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Princeton’s R&D Community Part II

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Drug Development

Takeda America Research and Development Center Inc.,

104 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540; 609-452-1113; fax, 609-452-1218.

www.takeda-america.com. Founded 1997. Mikihiko Obayashi PhD,

president. Staff size: 35. Square feet: 12,000.

Pharmaceutical research and development of new prescription

medication from IND filing stage through FDA approval. FDA approval

has been received for Actos, an insulin sensitizer for patients with

Type 2 (non insulin-dependent) diabetes.

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Gene Sequencing

DNX Transgenic Sciences, 5 Cedar Brook Drive,

Cranbury 08512; 609-860-0806; fax, 609-860-8515. www.dnxsciences.com.

Stock symbol: CRLS. Founded 1985. Mark E. Swanson, vice president

transgenic sciences. Rick Coffee. Staff size: 53. Square feet: 12,000.

Research and development of therapeutic products and biological

testing services based on transgenic mice and rats, using techniques

of gene addition, gene targeting, homologous recombination and microinjection

techniques for the study of gene function and to identify and validate

new genetic targets for pharmaceutical development. It has produced

more than 8,000 transgenic mice and rats from more than 1,450 gene


Interlink Biotechnologies LLC, 215 Commons Way,

Montgomery Commons, Princeton 08540; 609-252-0446; fax, 609-252-9416.

www.interlinkbiotech.com. Founded 1991. Ramon L. Garcia, president.

Staff size: 5. Square feet: 2,000.

Biotechnology assessment, planning and transfer, also

microbial products and services with InterLink Microbials division.

InterLink provides microbial natural product leads and genes for discovery

research in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, feed, and chemical

industries. It also conducts research in antimicrobial peptides and

genetic engineering of plants — particularly forestry and fruit

species. Technology transfer, assessment, and strategic planning services

are also offered.

Orchid BioSciences Inc., 303A College Road East,

Box 2197, Princeton 08540-2197; 609-750-2200; fax, 609-750-2250. www.orchid.com.

Stock symbol: ORCH. Founded 1995. Dale R. Pfost Ph.D, chairman, president

and CEO. Staff size: 200.

Production services and technologies of single nucleotide

polymorphism (SNP) scoring and genetic diversity analysis. This newly

public company provides products, services, and technologies for single

nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) scoring and genetic diversity analyses.

It develops proprietary SNP analysis technologies (SNP-IT), it markets

SNPstream instruments and SNPware consumables that rapidly generate

highly accurate SNP information at a significantly lower cost than

conventional systems. The SNP-IT can be used by both small-scale laboratories

and large commercial facilities. This adaptability also enables Orchid

to partner with industry leaders to make SNP-IT products available

on a wide variety of instrument platforms. Alto, through its Clinical

Genetics Network (CGN), Orchid seeks to identify proprietary medical

applications of SNPs.

When Orchid made its $6 million initial public offering

on Friday, May 5, it sold out at $8 a share — lower than the expected

$11 to $13 — but it shot up to almost $18, closed at $11 on the

first day, and is now hovering around $12. Sarnoff Corporation, beaming

proudly at the first of its spinoffs to go public, owns 5.9 percent

of the company.

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Bracco Research USA Inc., 305 College Road East,

Princeton 08540; 609-514-2409; fax, 609-514-2446. Founded 1994. Michael F. Tweedle, president and CEO. Staff

size: 45. Square feet: 25,580.

Diagnostic imaging agents and targeted drug delivery research,

associated with Bracco SPA of Milan.

Medical Accessories Inc., 92 Youngs Road, Hamilton

08619; 609-890-8304; fax, 609-890-0638.

Founded 1976. Janis G. Ziedonis, technical director.

Ultrasound technology, transducers and accessories used

in fetal monitoring.

Nycomed Amersham Imaging in the Americas, 101

Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540; 609-514-6000; fax, 609-514-6572.

www.us-nai.com. Stock symbol: NYE. Daniel L. Peters, president.

Staff size: 300. Square feet: 115,000.

Headquarters of R&D, manufacturing, and marketing firm

operating in the western hemisphere, specialty in medical diagnostics

and radiotherapy products. New imaging agents and oncology therapies

help doctors help patients live longer, healthier lives.

Sirius Corporation, 104 Interchange Plaza, Suite

202, Cranbury 08512; 609-409-4449; fax, 609-409-4450. www.siriuscorp.com.

Founded 1994. Tom Carulli, CEO. Staff size: 15. Square feet: 4,700.

Medical imaging software for sending images electronically

through medical networks.

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Laboratory Services

Bohlin Instruments Inc., 11 Harts Lane, Suite

I, East Brunswick 08816; 732-254-7742; fax, 732-254-1577. www.bohlinusa.com.

Founded 1983. Sean Race, president. Staff size: 9.

Instrumentation and measurement of flow properties (rheometers

& viscometers) for such industries as pharmaceutical, paints & coatings,

asphalt, cosmetics, food, and polymers. In the asphalt industry it

dominates the binder equipment business, and it is developing new

products in other areas.

Corporate Environmental Services Inc., 23 Route

31 North, Suite B24, Pennington 08534; 609-730-0040; fax, 609-730-1711.

Founded 1989. Frank Jankoski, president and CEO. Staff size: 5. Square

feet: 1,000.

Environmental consulting on hazardous materials, waste

management, air permits, wastewater, and OSHA, specialist to chemical,

pharmaceutical, biotech, and R&D businesses.

E-Beam Services Inc., 32 Melrich Road, Cranbury

08512-3511; 609-655-7460; fax, 609-655-3052. www.ebeamservices.com.

Founded 1986. Bill Crilley, director of quality assurance. Staff size:


Electron beam irradiation for terminal sterilization and

bio burden reduction of medical products. Also material modification,

enhancement, crosslinking, chain scission, and rheology control for

plastics, wife, cable, tubing, sheet products, and semiconductors.

Evans East, 104 Windsor Center, Suite 101, East

Windsor 08520; 609-371-4800; fax, 609-371-5666. www.evanseast.com.

Founded 1987. William L. Harrington, executive director. Staff size:

22. Square feet: 15,000.

Analytical service company specializing in the characterization

of surfaces, thin films, and high purity materials. Surfaces play

a critical role in industrial technology — to optimize production,

boost yield, reduce failure, improve quality, and speed new product

development. These techniques can be used for such applications as

semiconductors, polymers, biological materials, ceramics and glasses,

metals, lubricants and magnetic media.

Synthon Corp., 7 Deer Park Drive, Monmouth Junction

08852; 732-274-0037; fax, 732-274-0501. www.synthoncorp.com.

Founded 1995. Scott E. Coleridge, president & CEO. Staff size: 25.

A fine chemicals and custom synthesis company that can

produce high purity chiral intermediates for the pharmaceutical and

biotechnology industries. It can simplify the process of developing

batches of chiral (mirror image) molecules to meet FDA requirements.

It has shown it can do this in drugs for cholesterol reduction, central

nervous system disorders (anti-depressants), antibiotics, muscle relaxants,

and anti-virals.

Tyger Scientific Inc., 324 Stokes Avenue, Ewing

08638; 609-434-0144; fax, 609-434-0143. www.tygersci.com. Founded

1995. Adam Yuan, president. Staff size: 7. Square feet: 2,300.

Custom synthesis and contract research for chemicals and


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CP Packaging, 1075 Cranbury South River Road,

Suite 5, Jamesburg 08831; 609-655-4880; fax, 609-655-5718. www.cppackaging.com.

Founded 1972. Rick O’Connell, vice president/general manager. Staff

size: 50. Square feet: 22,000.

Unit dose packaging for the pharmaceutical industry —

tubes, contract packaging, and machinery.

Clinical Trial Services, Drug Accountability and

Disposal Division, 11 Princess Road, Suite A and B, Lawrenceville

08648-2319; 609-844-1025; fax, 609-844-1024. www.cts-usa.com.

Founded 1987. Jack Yarin, director. Staff size: 9. Square feet: 20,000.

Packaging, distribution, accountability, and disposal

of new and experimental drugs used in clinical research trials.

ClinPhone, 29 Emmons Drive, Building C-40, Princeton

08540; 609-734-4800; fax, 609-734-0502. www.clinphone.com. Founded

1993. Howard Goldberg, vice president. Staff size: 5. Square feet:


New interactive voice response systems and online/offline

Internet-based systems for clinical trial can reduce time-consuming

manual data collection and processing (U.S. 1, June 23, 1999). The

automated technology is available in a 24×7 environment via toll-free

numbers in numerous countries and languages. The flexible system allows

studies to begin with low clinical supply levels, permits mid-study

changes, and enables a large number of participants to record and

review information simultaneously and remotely in real time. Real

time inventory control saves money. Automatic study closure means

no over-enrollment and tight control of expiration dates with minimum


Integrated Communications Corp., 989 Lenox Drive,

Building One, Suite 300, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-406-9600; fax, 609-406-9046.

Founded 1985. Larry J. Iaquinto, president. Staff size: 101. Square

feet: 30,000.

Worldwide headquarters for full service medical advertising

agency for pharmaceutical and health imaging marketplace.

Newton Resource Group, 2425 Pennington Road,

Pennington 08534; 609-818-0025; fax, 609-818-0045. www.nrg-i.com.

Founded 1991. Debra Newton, president. Staff size: 25.

Digital media for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries,

specializing in web-based solutions — websites, intranets, extranets,

web-based training, and CD-ROMs, including Web-based learning solutions

for pharmaceutical manufacturers’ sales training departments (U.S.

1, April 12).

Pharmaceutical Profiles, 116 Village Boulevard,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540; 609-951-2205; fax, 609-951-2232. www.pharmprofiles.com.

David Friend.

Phase I clinical studies using gamma scintigraphy, also

site specific drug delivery tools to study regional drug absorption.

PharmaPros, 2633 Main Street, Lawrenceville 08648;

609-912-1100; fax, 609-912-1120. www.pharmapros.com. Peg Regan,


Key business solutions to the healthcare industry —

pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, medical

device companies, and biotechnology companies, (U.S. 1, August 18,

1999). Just launched: DataVal, a robust library of PL/SQL programs

that support the design, development, and maintenance of data validation

programs for clinical data management that comes with software, consulting,

training, and ongoing technical support.

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Linearizer Technology Inc., 3 Nami Lane, Unit

9C, Hamilton 08619; 609-584-8424; fax, 609-631-0177. www.lintech.com.

Founded 1991. Allen Katz, president. Staff size: 26. Square feet:


TWTA and Klystron amplifier linearizers for satellite

groundstations, also a manufacturing facility. Known for its TWTA

and Klystron amplifier linearizers used in satellite ground stations

worldwide, this firm develops innovative ways to solve the problem

of non-linearity (in other words, correct the distortions) in communications

systems. This year, for the terrestrial amplifier market, it launched

an input adaptive linearizer that automatically adjusts to changing

signal characteristics.

ML Energia Inc., Schalks Crossing Road, IRL Building,

Box 470, Princeton 08542; 609-799-7970; fax, 609-799-0312.

Founded 1982. Moshe Lavid, president. Staff size: 9. Square

feet: 5,000.

Research on the interaction between photons and chemical

species and on the "judicious deposition of spectrally selective

energy into specifically targeted absorbing molecules." Also an

optical moisture (water vapor) sensor based on fluorescent film, liquid

oxygen/methanol sprays for maneuvering space vehicles, reductive photo-dechlorination

of solvents, photo-thermal destruction of sites contaminated with

hazardous solvents (converting Freons and other ozone-depleting substances

into environmentally benign and commercially valuable products), and

photo-thermal destruction of air pollutants in power plants.

Millennium Cell LLC, 1 Industrial Way West, Eatontown

07724; 732-542-4000; fax, 732-542-4010. www.millenniumcell.com.

Founded 1998. Steven Amendola, vice president, research. Staff size:

13. Square feet: 9,700.

Development of an aqueous battery to be used in electric

vehicles plus on-demand hydrogen generation, and an extremely safe

generator for producing controlled amounts of hydrogen gas from water-based

solutions. The hydrogen gas, rapidly formed on-demand by the generator,

can either be converted through fuel cells to produce electricity

and pure water, or burned directly as a clean nonpolluting fuel in

internal combustion engines.

Triveni Digital Inc. (formerly LGERCA), 40 Washington

Road, Princeton Junction 08550; 609-716-3500; fax, 609-716-3503. www.3veni.com.

Founded 1997. Mark Simpson, president. Staff size: 25. Square feet:


Digital television software, systems and solutions, PC-DTV

systems, data broadcast receivers and solutions, digital TV standards.

The name has changed from LGERCA to Triveni Digital Inc.

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American Cyanamid Agricultural Products Research

Division, Quakerbridge Road, Box 400, Princeton 08543-0400; 609-716-2000;

fax, 609-275-5234. www.cyanamid.com. Stock symbol: AHP. Founded

1907. Mark W. Atwood, president, global agricultural products research

division. Staff size: 700.

Global headquarters for agricultural and biotechnology

research, a subsidiary of American Home Products Corporation.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Route 206 and Provinceline

Road, Box 4000, Princeton 08543-4000; 609-252-4000.

Stock symbol: BMY. Founded 1970. Richard J. Lane, president,

worldwide medicines group. Staff size: 2,000.

Worldwide medicines group headquarters, research and development,

Also Pharmaceutical Research Institute headquarters (Peter S. Ringrose,


Comprehensive Medical Group, 32 Nassau Street,

Second Floor, Princeton 08542; 609-924-1001; fax, 609-924-4442.

Founded 1994. James Clingham, CEO. Staff size: 4. Square

feet: 1,700.

Data collection, analysis, and management to link individuals,

organizations, sponsors, and product/service providers, also Galaxis

USA. The health and wellness company privately markets a mobile diagnostic

kiosk and Internet site for corporations, unions, and organizations.

TRI/Princeton: Textile Research Institute, 601

Prospect Avenue, Box 625, Princeton 08542-0625; 609-924-3150; fax,

609-683-7836. www.triprinceton.com. Founded 1930. Gail R. Eaton,

president. Staff size: 40.

Research and technical services for industry, government,

and academia in the United States and abroad focusing on physical

and engineering sciences of fibers, engineering plastics (composites),

films, hair, and hair care products, absorbent products, textiles and

porous materials (from angstroms to millimeters).

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