The sound of strings drifting on the breeze is an iconic image of summer, and summer means music camp for many area students. Providing your child with the best instrument ensures that he or she will have the best experience. Princeton Violins LLC in Kingston provides a robust rental program of violins, cellos, and violas for children and beginners of all ages starting at age three. Key to encouraging children is to provide young musicians with instruments that play easily with rich, full sound. Founder Jarek Powichrowski says “The most important thing about violins is the correct set up of the instrument. I remember how difficult it was for me to play in tune when I was a kid due to an incorrect adjustment of my violin.”

Powichrowski emphasizes “The violin must be in good condition and well-maintained. Stringed instruments need regular maintenance, and the qualifications and experience of the luthier servicing them are very important.” Instruments available for rental to students are as meticulously maintained and prepared as those sold for professional musicians.

“Much of what is out there are merely VSOs — violin shaped objects,” Powichrowski warns. “They are one step away from toys and cannot be set up correctly. Having a proper instrument will enhance any child’s musical exposure and may well lead him or her to pursue the art long after music class ends.”

Powichrowski opened Princeton Violins LLC four years ago. Conveniently located on Route 27 in Kingston, minutes from downtown Princeton, he services local educational institutions and individual musicians and teachers on the East Coast. “Besides our international presence, we are enjoying developing deep roots in the local community” Powichrowski says with pride.

Powichrowski received two master of music degrees and studied at Juilliard. He became a luthier about 15 years ago, studying with a master violin maker in Cremona, Italy. This extensive experience enables Princeton Violins LLC to meet the demands of maintaining a professional instrument.

Powichrowski is also an expert appraiser of antique instruments. A significant asset of Princeton Violins is its selection of rare and investment quality instruments, supported by Powichrowski’s expertise in appraising, repairing, and restoring these delicate instruments. Its cozy and elegant showroom is only the first step into a larger stringed instrument making and restoration shop. “At Princeton Violins, we pride ourselves in the placement of our instruments, striving for happy musicians of all levels.” Princeton Violins LLC also supplies an extensive array of bows, strings and accessories that are available on their website at the lowest prices in the country.

Send your young musician to summer camp equipped with the best instrument available. Visit Princeton Violins to experience the wide selection and find the perfect fit. “Parents who come looking for an instrument for their child have found themselves recapturing their own love of playing. Instruments that have gathered dust become vibrant again.” At Princeton Violins LLC it’s never too soon or too late to let music soar.

Princeton Violins, 4444 Route 27, Kingston. Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 609-683-0005.

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