Music summer camp is a great way for a musician of any age to have an enriching musical experience during the summer months. Summer is the best time to focus on additional practice with your teacher or to try that different type of fiddle or genre.

There are many different types of music camps all over the U.S. as well as world-wide. Summer camps options include internationally acclaimed events like Aspen in Colorado, Banff in Canada, and Mozarteum in Salzburg, as well as beginner Suzuki camps. They range from day camps to overnight camps lasting anywhere from one week to several.

Princeton Violins, located in Kingston, can provide you with vast resources and guidance regarding where to spend the summer with your bowed instrument. We can help you find a camp that best suits your musical goals. Whether you are looking to play in a string quartet with advanced players or want to introduce your child to an instrument in a fun, low-pressure way, we can help you choose the right camp.

While finding the right camp for your needs is very important, being well prepared before you go is essential. Preparing your instrument for camp in Colorado is going to be different from preparing it for camp in Florida. Princeton Violins is happy to assist you by thoroughly inspecting your instrument, adjusting sound, and ensuring your instrument has the right protection for the climate of your chosen summer camp.

Since many camps are located in areas that do not have local violin shops, we are available to assist you if you need replacement strings or any other items while you are at camp. At Princeton Violins, you will get sound advice from a veteran of Summer Festivals and we will make sure that you never run out of sound while away from home.

Please, visit our store to browse our collection of instruments and have a chat about your needs. We have a wide range of string instruments available for rent or purchase. In addition, we stock all brands of strings as well as accessories.Princeton Violins also offers additional services ranging from simple repairs such as bow repairs and on-site sound adjustment to complex instrument restorations. We are happily to help you with all of your string-musical needs in preparation for summer.

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