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January 26, 2000..

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New Millennium Bank

Whether a business needs money for start-up capital,

to fund growth and expansion, or to manage debt, the loan process

can be a nerve-wracking, time-consuming experience. But it doesn’t

have to be that way, suggests Mayo Sisler, CEO and Chairman of New

Millennium Bank located in New Brunswick. "Many turn to a larger

bank because its size seems to promise resources. What some forget

is that size and structure can impact timeliness and service. Large

banks simply can’t offer the fast and personalized service the way

small banks can," says Sisler. New Millennium Bank was founded

last year on that very promise and standard of service.

"At New Millennium, we realize that when people need money, they

need it now, not weeks or months from now. We strive to accommodate

that need for both our personal and commercial customers," notes


New Millennium offers commercial loans, term loans, construction


credit lines, SBA loans, and NJEDA loans for commercial clients, and

home equity loans and lines of credit, auto and personal loans, and

cash reserve lines of credit for the consumer. In addition, New


also offers consumers secured credit cards, a product Sisler helped

pioneer in New Jersey fifteen years ago.

"New Millennium is committed to a staffing level that keep


happy" said Chris Van Der Stad, President. "In addition, New

Millennium is currently providing the latest in 24 hour telephone

banking service and internet access — come visit us at

to learn about the bank."

That very element of innovation and ingenuity is key to the founding,

structure, and staffing at New Millennium. While New Millennium’s

face may be new to the market, its senior management brings more than

100 years of joint industry experience. Such expertise and


philosophy promise to be the foundation of success for the bank.

New Millennium is the fourth bank Sisler has founded in New Jersey

within the last forty years, a distinction no one else shares. Sisler

was a leading force behind Franklin State, North Plainfield State,

and New Era banks.

Customer service hours have been arranged to cover the widest span

of time possible. Drive through and walk up facilities are open 7

a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There is a drive up ATM as well as an ATM in the lobby, both available

twenty-four hours a day. Lobby hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday through Wednesday and Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday

and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

New Millennium Bank, 57 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick,

732-729-1100. Fax: 732-729-4399 See ad, page 76.

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Opportunities for All

Those among us who are physically or mentally challenged

represent a disproportionate number of the unemployed, notes Vernon

Long, CEO of Opportunities For All. "Seventy per cent, to be


This is a terrible waste of human power, and I am doing all in my

power to change those statistics." Long has been so successful

at this endeavor that in three years his firm has grown from three

employees to a staff of 22 with branches in Mercer, Burlington,


Ocean, Somerset, and Middlesex counties.

Under contract-for-profit with the State of New Jersey, Opportunities

for All provides businesses with personnel ages 16 on up. The


of their clientele range from those able to perform entry-level jobs

at $7 per hour, all the way on up to a Ph.D. earning $65,000 per year.

When prospective employees come to Opportunities for All they are

given extensive testing and training. Says Long, "We don’t just

send a warm body out to a job. We make every effort to secure a


match between employer and employee."

One of the ways Opportunities for All obtains these matches is by

the individual application of a six-step process. This includes the

use of a vocational profile, an interactive family meeting, a job

development assessment, a task analysis, and on-the-job training.

During this paid training, someone from Opportunities for All remains

by the side of the new employee for up to 100 hours. When the employer

is satisfied with the performance of the new employee, the staff


remains involved by checking on the progress of the employee twice

per month.

Long says another effective tool in obtaining good matches has been

the use of explaining the learning style of the prospective employee

to the employer. "It may be as simple as letting the business

know that their new person can’t read. This is a fact many people

try to hide, but once it is out in the open, great strides can be

made. It is all about exploding stereotypes," adds Long.

With efforts like these, it is no surprise that many of these


stay on the job for a long time. When the time comes that the employee

desires advancement on the job, a staff member of Opportunities for

All goes back on site to give the employee additional training.

The State of New Jersey gives tax benefits to those companies


employees from Opportunities for All. Says Long, "The local


have been great in supporting our efforts to help this segment of

the population. We hope many other companies will join us in this


Opportunities for All Inc., 3490 Route 1, Building 17,


609-452-9753. Fax: 609-452-9519. E-Mail: See ad,

page 22.

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Pietrinferno & Pietrinferno, CPAs

The family business. You don’t hear much about that

these days, what with all our superstores, corporate mergers, and

megafirms. But one business in Princeton is keeping the faith…and

keeping the business alive through family ties.

If you’ve been in the Princeton area for long, you may have heard

of the Pietrinferno accounting firm. Founded in 1933 by Alfred


Sr., his son A. J. Pietrinferno, Jr. joined the firm in 1971. When

Pietrinferno, Sr. passed away in 1988, the firm took on Pietrinferno

Jr.’s name. Three years ago, A. J. Pietrinferno III joined the firm

and at the turn of the century the 67 year- old firm, now representing

three generations of Pietrinfernos, took on a new name, Pietrinferno

& Pietrinferno, Certified Public Accountants.

Keeping the business a family business is about more than a name,

it’s about a philosophy, a way of doing business that simply cannot

be found in corporate halls and megafirms. It’s a philosophy of


management and customer concern that is about more than service. It’s

about knowing a client and the client’s needs and objectives. It’s

about building relationships. And just as the business was forged

out of a family relationship, it strives to build lasting


with its clientele.

A. J. Pietrinferno, Jr. comments, "Just as we go through stages

in both our lives and businesses, so do our financial needs and


The most effective accounting solution is one that combines current

needs and future goals, and that’s a solution that can only be found

in a relationship built over time, that can only be found in a


that is founded on relationships, not simply servicing a client’s

immediate needs." It’s something at which Pietrinferno &


Certified Public Accountants excels.

With tax season upon us, Pietrinferno III reminds us that accounting

is about options. And those options can be affected by seemingly


things, such as a relocation or a new job.

Pietrinferno & Pietrinferno, Certified Public Accountants, provides

financial statement preparation and accounting; estate and gift tax

planning and compliance; federal, state, and multi-state income tax

compliance; tax research; computerized accounting systems


& consulting); personal financial planning (including wealth


retirement, and college planning); business planning; and succession


Pietrinferno & Pietrinferno, Certified Public Accountants,

209 Wall Street, Princeton, 609-924- 1131. E-mail:

See ad, page 19.

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Sensors Unlimited

From detecting hidden ice on bridges, roadways and


to analyzing the original sketches beneath the pigments of priceless

artwork, the break-through applied R&D and manufacturing of the


fiber optics and infrared imaging firm, Sensors Unlimited, is


sensing and emitting products technology and improving our quality

of life.

World leaders in the near-infrared NIR Indium Gallium Arsenide


field and manufacturers of the first NIR Indium Gallium Arsenide


which was originally used for covert surveillance and night vision,

Sensors Unlimited is also well known for their work on unique array

structures, and NIR laser diodes for gas sensing. Although that might

sound like a technological mouthful, applications for these products

include quality control in food processing, pollution, oxygen and

frequency monitoring, and night vision.

In 1999, Sensors Unlimited received an award from the Advanced


Program of the federal commerce department’s National Institute of

Standards and Technology to advance surveillance and security


accuracy by improving the infrared cameras that detect hidden roadway

ice. The project will require research that will be useful for


purposes, as well as for de-icing programs at airports. Sensors


will supply $1.2 million to fund the research, and the government

will provide an additional $1.8 million. The larger wafers that result

from the program will significantly increase telecommunications sales

to speed the internet.

Says Dr. Gregory Olsen, Sensors Unlimited founder and President,


goals when I started Sensors Unlimited were to create an organization

that is fun to work in, profitable and high tech. I think we are doing

a good job at working towards each of these objectives."

Olsen credits much of his organization’s success with the close ties

that the company enjoys with Sarnoff Corporation and Princeton


Sensors Unlimited often subcontracts portions of the theoretical work

required on various projects to these two organizations, while Sensors

Unlimited focuses on manufacturing.

Today Sensors Unlimited is a $12 million company with plans to reach

$100 million by 2004 — and they are well positioned for even


success in the future. According to Olsen, the firm’s prime vendors

include telecommunications and internet systems companies — both

solid markets for growth and expansion in today’s economy.

The company currently has over 20,000 square feet of space for


administrative and support functions. Technical capabilities include

a 3,000 square foot, class 10,000/1,000 clean room for complete device

processing and testing of III-V compound detectors and lasers.


include photolithography, dielectric deposition, thermal and e-beam

metal deposition, p-contact diffusion and annealing, chip dicing and

automatic probing. Test facilities include infrared detector testing

and automated laser diode characterization in wavelength range 0.65


For more detailed information and technical specifications for Sensors

Unlimited contact Gregory Olsen at 609-520-0610.

Sensors Unlimited 3490, U.S. Route 1, Suite 12, Princeton

See ad, page 15.

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Stark & Stark

Stark & Stark has been known throughout its over 65-year

history as a firm well-respected for its quality work and caring


toward its clients. With over 60 attorneys, Stark & Stark is one of

the largest law firms in central New Jersey, offering a full range

of services for businesses as well as individuals.

Stark & Stark strives to be a contributing member of the community.

In an effort to give back to the community, Stark & Stark has designed

programs such as "Legal Stop." The Legal Stop is an outreach

program to provide consumers with broad answers to legal questions

of a general nature. "Not everyone is comfortable seeking legal

counsel. It can be intimidating to come to a lawyer’s office. What

we’ve done with our Legal Stop concept is bring our lawyers to the

people," says John Sakson, the firm’s co-managing partner. The

latest Legal Stop was held at the Sovereign Bank Arena during a


Titan hockey game.

The firm also hosts four to five art exhibits a year, featuring all

types of works from computer-generated art to photography to


The exhibits are open to the public.

Another service the firm offers is public education seminars on such

topics as divorce, estate planning and starting your own business.

"Lawyers are expected to have the facts. As such, we believe we

have a responsibility to fulfill the community’s need for information

on subjects in which we’ve developed expertise," says Lew


the other co-managing partner of the firm. Stark & Stark is currently

planning a comprehensive divorce seminar series that will begin in

the spring.

Stark & Stark also looks for ways to give back to the community in

a more literal sense. Most recently, the firm began a cell phone drive

in conjunction with Bell Atlantic and the YWCA of Trenton. Bell


Mobile will test and reprogram the recycled phones to dial 9-1-1 at

the touch of a button, and provide the phones to the YWCA of Trenton’s

Rape and Sexual Assault Care Program. The phones will be given to

volunteers, staff and in the future, the actual survivors of violence,

to summon emergency assistance. The drive runs until January 31.

"We could not have grown without the support of the


says Pepperman. To that end, the firm’s mission is to continue to

offer community service and to provide the highest quality legal


Stark & Stark, 993 Lenox Drive, Lawrenceville. 609-896-9060.

Fax: 609-896-0629. See ad, page 11.

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Symbiance: Working For Better Medicine

When it comes to helping pharmaceutical companies in

the global community bring new products to market, nobody does it

better than Symbiance. One of this region’s premier contract research

organizations Symbiance has a ten-year history of providing its


with exceptional services in data, site, and clinical trials


monitoring, biostatistics, and medical writing.

Formerly known as the Princeton Biostatistics Group, Symbiance


to strengthen its services through the acquisition of the most


database and data transmission technology available. Symbiance is

committed to pioneering new methodology for biostatistics and clinical

trials management to assure the rapid delivery of accurate high-data

to its clients.

Since its opening in 1989, the company has supported the new drug

applications and post-marketing trials of medications for use with

multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pain management, Alzheimer’s disease,

hypertension, oncology, asthma, rheumatology, and gastroenterology.

Some of their clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb, SmithKline Beecham

Novartis, Purdue Pharma, Elan Pharmaceuticals, Warner Lambert, Eisai

Inc., and Pfizer.

Says Dr. Shawki Salem, founder and president of Symbiance, "Our

job is to assist our clients with every phase of clinical development,

from Phase I and early Phase 11 through Phase III, TIM and Phase IV

studies. We assemble a uniquely qualified team to complete each


including a dedicated project manager and a lead physician to oversee

all phases of the operation — from site selection to regulatory

affairs compliance to data management and biostatistics to medical

writing." Adds Salem: ”Clients frequently integrate our


services into their ongoing projects. We can jump in at any stage

of the clinical drug development process and take it to completion."

Salem states that for him the most gratifying aspect of the clinical

research field is the interaction with clients at all phases of the

process that provides opportunities to work with talented individuals

who are dedicated to the constant improvement of medicine. Says Salem:

"There’s a great deal of satisfaction gained from knowing that

we are part of bringing life-saving and health-promoting products

to market."

Symbiance, 12 Roszel Road, Suite B-200, Princeton,


Fax: 609-243-9007. Web Site: See ad, page 14.

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Here’s a case where astonishing space age technology

— Unipath’s FDA-cleared ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor —

is enabling Nature to do her work, to help women plan pregnancies

without drugs or invasive devices. This palm-sized electronic system,

based solely on hormone monitoring, provides personal, daily


about a woman’s fertility status.

Take the case of D’Anne Bruen, a 35-year-old north Jersey resident

who tried to get pregnant for six years. "I went to one of the

top guys in New York," she says. "I did all the tests, I did

surgery, I did three in-utero inseminations and three in-vitro


— and they could never tell me what was wrong."

Bruen, an accountant for NBC, spent about $100,000, not to mention

lost days from work and the aggravation of so many doctor visits.

"I always thought that these doctors had pumped me up with so

many drugs that it affected everything. Then I read about the


Monitor and thought I would give it a shot. The second month I used

it I got pregnant." Now Bruen has a beautiful four-week-old


"The key thing is timing," says Bruen, "and the ClearPlan

Easy Fertility Monitor gives you so much information." She learned

from the Monitor that her cycle is much longer than normal — so

the standard five-day ovulation kits did not work for her.

Using the Monitor is easy, according to Bruen. Hold a disposable Test

Stick in the urine stream for three seconds, put the cap on the stick,

and insert the Test Stick into the Fertility Monitor. The Monitor

"reads" the Test Stick to interpret hormone levels.

On the morning after the start of her menstrual period, a woman turns

on the Fertility Monitor and presses the M Button to indicate a new

cycle has begun. The next morning, the display screen tells what your

fertility level is for that day (low, high, or peak). Typically, ten

days per cycle, the Fertility Monitor will ask for a urine test by

displaying the Test Stick symbol on the screen. After the test, it

displays your specific fertility status for that day.

In contrast to expensive medical procedures, the ClearPlan Easy


Monitor sells — without prescription — for about $199.99,

including 20 disposable urine Test Sticks and a $25 rebate. (Bruen’s

health insurance reimbursed her for the cost of the monitor.) A


replacement supply of 30 Test Sticks costs under $50.

With the Monitor, says Bruen, your baby is conceived the old fashioned

way — not with an injection in the doctor’s office, not with cells

multiplying in a petri dish: "I tell everyone about it — three

friends are using it now."

For information about the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor call


or go to

Unipath Diagnostics Co., 47 Hulfish Street, Princeton 08542.

Patricia Nasshorn, president, U.S. division. 609-430-2727; fax,


Home page: See ad, page 12.

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