204.

Advertising, marketing, media planning, design, production.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 9.

Survival Guide

ads Public Relations and Marketing, 50 Lochatong

Road, Ewing 08628. Arlene D. Schragger, owner.

609-882-4586; fax, 609-771-4390. Home page: Logo development, brochures, client

newsletters, media coverage, special event planning, seminars, direct

mail pieces, display ads, press releases, and marketing plans, also

609-494-9033. Reported in U.S. 1, January 5.

Dow Jones & Company, 4300 Route 1 North at Ridge

Road, South Brunswick 08852. Peter J. Kann, chairman and CEO.

Staff size: 1,500. 609-520-4000; fax, 609-520-4010. Home page: Publishers of business and financial news and

information including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Dow Jones

Newswires, Wall Street Journal ONline at, and Market Watch.

Reported in U.S. 1, July 6.

iPREPress, 17 Lookout Lane, Washington Crossing

18977. Kurt Goszk. 215-321-0447; fax. Home

Reported in U.S. 1, August 31.

Princeton University Store, 36 University Place,

Princeton 08540. James Sykes, president. Staff size: 100.

609-921-8500; fax, 609-924-9651.

Books, men’s and women’s clothing, Princeton memorabilia, DVDs,

cameras and photographic services, pharmacy, electronics, stationery,

computers, software and supplies. Reported in U.S. 1, April 27.

sdt media, 23 Flower Hill Drive, Pennington

08534. Shelley Deneroff-Thompson, president. Staff size: 2.

609-730-1434; fax, 609-730-1530.

Media planning and buying service. Reported in U.S. 1, January


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Building-Related Firms


Premier Exteriors, University Plaza, Hamilton

08619. Shannon O’Brien, president. 609-689-0606; fax,

609-689-0716. Siding and

other exteriors. Reported in U.S. 1, September 21.


Cody Eckert & Associates PA, 206 Rockingham Row,

Princeton 08540. Cody Eckert, principal. Staff size: 10. 609-716-8500;

fax, 609-716-8686.

Architecture, planning, interior design, design/build, construction

management. Reported in U.S. 1, June 15.

Spiezle Architectural Group, 120 Sanhican Drive,

Trenton 08618. Scott R. Spiezle AIA, president. Staff size: 52.

609-695-7400; fax, 609-695-1753.

Focus on higher education and K-12 education projects in New Jersey

and Pennsylvania. Reported in U.S. 1, November 23.


LMT Mercer Group, 690 Puritan Avenue, Lawrenceville

08648. Jim Fattori, director of engineering. Staff size: 609-989-0399;

fax, 609-989-1199. Garden fence components and


Reported in U.S. 1, February 16.

Contracts Awarded

Schroeder Architectural Studio, 68 South Main Street,

Second Floor, Cranbury 08512. Richard Schroeder.

609-655-9090; fax, 609-655-1113. Shopping centers, warehouses, and

residential fitouts. Reported in U.S. 1, December


SightLogix, 100 Forrestal Road, Suite E, Princeton

08540. John Romanowich, president. Staff size: 8. 609-258-8795; fax,

609-258-8794. AlertCam

surveillance systems for securing large outdoor areas and perimeters

(formerly Automated Threat Detection). Reported in U.S. 1, August


Waters & Bugbee General Contractors, 314 Dickinson

Street, Trenton 08638. Don Waters, co-owner. Staff size: 100.

609-882-9233; fax, 609-882-7338. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1, August 10.

Environmental Dynamics Group, 5 Crescent Avenue,

Princeton Business Park, Building A-4, Rocky Hill, Box 1258, Princeton

08542. Duke Wiser, president. Staff size: 10. 609-924-4489; fax,

609-8524. Electronic

devices, Dynamic Air Cleaner. Reported in U.S. 1, July 6.

Crosstown Moves

Mercer Commercial Construction LLC, 133 Franklin

Corner Road, The Atrium at Lawrence, Lawrenceville 08648. John

Schragger, managing partner. Staff size: 4. 609-219-6000; fax,

609-219-1330. Metal framing, sheetrock, ceiling

grids, tile installation, interior renovations, new commercial

fit-outs for office, retail, and flex space. Reported in U.S. 1,

October 5.

MKN Associates, 306 West State Street, Suite 3,

Trenton 08618. Moses King-Nabi, principal architect. Staff size: 3.

609-394-3658; fax, 609-394-3657. Residential, commercial. Reported

in U.S. 1, March 23.

Primo Tile & Marble Inc., 22 Route 130, Yardville

08620. Joseph Giovannetti, president. Staff size: 10. 609-291-9910;

fax, 609-291-9915. Wholesale distributors of

ceramic tile and marble. Reported in U.S. 1, March 2.

Princeton Woodworking LLC, 51B Everett Drive, Suite

50, West Windsor 08550. David T. Holsman. 609-936-8225; fax. Custom

cabinetry, millwork, moldings. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

Sebastiano Nini Inc., 51B Everett Drive, Building B,

Suite 50, West Windsor 08550. Enzo F. Nini, vice president.

609-799-1782; fax, 609-799-5844. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

Name Changes

Sussna + Matz Architects PA, 53 State Road, Princeton

08540. Robert Sussna AIA, president. Staff size: 8. 609-924-6611; fax,

609-924-5230. Renovation of high-tech,

healthcare, educational, and office buildings. Reported in U.S. 1,

June 29.

Survival Guide

Interior Plants Inc., 4 Wendover Way, Hamilton

Square 08690. Alan Brody, president. Staff size: 3. 609-890-9304; fax,

609-890-9304. Interior

plant design and maintenance for offices and businesses. Reported

in U.S. 1, December 21.

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Corporate Gifts

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Survival Guide

Brown Dog Marketing, 57 Kinglet Drive South, Cranbury

08512. Jim D’Ovidio, president. Staff size: 3. 609-799-5814;

fax, 609-799-4921.

promotional products, corporate gifts, screen printing and embroidery.

Reported in U.S. 1, November 16.

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Arts and Culture

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Princeton Symphony Orchestra, 575 Ewing Street, Box

250, Princeton 08542. Joshua Worby, executive director. Staff size: 2.

609-497-0020; fax, 609-497-0904. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1, August 24.

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Contracts Awarded

Arts Council of Princeton, 301 North Harrison Street,

Princeton Shopping Center, 23B, Princeton 08540. Jeff Nathanson,

executive director. Staff size: 8. 609-924-8777; fax, 609-921-0008. Events, networking,

education, gallery, rental for classes, studios, classes in Spanish

and Indian dance. Reported in U.S. 1, November 2.

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Management Moves

State Theatre, 15 Livingston Avenue, New

Brunswick 08901. Wesley O. Brustad, CEO. Staff size: 35. 732-246-7469;

fax, 732-247-4005. Renovated

1921 vaudeville theater presenting international symphony orchestras,

Broadway musicals, opera, kids’ events, dance, and more, box office

phone 732-246-7469. Reported in U.S. 1, February 16.

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Engineering Firms

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New in Town

TBE Group, 3490 Route 1, Building 15, Suite H,

Princeton 08540. John Lentini, project manager. Staff size: 15.

609-452-1007; fax, 609-452-1020.

Full-service national consulting engineering and planning firm —

subsurface utility engineering. Reported in U.S. 1, February


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The Rock Brook Consulting Group, 103 Melrich Road,

Cranbury 08512. Greg DeMarco, President. 609-655-2055;

fax, 609-655-2044. Engineering,

planning, project management. Reported in U.S. 1, October 19.

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IH Engineers PC, 103 College Road East, Princeton

08540. Iftekhar Hossain PE, president. Staff size: 30. 609-734-8400;

fax, 609-734-8405. consulting

engineers (formerly Integrated Engineering). Reported in U.S. 1,

February 16.

Maser Consulting PA, 240 Princeton Avenue, American

Metro Center, Suite 152, Hamilton 08619. Julia Algeo, branch

manager. Staff size: 30. 609-587-8200; fax, 609-587-8260. Home

page: consulting, municipal and

environmental engineers, planners, surveyors, landscape architects.

Reported in U.S. 1, May 4.

Contracts Awarded

Leonard Busch Associates, Consulting Engineers, 1239

Parkway Avenue, Trenton 08628. Robert Busch.

609-771-6900; fax, 609-771-9085. Structural

engineering. Reported in U.S. 1, August 10.

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Environmental Firms

New in Town

Cummings/Riter Consultants Inc., 1230 Parkway Avenue,

Parkway Corporate Center, Suite 201, Ewing 08628. Kevin Gawason,

Easter Regional Development Manager. 609-538-8700; fax,

609-538-8701. Environmental

engineering. Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.


Tech-Terra LLC, 109 North Gold Drive,

Robbinsville 08691. Ben Box, manager. 609-259-4140; fax,

609-259-4119. Organic soil

enhancement with worm castings. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.


Icon Engineering Inc., 3759 Route 1 South, Suite 100,

Monmouth Junction 08852. Behram Turan, principal. Staff size: 15.

732-951-2101; fax, 732-951-2106. Home page: Environmental geotechnical division of

CME Associates. Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.

Mactec, 240 Princeton Avenue, American Metro Center,

Suite 238, Hamilton 08619. Deborah A. Barsotti, principal scientist.

Staff size: 20. 609-936-0700; fax, 609-936-1020. Home page: Environmental and engineering consulting services

to commercial, industrial and government clients, formerly Harding

Lawson. Reported in U.S. 1,

August 24.

Quantum Management Group Inc., 3705 Quakerbridge

Road, University Office Plaza, Suite 102, Lawrenceville 08648. Gail

Helfrick, principal. Staff size: 4. 609-586-4071; fax. Home page: Project management for environmental liabilities

— acquisitions, divestitures, decontamination, contract management,

ISRA, Superfund, and petroleum retail facilities. Reported in U.S.

1, August 24.

Lab Results LLC, 66 Witherspoon Street, Suite 378,

Princeton 08542. Jason Earle. 800-630-9047; fax,

609-683-5144. Mold detection &

consulting, with mold-sniffing dog. Reported in U.S. 1, February



Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, 31 Titus

Mill Road, Pennington 08534. James R. Waltman, executive director.

Staff size: 24. 609-737-3735; fax, 609-737-3075. Home page: Oldest community supported watershed

organization in NJ, located on a 785-acre nature reserve with

environmental education programs for preschool through adult offered

year-round, plus monitoring of land-use and water quality and an

organic farm. Reported in U.S. 1, February 9.

head 12 = Contracts Awarded

Sovereign Consulting, 111 A North Gold Drive,

Robbinsville 08691. Ravi Gupta, president. Staff size: 47.

609-259-8200; fax, 609-259-8288.

Consulting in ground water, soil, water, and air pollution, also in

Virginia. Reported in U.S. 1, September 14.

Crosstown Moves

Nini Disposal LLC, 51B Everett Drive, Suite 50,

West Windsor 08550. Jim Keegan, supervisor.

609-275-7200; fax, 609-799-5844. Roll off,

recycling, hauling, and demolition. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Survival Guide

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton

Forrestal Campus, Box 308, Princeton 08542. Ants Leetmaa, director.

Staff size: 150. 609-452-6500; fax, 609-987-5063. Home page: Earth systems mathematical modeling research,

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of

Commerce. Reported in U.S. 1, August 10.

PARS Environmental Incorporated/Princeton Nanotech, 6

South Gold Drive, Suite A, Robbinsville 08691. Kiran K. Gill,

president. Staff size: 10. 609-890-7277; fax, 609-890-9116. Home

page: Full-service environmental consulting

firm with environmental, safety, and health services. Reported in

U.S. 1, June 22.

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Survival Guide

Terhune Orchards, 330 Cold Soil Road, Princeton

08540. Pam and Gary Mount, owners. Staff size: 25. 609-924-2310; fax,

609-924-8569. Farm market

open all year, 200 acres of fruits and vegetables, pick-your-own, farm

animals, bakery, produce, cider, cut flowers/plants, farm tours/trail,

festivals. Reported in U.S. 1, January 19.

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New in Town

Strathmore University Foundation, 20 Nassau Street,

Suite 232, Princeton 08542. Tom Pyle, executive director.

609-688-1022; fax, 609-688-1021.

Support for Strathmore University in

Nairobi. Reported in U.S. 1, August 17.


Citizen Soldier Family Support Foundation Inc., 16

Bennington Drive, Lawrenceville, Box 7132, Princeton 08543. Gordon

Price. Staff size: 1. 609-895-1698; fax, 609-895-0451. Home page: nonprofit based in Austin, Texas, service

for members of National Guard and their families. Reported in U.S.

1, December 21.

Crosstown Moves

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Central and

South Jersey Affiliate, 2 Princess Road, Suite D, Lawrenceville

08648. Nancy Healey, executive director. Staff size: 4. 609-896-1201;

fax, 609-896-1207. Komen Central

and South Jersey affiliate, host of the NJ Race for the Cure,

scheduled for Sunday, October 16, 2005. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 9.

Management Moves

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, 5

Vaughn Drive, Suite 300, CN 5281, Princeton 08543. Arthur E. Levine,

president. Staff size: 35. 609-452-7007; fax, 609-452-0066. Home

page: educational foundation, operating programs

for graduate students, minorities, teachers, and visiting fellows.

Reported in U.S. 1, December 21.

Survival Guide

Princeton Area Community Foundation, 15 Princess

Road, Lawrenceville 08648. Nancy W. Kieling, president/executive

director. Staff size: 6. 609-219-1800; fax, 609-219-1850. Home

page: promotion of philanthropy, charitable giving

expertise for individuals and corporations, grants to local nonprofit

organizations and schools. Reported in U.S. 1, September 28.

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