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These listings were prepared for the January 25, 2006 issue of U.S. 1

Newspaper. They refer to articles in the "Search Our Archive" section

at Search by year, month, and issue. Most of

the articles are in Life in the Fast Lane, but some are in Survival


Because the list is organized by business type, you can use it as a

microcosm of the activity in the central New Jersey business

community. Draw from it when you write a business plan, or when you

make career decisions. If a firm expanded or moved here last year,

that might be the right place to apply for a job.

Most of these listings will appear in the U.S. 1 Business Directory

for 2006-2007. Should you find an inaccuracy please let us know,


Progress Edition, Part II

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Health-Related Firms


Advanced Medical Systems, 1239 Parkway Avenue, Suite

200, West Trenton 08628. Larry McBride. Staff size: 10.

609-882-6889; fax, 609-882-6881.

Materials management software for hospitals. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 23.

RWJ University Hospital: Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s

Hospital, 1 Robert Wood Johnson Place, Somerset and High Streets,

New Brunswick 08902. Daniel A. Notterman MD, physician in chief.

732-828-3000. Sixty pediatric specialties, 70

private rooms with in-room sleeping for

parents, Level 1 pediatric trauma center, intensive care unit, family

resource centers, child life rooms. Reported in U.S. 1, February



Visiting Angels, 812 State Road, Suite 105,

Princeton 08540. Christian Kongolo, director. Staff size: 2.


Non-medical respite care for caregivers including errands,

transportation, light housekeeping, hygiene. Reported in U.S. 1,

December 14.

Crosstown Moves

Princeton Financial Care Services LLC, 114 West

Franklin Avenue, Straube Center K-114, Suite K-4, Box 795, Pennington

08534. Hilly Berlin CPA, partner. Staff size: 2. 609-730-0067; fax,

609-730-0097. Financial

management and organization. Reported in U.S. 1, June 29.

Survival Guide

Princeton HomeCare Services/Princeton Healthcare

System, 208 Bunn Drive, Princeton 08540. Barbara Yost,

director. 609-497-4900; fax, 609-497-4933. Home page: Home health care and hospice services —

skilled nursing, psychiatric nursing, maternal/child health visits,

wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy,

medical social service, home health aide service, clergy, home

infusion therapy, hospice care and Lifeline emergency response system.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 21.

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Law Firms


Bernstein & Manahan, 2633 Main Street, Suite 102,

Lawrenceville 08648. James P. Manahan. Staff size: 5. 609-895-9001;

fax, 609-895-9002. Reported in

U.S. 1, September 28.

Lawrence R. West Attorney at Law, 41 Airpark Road,

Suite 1, Princeton 08540. Lawrence West.

609-279-1777; fax, 609-279-1778. Criminal defense.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 19.

Thompson & Pollock LLC, 112 West Franklin Avenue,

Straube Center, Pennington 08534. Kevin A. Pollock. Staff size: 4.

609-818-1555; fax, 609-818-1556. www.thompsonpollock.

Estate planning, business law, real estate. Reported in U.S. 1,

August 24.


Daniel J. Graziano & Assoc., 3685 Quakerbridge Road, Box

3333, Trenton 08619. Dan Graziano, president. Staff size: 18.

609-890-0400; fax, 609-587-8331. Family law, wills,

estate planning, commercial litigation, real estate, zoning and

planning — nine attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, June 8.

Frascella, Salak & Pisauro, 100 Canal Pointe

Boulevard, Suite 209, Princeton 08540. Alex Salak, partner. Staff

size: 3. 609-737-7374; fax, 609-737-7379. Home page: Civil litigation, business law, contracts, real

estate, employment, environmental, intellectual property, family,

wills and estates; 2 attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, August 10.

Herrick, Feinstein LLP, 210 Carnegie Center, Suite

102, Princeton 08540. Colleen Trout, branch office manager. Staff

size: 16. 609-452-3800; fax, 609-520-9095. Home page: Corporate, workout and bankruptcy, litigation,

real estate, sports and entertainment, intellectual property and

patents, tax, trusts and estates, publishing, 10 attorneys, 150 in New

York City, also in Newark and Albany. Reported in U.S. 1, August


Jerry & Jerry LLP, 101 Poor Farm Road, Box 310,

Princeton 08542. Harold A. "Chip" Jerry III, attorney at law. Staff

size: 3. 609-497-0822; fax, 609-497-0823. Home page: General practice, corporate, real estate, civil

litigation, trusts and estates, and employment. Reported in U.S.

1, March 16.

Krutman & Eustace, 2525 Nottingham Way, Hamilton

08619. Mr. Krutman and Mr. Eustace. Staff size: 4. 609-890-2525;

fax, 609-890-2509. Criminal defense, juvenile

defense, municipal court, personal injury, workers comp, residential

real estate, Lemon Law ligitation. Reported in U.S. 1, May 11.

Maselli Warren PC, 600 Alexander Road, First Floor,

Princeton 08540. Paul J. Maselli Esq., partner. Staff size: 11.

609-452-8411; fax, 609-452-8422. Home page: Litigation, bankruptcy, real estate,

municipal court, business law, employmemt law. Reported in U.S. 1,

March 2.

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, 502 Carnegie Center,

Suite 301, Princeton 08540. Robert Alan White, managing partner.

Staff size: 59. 609-919-6600; fax, 609-919-6701. Home page: Business and finance (with emphasis on

emerging technology and life sciences companies), labor and

employment, litigation, and patent law, part of an international firm;

35 attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, January 26.

Nicholas Z. Hegedus Esq., 65 South Main Street,

Pennington 08534. Mr. Hegedus. Staff size: 2. 609-818-1816; fax,

609-818-1817. General law

practice. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

Stark & Stark, 993 Lenox Drive, Building Two,

Lawrenceville 08648. John A. Sakson, Lewis J. Pepperman, co-managing

partners. Staff size: 220. 609-896-9060; fax, 609-896-0629. Home

page: Bankruptcy, business law, collections,

commercial litigation, divorce and family law, employment law,

personal injury, real estate and land use, securities law, wills and

estates planning; 92 attorneys, 42 paralegals. Reported in U.S. 1,

February 23.

Wong Wong & Associates, 12 Roszel Road, Suite A 102,

Princeton 08540. Raymond H. Wong. 609-683-1168; fax,

609-683-3798. Immigration,

landlord/tenant, and real estate law, based in Manhattan. Reported

in U.S. 1, July 27.

Crosstown Moves

Christoffersen & Wenczel, 795 Parkway Avenue, Suite

A-1 Lexington Mews, Trenton 08618. David G. Christoffersen, managing

partner. Staff size: 3. 609-452-2999; fax, 609-844-9770. Plaintiff’s

personal injury law, real estate, criminal and

municipal court, and estate planning; 2 attorneys. Reported in

U.S. 1, May 11.

Curry, Connelly & Kukfa PC, 2525 Route 130 South,

Cranbury Plaza, Building B, Room 1, Box 533, Cranbury 08512. James

Curry. 609-655-7600; fax, 609-655-9253. Real estate, municipal court,

matrimonial, wills, estates, personal injury — two attorneys.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 30.

David Perry Davis, 112 West Franklin Avenue, Pennington

08534. Staff size: 2. 609-737-2222. Family law

— divorce,

custody, child support, domestic violence. Reported in U.S. 1,

October 5.

Gordon C. Strauss Law Offices, 116 Village Boulevard,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540. Rhonda Duer, office manager. Staff size:

2. 609-924-0050; fax, 609-683-9777. Real estate,

business and corporate law, elder law, litigation and appeals, wills,

trusts, and estates, auto dealership law, land use — 1 attorney at

this site. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

Joseph D. Priory, Law Offices, 116 Village Boulevard,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540. Mr. Priory. Staff size: 1.

609-279-0800; fax, 609-279-0808.

Attorney focusing on business/corporate, dispute resolution,

employment and labor, residential and commercial real estate, wills

and estates and governmental affairs. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Louis Innocenzi, 795 Parkway Avenue, Suite A-1

Lexington Mews, Trenton 08618. Mr. Innocenzi. Staff size: 2.

609-882-2544; fax, 609-844-9770. General law

practice. Reported in U.S. 1, May 11.

Mark H. Jaffe, Attorney, 195 Nassau Street, Suite 30,

Princeton 08540. Mark Jaffe, principal. Staff size: 1. 609-683-7575;

fax, 609-683-0906. General practice with specialty

in real estate, family, and municipal court, and juvenile matters.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 19.

National Registered Agents Inc., 100 Canal Pointe

Boulevard, Suite 108, Princeton 08540. Dennis E. Howarth, president.

Staff size: 6. 800-767-1553; fax, 609-716-0820.

Registered agents in 50 states available to do business on behalf of

out-of-state corporations. Reported in U.S. 1, March 9.

Robert A. Obler, 3131 Princeton Pike, Building 3D,

Suite 200, Lawrenceville 08648. Mr. Obler.

609-896-1321; fax, 609-896-3184. Criminal trial

attorney. Reported in U.S. 1, June 29.

Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney Ltd., 103 Carnegie

Center, Suite 103, Princeton 08540. Lisa P. Wildstein. Staff size:

7. 609-452-1558; fax, 609-452-1559.

Complex tort and liability litigation — asbestos litigation, personal

injury, insurance defense; one attorney. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Name Changes

Mathews, Shepherd, McKay & Bruneau, 100 Thanet

Circle, Suite 306, Princeton 08540. Robert G. Shepherd, managing

partner. Staff size: 27. 609-924-8555; fax, 609-924-3036. Home

page: Practice exclusively in the field of

intellectual property law including patent, trademark, copyright,

trade secret, Internet law, author-publisher agreements, licensing and

litigation; 8 attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, June 8.

Parker, McCay, 1009 Lenox Drive, Building 4E, Suite

102A, Lawrenceville 08648. Russell Weiss Jr., attorney. Staff size:

8. 609-896-4222; fax, 609-896-9023.

School board law and labor negotiations — six attorneys, based in

Marlton. Reported in U.S. 1, January 26.

Contracts Awarded

ARDEM Inc., 41 Black Horse Run, Belle Mead 08502.

Arun Malhotra. Staff size: 7. 908-864-0902; fax, 908-864-0903. Document conversion, retrieval,

back-office processing, data entry, engineering drawing conversion,

medical transcription, document scanning. Reported in U.S. 1,

March 16.

Survival Guide

Cooper Levenson April Niedelman & Wagenheim, 212

Carnegie Center, Suite 206 C, Princeton 08540. Joseph Mahon,

partner. Staff size: 3. 609-919-6345; fax, 609-520-8731. Home page: Tax law and estate planning, based in

Atlantic City; two attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, February 16.

Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas, 40 Paterson

Street, Box 480, New Brunswick 08903. Kenneth Doukas, managing

partner. Staff size: 138. 732-545-4717; fax, 732-545-4579. Home

page: Corporate, commercial, construction

and civil litigation, healthcare, real estate, trusts and estates,

worker’s compensation, matrimonial, criminal, 75 attorneys.

Reported in U.S. 1, November 2.

Lieberman & Blecher PC, 10 Jefferson Plaza, Suite

100, Princeton 08540. Stuart J. Lieberman, partner. Staff size: 8.

609-497-3930; fax, 732-355-1310. Home page: Personal injury and environmental law —

two attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, July 20.

Reed Smith LLP, 136 Main Street, Suite 250, Princeton

Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. Steven J. Picco, NJ/NY market

managing partner. Staff size: 132. 609-987-0050; fax, 609-951-0824. Business/commercial litigation,

financial services, healthcare, intellectual property, real estate and

construction, labor and employment, environmental and international

law; 64 attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, November 2.

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Survival Guide

Mercer County Library: Headquarters Branch, 2751

Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville 08648. Ellen Brown, manager. Staff

size: 65. 609-882-9246; fax, 609-538-1208. Home page: Library with headquarters here and branches in East

Windsor, Ewing, Hightstown, Hopewell, Washington, and West Windsor.

Reported in U.S. 1, March 9.

Princeton Public Library, 65 Witherspoon Street,

Princeton 08540. Leslie Burger, director. Staff size: 80.

609-924-9529; fax, 609-924-7937. Home page: Reported in U.S. 1, November 30.

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New in Town

Action International, 3 Sutton Lane, Princeton

Junction 08550. Holly Jerome. 609-297-8003; fax,

609-750-1950. Business

coaching services, workshops, and classes. Reported in U.S. 1,

December 7.

LeasePlan USA, 12 Roszel Road, Suite A-204,

Princeton 08540. Steven B. Kantor, regional vice president.

609-720-9339; fax, 609-720-1550. Home page: Corporate fleet leasing, based in Alpharetta,

Georgia. Reported in U.S. 1, March 16.

Microagility, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1116,

Plainsboro 08536. Sajid Khan. 609-716-9020. Boutique project management

office (PMO). Reported in U.S. 1, June 29.

Sagem Morpho Inc., 1230 Parkway Avenue, Parkway

Corporate Center, Suite 102, Ewing 08628. 877-503-5981. Home page: New Jersey applicant fingerprint

scheduling service, company based in London. Reported in U.S. 1,

March 16.


Action International, 100 Overlook, Second Floor,

Princeton 08540. Marshall Calman. 609-375-2387. Business coaching

services, workshops, and classes. Reported in U.S. 1, September


Devin Group Inc., 1337 Route 33, Box 2647, Hamilton

Square 08690. Herbert K. Ames, president/CEO. Staff size: 3.

609-631-8802; fax, 609-631-8803. Home page: Organizational, marketing, planning, and

real estate consulting. Reported in U.S. 1, March 2.

English for Professionals, 17 Danielle Court,

Lawrenceville 08648. Dennis Gutierrez, owner.


Private conversational English instruction for executives, managers,

and professionals from other countries, all levels. Reported in

U.S. 1, June 1.


The Nielsen-Wurster Group Inc., 1060 State Road,

Princeton 08540. Patricia D. Galloway, CEO. Staff size: 20.

609-497-7300; fax, 609-497-3412. Home page: Engineering, management, and construction

consultants, also with offices in five states plus Melbourne.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 24.

The Support Center for Nonprofit Management, 185 West

State Street, New Jersey State Library, Box 520, Trenton 08625. Calvin

B. Thomas, interim director. 609-278-0482; fax,

609-984-2307. Nonprofit

consulting — research resources for grants, management workshops,

on-site training and consulting. Reported in U.S. 1, September


ZS Associates, 150 College Road West, Suite 300,

Princeton 08540. Craig Stinebaugh, principal. Staff size: 130.

609-419-3800; fax, 609-419-3801. Home page: Global management consulting firm, focus on

sales and marketing in healthcare. Reported in U.S. 1, May 11.

Leadership Strategies, 600 Alexander Road,

Princeton 08540. Stephen Payne, president. Staff size: 8.

609-921-3399; fax, 609-921-6637.

Executive coaching. Reported in U.S. 1, January 19.

Name Changes

Freight Cargo Logistics LLC, 20 Wall Street,

Princeton 08540. Silvio Travia, president. Staff size: 4.

609-688-8642; fax, 609-688-8662. Home page: International freight forwarders.

Reported in U.S. 1, January 5.

Crosstown Moves

Hogan Leadership Group Inc., 8 Highland Road,

Princeton 08540. Bill Hogan, senior partner.

609-915-9911. Sales,

marketing, and management strategies. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Metrica Inc., 139 Wall Street, Research Park,

Princeton 08540. Charline Johnson, assistant financial manager. Staff

size: 2. 609-252-1993; fax, 609-252-1970. Home page: Economic and scientific consulting and contract

research, headquartered in San Antonio. Reported in U.S. 1, March


PA Consulting Group, 600 College Road East, Suite

1120, Princeton 08540. Dan Walsh, member of management group. Staff

size: 40. 609-806-0800; fax, 609-936-8811. Home page: Management and technology consulting —

electronics, communications, manufacturing, health care, product and

process development, innovation, technology management and strategy.

Reported in U.S. 1, July 20.

Stoolmacher Consulting Group, 2304 Brunswick Pike,

Lawrenceville 08648. Irwin Stoolmacher, president. Staff size: 2.

609-393-0668; fax, 609-393-0855. Fundraising,

long-range planning, and community/public relations for non-profit

organizations, hospitals, educational, and advocacy organizations.

Reported in U.S. 1, January 5.

The Rutledge Center Inc., 27 Main Street, Suite A,

Robbinsville 08691. Richard Politi, president. Staff size: 5.

609-259-4121. Corporate training and

corporate marketing programs. Reported in U.S. 1, February 23.

Survival Guide

Caliper, 506 Carnegie Center, Suite 300, Box 2050,

Princeton 08543. Herbert M. Greenberg Ph.D., CEO. Staff size: 180.

609-524-1200; fax, 609-524-1201. Home page: Psychological testing, team building,

training, HR consulting management. Reported in U.S. 1, January


NewMarkets Inc., 152 Westcott Road, Princeton

08540. Marvin Preston, president. Staff size: 1. 609-921-6116; fax,

609-921-0640. Management consultant for high tech

industries, including companies in voice recognition field, software

based products and services. Reported in U.S. 1, September 14.

Oldhorses Inc., 212 Carnegie Center, Suite 206,

Princeton 08540. Douglas W. Crisman, president.

609-987-1464; fax, 609-520-9694. Transition

partner working with owners of businesses greater than $1

million to transition the owner’s role while moving their business off

valuation, revenue, profit or cash plateaus. Reported in U.S. 1,

May 25.

Paradigm Associates CS, 7 Halifax Drive, Monroe

Township 08831. Michael Sleppin, senior partner. Staff size: 2.

908-812-2327; fax, 908-276-8052. Home page: Strategic thinking and business

planning, sales training and development, manager development.

Reported in U.S. 1, October 12.

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Manufacturing & Warehousing

New in Town

Coaster Company of America, 45 Stults Road,

Dayton 08810. Angela Errico, office manager. Staff size: 50.

732-562-0119; fax, 562-903-0839. Home page: Importer and distributor of ready to

assemble furniture and accessories in the United States and Mexico.

Reported in U.S. 1, December 14.

Earthbound Farm, 115 Melrich Road, Suite 1,

Cranbury 08512. Sarah Dempsey, manager. Staff size: 12. 609-409-6119;

fax, 609-409-5141. Grower and shipper

of organic produce. Reported in U.S. 1, December 21.

Ibin Furkon Fashion LLC, 33 Wall Street,

Princeton 08540. Kassim Muhammad, founder/CEO.

609-279-0023; fax, 609-279-0447.

Versatile fashion "for the runway of life." Reported in U.S. 1,

December 14.

Neumed Inc., 800 Silvia Street, Ewing 08628. Jack

Guldalian. 609-882-6403; fax, 609-896-2798. Home

page: Point of care product manufacturing —

medical diagnostic instrumentation. Reported in U.S. 1, March

16., 1 Capital Drive, Prologis Cranbury

Business Park, Cranbury 08512. Kevin Li, warehouse manager. Staff

size: 15. 609-722-4005. Online computer

hardware and software, based in California. Reported in U.S. 1,

August 24.

Sabry Lee, 5 Fitzgerald Avenue, Monroe Township

08831. Bernie Daus. 609-409-5422; fax, 609-409-5424. Automotive warehouse and

distribution center. Reported in U.S. 1, March 30.

Sean John, 2 Capital Drive, Cranbury Business Park,

Suite 202, Cranbury 08512. Russ Salvatore, manager.

609-395-9601; fax, 609-395-9420.

Distribution center for Sean Combs apparel lines. Reported in U.S.

1, August 24.

StaticPaint, 11 Deer Park Drive, Suite 102B,

Monmouth Junction 08852. Joseph Kaye, founder. Staff size: 3.

732-274-0001; fax, 732-438-9152. Home page: Anti-static paints and coatings.

Reported in U.S. 1, September 7.

World Wide Parts & Accessories, 300 Herrod Boulevard,

Dayton 08810. Patrick Healy, vice president x 7041.

732-225-0079. Imported car part

distribution. Reported in U.S. 1, July 6.


Kitty Concepts LLC, 10 Scudder Road, Box 51,

Titusville 08560. Lynn Tumulty, president. Staff size: 2.

609-530-0043; fax, 609-530-0426.

Pet products, including the Purr-amid, a condo for cats. Reported

in U.S. 1, July 20.


Creation Stummer Inc., 115 Stryker Lane,

Hillsborough 08844. John K. Haug, president. Staff size: 6.

908-281-9235; fax, 908-281-9623.

Subsidiary of Franz Stummer & Co. KG, Linz, Austria, wholesaler and

distributor of children’s clothing, also Plush Pups. Reported in

U.S. 1, March 9.

General Sullivan Group Inc., 85 Route 31 North,

Pennington 08534. Al DeBlasio, president. Staff size: 18.

609-745-5004; fax, 609-745-5012.

Steel distribution. Reported in U.S. 1, April 13.

Gesipa Fasteners USA, 3150 Brunswick Pike, Crossroads

Corporate Center, Suite 310, Lawrenceville 08648. Guy Krone,

president. Staff size: 16. 609-883-8300; fax, 609-883-8301. Home

page: Headquarters for manufacturer of blind

rivets with operations in nine countries. Reported in U.S. 1,

August 17.

Hutchinson Industries, 460 Southard Street,

Trenton 08638. Pascal Seradarian, president. Staff size: 85.

609-394-1010; fax, 609-394-2031. Home page: Aluminum wheels, run-flat rubber and

security products, for military contractors, also at 642 East State

Street, 84 Parker Avenue, 250 Ewing, and 106 Mulberry, owned by a

French firm. Reported in U.S. 1, July 27.

Laser Energetics Inc., 3535 Quakerbridge Road, Suite

700, Mercerville 08619. Robert D. Battis, founder, president and

CEO. Staff size: 12. 609-587-8250; fax, 609-587-9315. Home page: Laser processors. Reported in U.S. 1,

November 23.

Lifetime Hoan Corporation, 12 Applegate Drive,

Northeast Business Park, Robbinsville 08691. Craig Phillips, senior

vice president. Staff size: 140. 609-208-1500; fax, 609-208-2598. Housewares distributor, based

in Westbury, Long Island. Reported in U.S. 1, November 23.

Systech Solutions Inc., 2540 Route 130, Cranbury

Campus Suite 128, Cranbury 08512. Robert M. DeJean, CEO. Staff size:

49. 609-395-8400; fax, 609-395-0064. Home page: Manufacturer of automated inspection systems

— bar code reading machines, automation systems, manufacturing

systems controls. Reported in U.S. 1, March 9.

Tyco International Ltd., 9 Roszel Road, Princeton

08540. Edward Breen, CEO. Staff size: 366. 609-720-4200; fax,

609-720-4208. Bermuda-based

conglomerate — electronic security services, fire protection

services, passive electronic components, industrial valves and

controls, undersea fiber optic networks and services, medical

products, and plastics and adhesives, also at 7 Roszel Road.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 24.

Crosstown Moves

General Floor, 11 Princess Road, Suite 11-G,

Lawrenceville 08648. Rob Seal, manager. Staff size: 4. 609-671-1900;

fax, 609-671-1950. Wholesale carpets, vinyl,

commercial tile, and wood floors, also mechanics’ tools. Reported

in U.S. 1, September 14.

Union Switch and Signal, 240 Princeton Avenue,

American Metro Center, Suite 200, Hamilton 08619. Allan Zambarelli,

director. Staff size: 26. 609-631-8600; fax, 609-631-8667. Home

page: Engineering office for design, manufacture,

and installation of railroad signal equipment. Reported in U.S. 1,

June 29.

Contracts Awarded

Lander Co. Inc., 2000 Lenox Drive, Suite 202,

Lawrenceville 08648. Joe Falsetti, chairman and CEO. Staff size: 33.

609-219-0930; fax, 609-219-1238.

Private label health and beauty care products — baby, bath and body,

kids, hair and skin care, oral care, and over the counter medication.

Reported in U.S. 1, November 23.

Princeton Power Systems Inc., 501 Forrestal Road,

Forrestal Campus, Suite 211, Princeton 08540. Darren Hammell, CEO.

Staff size: 8. 609-258-5994; fax, 609-258-7329. Home page: Development of patented electric power

conversion technology for variable speed motor control, power quality,

renewable and distributed generation applications. Reported in

U.S. 1, April 13.

TerraCycle, 121 New York Avenue, Trenton 08638.

Tom Szaky, CEO. Staff size: 20. 609-393-4252; fax, 609-393-4259. Organic, industrial-scale liquid

plant food made from worm castings. Reported in U.S. 1, August


Management Moves

EPV (Energy Photovoltaics Inc.), 276 Bakers Basin

Road, Box 7456, Princeton 08543. James F. Groelinger, CEO. Staff

size: 50. 609-587-3000; fax, 609-587-5355. Home page: Photovoltaic products, research and development —

machinery to manufacture of photovoltaic modules. Reported in U.S.

1, May 11.

Name Changes

Alvo International/Trivent Chemical, 4266 Route 1,

Box 194, Monmouth Junction 08852. Frank DeMonico, president. Staff

size: 3. 732-438-0995; fax, 732-438-1020. Raw materials supplier to

the cosmetic industry, formerly Trivent Chemical Company. Reported

in U.S. 1, July 13.

Ryder Logistics, 112 Melrich Road, South Brunswick

Industrial Park, Monmouth Junction 08852. Staff size: 21.

609-409-0077; fax, 609-409-4496. Distribution center for LG

Electronics. Reported in U.S. 1, May 25.

Sensors Unlimited Inc., 3490 Route 1, Building 12,

Princeton 08540. Marshall Cohen, president. Staff size: 45.

609-520-0610; fax, 609-520-0638.

Indium gallium arsenide detector technology, focusing on innovative

design & production of shortwave and near infrared focal plane arrays,

cameras, and high-speed detectors. Reported in U.S. 1, September


Stock News

Exide Technologies, 3150 Brunswick Pike, Crossroads

Corporate Center, Suite 230, Lawrenceville 08648. J. Timothy

Gargaro, president and COO. Staff size: 30. 609-512-3000; fax,

609-512-3071. Corporate

headquarters of manufacturer and recyler of batteries for autos,

boats, RVs, and lawn and garden tools. Reported in U.S. 1, March


Innophos Inc., 259 Prospect Plains Road, Building G,

Cranbury 08512. Randy Gress, CEO. Staff size: 100. 609-495-2495;

fax, 609-860-0138. Producers of

chemical grade phosphates for pharmaceutical and food manufacturers,

formerly part of Rhodia. Reported in U.S. 1, June 22.

Rockwood Holdings, 100 Overlook Center, Princeton

08540. Seifi Ghasemi, chairman and CEO. Staff size: 25. 609-514-0300;

fax, 609-514-8720.

Headquarters of specialty chemical company, formerly Laporte Inc.

Reported in U.S. 1, August 24.

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