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January 26, 2000..

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Amper, Politziner & Mattia

Most people and many businesses only think of their

accounting firm once or twice a year and then, only to run the numbers

for how they might impact taxes or the business itself. But clients

of Amper, Politziner & Mattia (AP&M) know that their accounting firm

goes beyond the traditional image that the industry has borne since

its inception. In fact, AP&M raises the bar on what an accounting

firm can and should be.

Founded in 1965, AP&M is the 33rd largest accounting and consulting

firm in the United States, with offices in New Jersey in Edison,


Flemington, and Wall Township. Originally founded as an accounting

& consulting firm for small to mid-size businesses, the tremendous

growth of AP&M directly reflects the growth of New Jersey businesses

today, particularly with the boon in technology business and, the

changes in the healthcare and service industry sectors, notes Philip

Politziner, President of Amper, Politziner, & Mattia.

"At AP&M, we have industry consultants and accountants dedicated

to assisting businesses with their specific technology needs, from

hardware and software to e-commerce strategies and security. We have

added a service group that meets the specialized needs of growing

technology companies, to go along with existing specialty groups in

manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, and emerging


Politziner says. AP&M offers accounting and auditing, tax (state,

multi-state, federal, and international), and litigation support


as well as management consulting, and business services consulting

to a broad range of industries.

"At AP&M," Politziner says, "we maintain a regional firm

atmosphere without the levels of bureaucracy which widen the gap


client and advisor. With a staff of 200, we are large enough to have

the resources and personnel to resolve the most complicated tax or

sophisticated auditing/accounting issue, but through our regional

offices, small enough to give clients the personal attention they


"Though we’re an accounting firm, we’re about more than just


We work with clients on all the issues affecting their businesses

to help them succeed. Contradictory to the image of traditional


our philosophy is based on being able to see beyond the numbers,"

concludes Politziner.

Amper, Politziner & Mattia, 2015 Lincoln Highway, Edison,

732-287-1000. Fax: 732-287-3200. Http:// See

ad, page 21.

AP&M is also at 731 Alexander Road, Princeton, 609-404-3500

Fax: 609-404-3505; 3 Minneakoning Road, Flemington, 908-782-3021 Fax:

908-788-9656; and 430 Highway 34, Building A, Suite 10, Wall Township,

732-223-8894 Fax: 732-223-0823.

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Archer & Greiner

Ranked in the Top 20 law firms in the state, Archer

& Greiner has become one of the largest law firms in the state with

over 108 attorneys. "But," notes Richard M. Conley, Managing

Partner of the Princeton office, "We’re still growing."


the firm’s recent staff additions. "Our Princeton office has


its staff with the recent addition of attorneys Katharine Benesch

and Robert Fogg, specialists in the area of health care law, and state

and local Tax Specialist Jeffrey D. Gordon, formerly with McCarter

and English in Newark. Flemington has also added two more attorneys,

with more staff additions pending."

The firm’s strategic plan for growth complements its business


of offering clients a single resource for expert legal guidance across

distinct areas of concentration. But it takes more than success in

the field to join the staff at Archer & Greiner. First and foremost,

it takes a commitment to serving the client and a desire for


success for the client, which inevitably translates into success for

the attorney and for the firm as a whole.

Recent successes for the firm include settling a tax case regarding

the Merrill Lynch headquarters complex in Plainsboro Township, an

$850,000 plus verdict from a Monmouth County jury, a precedent-setting

decision involving cloning of cellular telephones, and a $5.5 million

settlement of an action involving a fatal automobile accident


on Route 1 in Princeton. In addition, the firm’s success has garnered

industry recognition. Last year, Archer & Greiner attorneys were


in The Best Lawyers in America, 1999-2000. In addition, New Jersey

Monthly noted attorneys Pete Driscoll, Steve Suflas, Lee Hymerling,

and Gary Lesneski as the top lawyers in NJ.

Says Conley, "Our attorneys are among the leaders in the legal

profession in our region." Past and present members include a

Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit,

a former Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, a former


of the New Jersey State Bar Association and Chairman of the New Jersey

Casino Control Commission, presidents of the Camden, Hunterdon and

Princeton Bar Associations, as well as numerous shareholders and


who serve on various Supreme Court committees as well as the New


and American Bar Associations.

Conley notes that the firm takes great pride in "a job well done.

Our win-loss record is only one indication of a quality working


Clients have access to their attorneys and always receive prompt,

courteous responses to their questions and needs. And," adds Conley,

"our ratio of one partner per associate assures our clients that

when they hire a lawyer, they work with that lawyer and a well-trained

associate, not a team of recent law school graduates. We take pride

that our work is hands-on, not passed down."

Archer & Greiner has offices in Lawrenceville, Princeton,


and Flemington. The firm provides legal counseling in the areas of

corporate law, estates and trusts, labor law, litigation, matrimonial

law, real estate, with practice groups in the fields of banking,


and creditors rights, computer and high technology, education,


law, health law, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, land

use and environmental permitting, media and communications, personal

injury litigation, public finance, real estate tax appeals, small

and family business, tax, and transactional real estate.

Archer & Greiner, Princeton Office, Princeton Pike Corporate

Center, 993 Lenox Drive, Building 2 CN 5349, Princeton, 609-896-0011,

Fax: 609-895-0055. Web Site: See

ad, page 20.

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Churchill Corporate Services

In today’s housing market, properties sell very quickly.

So quickly, in fact, that unexpected complications may arise. Imagine

what you might do if you sold your property and found that your new

home was not yet ready to move into.

Fortunately, there is a unique business called Churchill Corporate

Services that would be able to help you out of your dilemma. Located

in Princeton, Churchill has over 20 years in the home and office


rental business. In 1996 Churchill recognized the need to provide

short term housing in a very tight rental market. Churchill Corporate

Services is the leading provider of furnished housing and furniture

rental in the tri-state area.

Arlene Goldberg, Corporate Account Executive at Churchill, works


with her associate Dolores DeLorenzo to accommodate the many needs

of their clients. "It’s amazing," says Goldberg, "one

day we might be helping to relocate an international employee of a

local business, the next day we could be furnishing a model home for

a construction company."

On average, most properties are leased for a minimum of three months

and a maximum of two years. "We are even able to produce that

rarity — a rental for only one month," says Goldberg. "The

sites come fully equipped, all the way from furniture, to linens,

to kitchenware. We have six office/showrooms in the tri-state area

and are especially excited about the Princeton showroom that we opened

in June of last year. The showroom is a fine example of what we


provide in our rental units; some even describe the showroom as on

a par with a Bloomingdale’s display!"

Churchill Corporate Services can provide accommodations at 40% less

than hotel or suite expenditures, and all furniture collections are

available with the option to buy.

Churchill Corporate Services, 29 Emmons Drive, Suite A-50,

Princeton, Toll Free: 877-314-1514. Fax: 609-514-1614


See ad, page 5.

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Employers Association of New Jersey:

The workplace is changing rapidly. Changing technology,

global competition, new management processes, downsizing and


considerations all require continuous improvement of human resource

practices and procedures. Moreover, state and federal employment laws

have transformed the workplace so that every employment decision has

become complex and risky. Established in 1916, the Employers


of New Jersey (EANJ) is a nonprofit organization providing direct

and immediate assistance, information and advice to New Jersey


Over 1,000 employers, many of which have grown rapidly over the last

several years, enjoy the benefits of EANJ membership, representing

virtually every type of employer in every region of the state, from

the small, family-owned business to the multinational corporation.

EANJ’s professional staff helps its members solve their employee


problems with a healthy dose of common sense, business savvy and legal


Regardless of the amount of time spent on addressing a specific


relations issue or problem, each member receives prompt information

and guidance on personnel policies, benefits administration and human

resource practices from professionally staffed HelpLine. In 1999 the

EANJ HelpLine fielded over 6,000 telephone calls from members,


inquiries on dozens of different topics. In each and every case,


received the collective experience of the entire EANJ membership to

guide them.

Members also receive a comprehensive Labor Law Compliance Manual that

is updated throughout the year. This $600 value is free with


Further, upon enrolling, members receive a free copy of EANJ’s latest

employment law publication, a 200-page book explaining the employment

law basics to managers and supervisors.

Remaining competitive means understanding the job market and setting

salaries and wages carefully. EANJ staff frequently collects wage

and salary data from its members. This data is organized and


resulting in a highly accurate source of wage and salary information.

This information is published free for members that participate in

the survey. For specific jobs, EANJ staff professionals conduct


research and benchmark surveys.

Also EANJ’s library contains hundreds of model human resource policies

that are customized to meet member needs. Each member also receives

research reports on a wide range of information related to human


practices and benefits. Reports also summarize labor agreements from

member companies.

To help employers adapt and meet the needs of a rapidly changing


monthly seminars are conducted on critical human resource and


law issues. Expert trainers and educators are available to meet


management and training needs by offering customized, on-site


Ongoing television broadcasts, conferences and publications examine

the employer-employee relationship in the contemporary workplace and

help employers forge a realistic partnership with their employees

based on mutual commitment and shared responsibility. Meetings allow

members to network and share "best practices" advice with

other employers.

EANJ members pay standard annual membership dues. Thereafter, dues

are calculated according to the size of the member company, based

on the total number of all hourly and salaries employees working at

every facility in New Jersey. For federal income tax purposes,


dies paid to an employers’ association are deductible as a business


Enroll now and receive free the Rates of Pay Report, surveys of more

than 200 jobs in manufacturing and service industries in New Jersey;

the Employee Relations Practices Report, which provides employee


benchmark data, including alcohol and drug testing, overtime pay,

insurance practices and leave pay; and the Personnel Policy Guide,

which provides model policies on a wide variety of areas, including

medical and family leave, salary and benefits continuation and


at will.

To enroll call the EANJ during regular business hours at

973-239-8600 or 609-393-7100, or write to EANJ, 799 Bloomfield Avenue,

Verona 07044-1399, or enroll at See ad, page


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King Interests:

Landmark Projects

With an affinity for long-term, ongoing real estate

partnerships, a commitment to exceeding the expectations of their

clients, and an uncompromising dedication to the highest quality in

workmanship and materials, the professionals at King Interests have

been quietly carving a niche in the Princeton area as a full-service

real estate firm for a discriminating and demanding clientele.

The company’s range of turnkey real estate services — development,

construction, leasing, management, and financing — are appropriate

both for fast-growing companies with expanding real estate


and for those simply seeking the highest level of personalized


and professionalism for any real estate matter.

For King, longstanding client relationships are a natural result of

the company’s service-oriented philosophy. "We believe that by

serving the interests of our clients first, the success of our own

firm will follow," says William F. King III, President and Chief

Executive Officer.

Reflecting King’s own high standards of achievement, the company’s

roster of influential clients and landmark projects showcase a vision

that ventures beyond commercial real estate’s conventional parameters.

King acts as the real estate arm for two of Princeton’s


technology-based companies, RCN Corporation and PharmaNet, Inc. And,

in a relationship built on an unusually high level of trust, King

represents the real estate interests of Topton, PA-based Lutheran

Services Northeast, a major church sponsored services organization.

One of King’s most challenging and intriguing projects was leading

the development and construction of a new headquarters for the


Atlantic Foundation, headed by J. Seward Johnson. Recently completed

and sited on Hamilton’s Grounds for Sculpture, the facility replicates

an 18th-century Belgian village. The project also included


of a new world-class restaurant, called "Rats."

Bill King, trained as an architectural engineer, has more than twenty

years of commercial real estate experience, starting with his first

job heading the construction team of the famed Jasna Polana estate

and leading up to positions such as partner in charge of construction

for the award-winning Carnegie Center business park. Mr. King was

also development partner for East Brunswick’s Tower Center, a


office and hotel complex.

King Interest’s current ventures include two key projects that lie

in RCN’s future. King has been conducting the site selection process

for a new one million square-foot headquarters for the fast-growing

company. King Interests has likewise led the search for several


acres that will be home to a new $12 million training facility for


For Pharmanet, the company is leasing office space throughout the

country as that firm expands its operations. And finally, King has

begun laying the groundwork for several innovative, large scale


projects for its own investment portfolio.

King Interests, headquartered in Princeton, is a full-service real

estate company that purchases, designs, constructs, manages and leases

properties for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. With more

than 25 years of experience, King Interests has been associated with

premier and award-winning commercial projects throughout its market


King Interests, 506 Carnegie Center, Princeton.


Fax: 609-951-6935.

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New Horizons:

Computer Training

You spent unprecedented amounts of money to make sure

that your existing computers were up and running on January 1st. Maybe

you even ended up purchasing completely new computer networks in


for the event. In any case, you survived the Y2K scare, and


are in order. It is now up to you to make sure that those technology

dollars were not spent in vain. Here are the facts that face the


IT manager today: According to a Gartner group study, over 80% of

today’s jobs are computer related, and this number grows every year.

In addition to that, the shortage of the qualified computer employees

in America is in the millions. Even if companies are lucky enough

to have the people they need, the knowledge simply isn’t there. It

has been estimated that the average employee utilizes only 25% of

their computer’s capabilities.

It may seem like a depressing situation, but there is a solution to

this problem. New Horizons Computer Learning Center has been operating

in their Princeton location since January 4, 1999. Since that opening

day, it has been their goal to make sure businesses get the biggest

return on their computer investment dollar through the latest in


training solutions. The lure of E-commerce is very strong. Many


already do business on the internet, and more hope to follow suit.

Now more than ever there is a need for qualified people to make that


To fill that need, New Horizons offers the Certified Internet


(CIW) accreditation. It allows individuals to learn the skills


to deploy E-business solutions and provides area employers with a

standard for judging expertise in a broad range of Internet


Many local businesses are using Microsoft products to fulfill their

networking, database, and programming needs. The products are changing

rapidly, and it will be necessary to keep the engineers, technicians

and programmers up to date on the latest product updates. New Horizons

is the area’s premier Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

(CTEC.) As a Microsoft authorized center, customers can be assured

that certified instructors are teaching from the latest authorized

materials that meet stringent Microsoft requirements.

New Horizons is already qualified to offer training on the latest

certifications in Windows 2000 as well as NT 4.0, Visual Basic, SQL

Server, and others. For those IT managers who understand the need

to train their people, but can’t afford to let their people take


time away to do it, there is an answer.

The latest training trend for this scenario is Web-Based Training

(WBT), which complements the more traditional Instructor-Led Training

with a learning option that makes the boundaries of time and location

irrelevant. Students will be able to learn the latest technologies

at their own pace without giving up the personalized service found

in an instructor led course. For the managers, a comprehensive student

tracking system enables tracking their employees’ progress in the

program. In a time-crunched computer industry such as this, WBT


an emerging trend in computer training. For more information, call

609-452-9770 or see the company’s website at

New Horizons Computer Learning Center, 100 Canal Pointe Blvd.

Suite 118, Princeton 08540. 609-452-9770. Fax: 609-452-9773. See

ad, page 23.

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New Media Partners

With the proliferation of MicroSoft products in today’s

business environment, it’s no secret that PowerPoint has become the

application of choice for designing a multi-media presentation.


people are comfortable with basic PowerPoint procedures, but run into

difficulty when they attempt more complicated techniques," notes

Gary LaSasso, president and co-founder of New Media Partners.

"New Media Partners helps clients take their presentations to

the next level by adding the pizzazz of such things as 3D animated

logos, videos, and interactivity," says Mike Gallagher, Vice


and co-founder. "With New Media Partners, businesses get features

out of PowerPoint that most people don’t know even exists." It’s

hard for people to visualize what they cannot see, but with over 10

years experience in the industry helping small to large businesses

take the stress out of dealing with these often pivotal and critical

presentations, LaSasso, Gallagher and their experienced staff can

help clients create a unique and high impact presentation.

Throughout a project, New Media Partners’ staff meets with the client

for original input meetings and project reviews. And today’s


of E-Mail, the Internet, and PDF files, make the relationship and

service expedient with the information available to the client at

the click of a mouse. It doesn’t end there. New Media Partners doesn’t

leave clients on their own with the finished presentation. From sales

meetings to product launches and special events, New Media Partners

help clients take the show on the road by setting up all audio/visual

requirements, as well as presenting any printed collateral materials

(such as high-quality color prints, overheads, and 35MM slides)


with the presentation through New Media Partners’ exclusive digital

service bureau.

An example of the benefit of such a client arrangement is a


client. This past November, New Media Partners went to Copenhagen

to assist the client with its presentations for a conference on


New Media Partners set up an audience response system so that after

each one of the 10 presentations, the presenter was able to have an

interactive poll with the audience. Using a wireless system with a

keypad at each seat, the audience was able to give an immediate



Another innovation used by New Media Partners is a PowerPoint database

library. The Web-based application allows clients to download


and updates from the comfort of their own desk. The application also

allows the client to customize a new presentation by mixing and


from various presentations, thereby customizing to fit the various


For a stress free, flawless on-site presentation, give New Media


a call.

New Media Partners, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1375,


609-799-8700. Fax: 609-799-8840. Web site:

See ad, page 18.

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